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06-07-2012, 02:44 PM
Zombie Draft Teams


Location: Wal-Mart
Vehicle: Armoured Truck
Weapon 1: Some 'Scimitar' Sword Off The Internet
Weapon 2: Ruger 10-22
Weapon 3: Tanto
Weapon 4: Gewher 43
Weapon 5: Sai
Celebrity: Angelina Jolie
NFL Player: Tim Tebow
WC Person 1 Kate Upton
WC Person 2 Kelly Rowland
WC Object 1
WC Object 2
WC Object 3


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center
Vehicle: BV206 with all optional extras
Weapon 1: M-16 A3
Weapon 2: M249 machine gun
Weapon 3: Umarex USA Uzi Rifle
Weapon 4: AX308
Weapon 5: 1860 Light Cavalry sabre
Celebrity: Capt. Mykel Hawke
NFL Player: Caleb Campbell
WC Person 1: Kim Rhode
WC Person 2 Usain Bolt
WC Object 1 Cutting Torch with Air compressor system
WC Object 2 Complete TIG welder system
WC Object 3 20,000 feet of K-rails

Browns Leader

Location: Cabela's Sporting Goods Store
Vehicle: Unicat Terracross
Weapon 1: Aluminum Powder
Weapon 2: Pneumatic Gun ( RAIL- Rapid Air Initiated Launch system )
Weapon 3: iRobot warrior 710
Weapon 4: Magnesium Ribbon
Weapon 5: Iron Oxide
Celebrity: Richard "Mack" Machowicz
NFL Player: Chris "Ow" Owusu
WC Person 1: Jimmy "Shine" Falschlehner
WC Person 2: Jacqueline "Jack" Carrizosa
WC Object 1: 9,000 gallon fuel tank
WC Object 2: Wire Fence
WC Object 3

One Missed Pick

Cash Money Drew

Location: Zombie-proof Compound
Vehicle: Viking 2992 Amphibious Vehicle
Weapon 1: Shaolin Spade, Weapon
Weapon 2:
Weapon 3:
Weapon 4:
Weapon 5:
Celebrity: Diora Baird Celebrity
NFL Player: Myron Rolle, NFL Player
WC Person 1 R. Lee Ermey, Celebrity Wildcard Person
WC Person 2 Kari Byron
WC Object 1
WC Object 2
WC Object 3

3 missed picks


Location: Greenbrier Resort
Vehicle: Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Weapon 1:AK-47 Weapon 1
Weapon 2: Saiga 12 shotgun
Weapon 3: Longsword
Weapon 4: FN Five-Seven
Weapon 5: Spiked Bat
Celebrity: Dolph Lundgren
NFL Player: John Frank, NFL Tight End turned Doctor.
WC Person 1
WC Person 2
WC Object 1 Duct Tape 6000 yards
WC Object 2 CB Radio
WC Object 3 Adventure Medical The Mountain Medic kit

2 skipped pick


Location: Mt. Weather Location
Vehicle: Ford Raptor
Weapon 1: Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun
Weapon 2: Compound Hunting Bow
Weapon 3:Model M&P9 VTAC® Viking Tactics S&W 9mm pistol
Weapon 4: Model M&P15T Rifle
Weapon 5: Savage model 110 BA
Celebrity: Ted Nugent Celebrity
NFL Player: Jason Babin
WC Person 1 michelle viscusi
WC Person 2
WC Object 1: Apocalypse Survival Kit from Gerber
WC Object 2: Dog
WC Object 3


Location: Prison Location
Vehicle: Toyota FJ Cruiser
Weapon 1: Remington 700
Weapon 2: FN PS90
Weapon 3: FN SCAR
Weapon 4: Browning Auto-5
Weapon 5: SIG Sauer P226
Celebrity: Bear Grylls Celebrity
NFL Player: Trent Cole
WC Person 1 Richard Marcinko, former Navy SEAL
WC Person 2 Joel Salatin, Farmer
WC Object 1 Two Person Survival Backpack
WC Object 2 A **** ton of tires
WC Object 3 12,500 Gallon Rainwater Storage Tank


Location: edinburgh castle
Vehicle: Hot Air Balloon or something
Weapon 1: Crossbow Weapon
Weapon 2: M1911 Handgun
Weapon 3: Steyr AUG
Weapon 4: SPAS-12
Weapon 5: PSG 1
Celebrity: Scotty Cam, Celebrity
NFL Player: Mike Anderson
WC Person 1 Emma Watson
WC Person 2 Damian Walters
WC Object 1 Solar Panels
WC Object 2: Complete Garden Combo 60 Varieties VEGETABLE & HERB SEEDS
WC Object 3: Birth Control


Location: The Augarten Flak Tower
Vehicle: The Landrover Defender
Weapon 1:Bushmaster A1 Semi-Automatic 223 Remington/5.56 NATO 30+1 Ca
Weapon 2: Military Machete
Weapon 3: MAG BFR450M 450 MAR 10 SS
Weapon 4: DTA SRS Sniper Rifle 308&338LM
Weapon 5: THMP TM1C M1 45A LWT
Celebrity: Les Stroud Celebrity
NFL Player: Jarret Johnson
WC Person 1 Jamie Hyneman
WC Person 2 REVO America 16 Channel Surveillance System
WC Object 1 a commercial sized nylon fishing net
WC Object 2 Craftsman 413 pc. Mechanics Tool Set
WC Object 3 Zombie Survival Guide book


Location: location the U.S.S. Nimitz class aircraft carrier
Vehicle: 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited V6 CVT
Weapon 1: Katana
Weapon 2: Mk14 Mod 0 EBR
Weapon 3: M4A1 SOPMOD
Weapon 4: Beretta 92FS
Weapon 5:
Celebrity: Kevin VanDam
NFL Player:
WC Person 1: Drew Carey
WC Person 2
WC Object 1 a commercial sized nylon fishing net
WC Object 2
WC Object 3



Location: Fort Knox
Vehicle: Hummer H1
Weapon 1: Barrett M82
Weapon 2: 1919A4 weapon
Weapon 3: Spear
Weapon 4: LMT .308 Modular Weapon System
Weapon 5: Nail Gun
Celebrity: Mark Donaldson
NFL Player: Ahmard Hall
WC Person 1 Brian Stann
WC Person 2 Craig Harrison, Wildcard
WC Object 1: MREs 1 year supply
WC Object 2 Anti Riot suit
WC Object 3 Sun shower system


Location: Necker Island, British Virgin Islands Location
Vehicle: Formula 400 Super Sport Boat vehicle
Weapon 1: Glock Weapon
Weapon 2: chain saw
Weapon 3: pitchfork
Weapon 4: 100 lbs of high explosive
Weapon 5: Marlin 1894
Celebrity: Chuck Norris Celebrity
NFL Player: Ray Lewis
WC Person 1 Brady Ellison
WC Person 2 Giada de Laurentiis
WC Object 1 600' of rope
WC Object 2 Multi-tool- Wild Card Item.
WC Object 3:1000 Water Purifying tablets


Location: Guia Lighthouse and Fortress
Vehicle: Conquest Knight XV vehicle
Weapon 1: SKS- Weapon
Weapon 2: McMillan Tac 50 Sniper
Weapon 3: CZ75 handgun
Weapon 4: Hatchet - Weapon
Weapon 5: MP5- Weapon
Celebrity: Gina Carano celeb
NFL Player: Jared Allen NFL Player
WC Person 1 Rob Furlong- Wildcard Person
WC Person 2 Barry Jacobson
WC Object 1: Adventure Medical First Aid Kit
WC Object 2: Ultimate Family Preparedness Pack
WC Object 3 Pallet of Sandbags

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I'm missing the most recent picks that aren't on the front page.

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I'll update this after every round

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Updated 6/9 12:47 AM if anything is missing let me know.

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Updated 6/12 1:46 PM tell me if I'm missing it.

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