View Full Version : 49ers In Desperate Need Of A 1st Round Bye

12-30-2012, 04:16 PM
Not even remotely debatable, the 49ers absolutely need a 1st round bye in order to fortify their starting lineups by preserving several players desperately in need of rest. 49ers are an excellent team with the utmost upside, but are badly injured and possesses several holes on both sides of the ball.

once considered a team capable of bridging gaps with able backups, weaknesses at key positions have become apparent over the recent weeks.

I am almost certain the 49ers could defeat any team in the league, even the vaunted denver broncos (who i consider the best in the nfl at the moment period) if they had these guys back:

kendall hunter, kyle williams, mario manningham, vernon davis (he is ONE BIG HIT away from suffering another concussion and being knocked out this season for good), justin smith, dobbs, etc.

GO VIKINGS. FORGET LETTING SEATTLE WIN THE DIVISION, FORGET LOSING TO THE CARDINALS. 49ers have a chance to go all the way this season - we need a BYE.

(49ers need to sign another kicker, akers just missed a 44 yard field goal at home, with minimal weather interference - something is not right with him and the 49ers need to rid themselves of last years mirage from their long term memory and sign someone before they lose by 2 points in the playoffs)