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04-12-2007, 11:26 AM
Broncos Pics with alternatives

#21 Michael Griffin or Texas S T

his is a safe pick. He is good, the Broncos need a safety, and a the type of character guy that Shannahan likes.

Brandon Meriweather Miami S

So, Brandon got into a scuffle, I think he learned, and he could essentially line up aside Lynch and make a good safety tandem for a few years.

Adam Carriker Nebraska DE

I honestly think this is the player the Broncos want with their #1 pick, and I think they might trade up to get him.

#56 Steve Smith or USC WR

The Broncos might have more pressing needs than to add another WR; however, I think if he is there, he is too good to pass up.

Tank Tyler NCState DT

If he is available, and Steve Smith isn't, I think this guy could be awesome paired with Gerard Warren on the DL.

#70 Tim Crowder or Taxes DE

Tim Crowder I think is really underrated, which is exciting if the Broncos could draft Crowder and Carriker, with Dumerville rotating as a specialist.

Eric Weddle Utah S

If the Broncos do not draft a safety in the first round, and I hope they don't. I hope they get Carriker, so they can get Eric Weddle.

#86 Victor Abiamiri or Notre Dame DE

I think the Broncos should just load up at DE or DT and let them all compete to see who turns out as the eventual star. Perhaps by the law of averages, the Broncos finally get a pro bowl DE/DT.

Brandon Mebane Cal DT

See above comment.

#176 Gabe Hall or Texas Tech OT

Gabe Hall/Jake Kuresa are bigger than typical Bronco linemen; however, they are still athletic, and I think Shannahan is moving towards better pass protection for Jay Cutler.

Jake Kuresa BYU OT

See above comment.

#233 Walter Thomas or NW Miss. CC DT

He is a project, which Shannahan likes. Shannahan would say something like, "we feel Walter Thomas has a lot of up side."

Allen Barbre Missouri Southern OT

See above comment.

Hopefull draft:

#21 Adam Carriker
#56 Steve Smith
#70 Eric Weddle
#86 Tim Crowder
#176 Gabe Hall
#233 Walter Thomas

*Hopefully the Broncos can land Kris Jenkins or Grady Jackson as well.

Broncos starters & Minor Depth Chart

QB Jay Cutler, Patrick Ramsey
HB Travis Henry, Mike Bell
FB Cecil Sapp, Kyle Johnson
WR Jevon Walker, Rod Smith
WR Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith
TE Daniel Graham, Tony Sheffler
RG Adam Meadows
RT Kuper, Gabe Hall
C Tom Nalen
LG Ben Hamilton
LT Eric Pears, Gabe Hall
LDE Adam Carriker, Kenard Lang
LDT Kris Jenkins, Michael Myers, Walter Thomas
RDT Garard Warren, D. Veal, Walter Thomas
RDE Tim Crowder, Elvis Dumerville
LOLB DJ Williams, Kieth Burns
MLB Al Wilson, Nate Webster
ROLB Ian Gold, Louis Green
LCB Champ Bailey, D. Foxworth
FS John Lynch, Eric Weddle
SS Ferguson, C. Cox, Eric Weddle
RCB Dre Bly, Paymah

04-12-2007, 07:05 PM
nice draft, as for your depth chart its Javon Walker not Jevon