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04-18-2007, 01:09 PM
Round 1
1. Oakland – JaMarcus Russell, QB
2. Detroit – Brady Quinn, QB
3. Cleveland – Adrian Peterson, RB
4. Tampa Bay – Calvin Johnson, WR
5. Arizona – Joe Thomas, OT
6. Washington – Gaines Adams, DE
7. Minnesota – Ted Ginn Jr., WR
8. Atlanta – LaRon Landry, S
9. Miami – Levi Brown, OT
10. Houston – Leon Hall, CB
11. San Francisco – Dwayne Jarret, WR
12. Buffalo – Marshawn Lynch, RB
13. St. Louis – Amobi Okoye, DT
14. Carolina – Patrick Willis, ILB
15. Pittsburgh - Paul Posluszny, OLB
16. Green Bay – Greg Olsen, TE
17. Jacksonville – Jamaal Anderson, DE
18. Cincinnati – Alan Branch, DT
19. Tennessee – Adam Carriker, DE
20. New York Giants – Lawrence Timmons, OLB
21. Denver – Jarvis Moss, OLB/DE
22. Dallas – Darrelle Revis, CB
23. Kansas City – Dwayne Bowe, WR
24. New England – Michael Griffin, S
25. New York Jets – Anthony Spencer, DE
26. Philadelphia – Jon Beason, OLB
27. New Orleans – Aaron Ross, CB
28. New England – Robert Meachem, WR
29. Baltimore – Joe Staley, OT
30. San Diego – Sidney Rice, WR
31. Chicago – Justin Blalock, OG
32. Indianapolis – Justin Harrell, DT

Round 2

1. Oakland – Arron Sears, OT
2. Detroit – Ben Grubbs, OG
3. Tampa Bay – Reggie Nelson, S
4. Cleveland – Josh Beekman, OG
5. Chicago – Trent Edwards, QB
6. Arizona – Justin Durant, OLB
7. Atlanta – Victor Abiamiri, DE
8. Miami – Tim Crowder, DE
9. Minnesota – Charles Johnson, OLB/DE
10. San Francisco – DeMarcus Tyler, DT
11. Buffalo – Buster Davis, ILB
12. Atlanta – James Marten, OT
13. Carolina – Zach Miller, TE
14. Pittsburgh – Ryan Kalil, OC
15. Green Bay – Kenny Irons, RB
16. Jacksonville – Brandon Meriweather, S
17. Cincinnati – Marcus McCauley, CB
18. Tennessee – Eric Wright, CB
19. New York Giants – Daymeion Hughes, CB
20. St. Louis –David Harris - ILB
21. Dallas – Ryan Harris - OT
22. Kansas City – Manuel Ramirez, OG
23. Seattle – Ben Patrick, TE
24. Denver – Marshal Yanda, OG
25. Philadelphia – Steve Smith, WR
26. New Orleans – Brandon Siler, ILB
27. New York Jets – Tenard Jackson, CB
28. Miami – Josh Wilson, CB
29. Baltimore – Rufus Alexander, OLB
30. San Diego – Eric Weddle, S
31. New York Jets – Turk Mcbride, DT
32. Tampa Bay – Quentin Moses, DE

Round 3

1. Oakland – Brandon Mebane, DT
2. Detroit – Anthony Waters, ILB
3. Cleveland – Drew Stanton, QB
4. Tampa Bay – Fred Bennet, CB
5. Arizona – Ikiaki Alama-Francis, DE
6. Denver – Quinn Pitcock, DT
7. Miami – Jason Hill, WR
8. Minnesota – Doug Free, OT
9. Houston – Anthony Gonzalez, WR
10. Buffalo – David Irons, CB
11. Atlanta – Michael Bush, RB
12. San Francisco – Samson Satele, OC
13. Pittsburgh – Michael Coe, CB
14. Green Bay – Brian Leonard, RB/FB
15. Jacksonville – Troy Smith, QB
16. Tennessee – Antonio Pittman, RB
17. New York Giants – Lorenzo Booker, RB
18. St. Louis – Aaron Rouse, S
19. Carolina – Josh Gattis, S
20. Kansas City – Jonathan Wade, CB
21. Seattle – Kareem Brown, DT
22. Denver – Tim Shaw, OLB
23. Dallas – Craig Davis, WR
24. New Orleans – Aundrae Allison, WR
25. New York Jets – Scott Chandler, TE
26. Philadelphia – Tony Hunt, RB
27. New England – Adam Koets, OT
28. Buffalo – Kevin Kolb, QB
29. San Diego – LaMaar Woodley, DE
30. Chicago – Quincy Black, OLB
31. Indianapolis – Michael Okwo, OLB
32. San Diego – H.B. Blades, ILB
33. San Francisco – Baraka Atkins, DE/DT
34. Indianapolis – Brandon Jackson, RB
35. Oakland – Andy Alleman, OG

04-18-2007, 01:11 PM
Oakland 1st: JaMarcus Russel, QB 2nd: Aaron Sears, OT 3rd: Brandon Mebane, DT; Andy Alleman, OG
Detroit 1st: Brady Quinn, QB 2nd: Ben Grubbs, OG 3rd: Anthony Waters, ILB
Cleveland 1st: Adrian Peterson, RB 2nd: Josh Beekman, OG 3rd: Drew Stanton, QB
Tampa Bay 1st: Calvin Johnson, WR 2nd: Reggie Nelson, S Quentin Moses, DE 3rd: Fred Bennett, CB
Arizona 1st: Joe Thomas, OT 2nd: Justin Durant, OLB 3rd: Ikiaki Alama-Francis, DE
Washington 1st: Gaines Adams, DE
Minnesota 1st: Ted Ginn Jr., WR 2nd: Charles Johnson, OLB/DE 3rd: Doug Free, OT
Atlanta 1st: LaRon Landry, S 2nd: Victor Abiamiri, DE James Marten, OT 3rd: Michael Bush, RB
Miami 1st: Levi Brown, OT 2nd: Tim Crowder, DE Josh Wilson, CB 3rd: Jason Hill, CB
Houston 1st: Leon Hall, CB 3rd: Anthony Gonzalez, WR
San Francisco - 1st: Dwayne Jarret, WR 2nd: DeMarcus Tyler, DT 3rd: Samson Satele, OC Baraka Atkins, DE/DT
Buffalo 1st: Marshawn Lynch, RB 2nd: Buster Davis, ILB 3rd: David Irons, CB Kevin Kolb, QB
St. Louis 1st: Amobi Okoye, DT 2nd: David Harris, ILB 3rd: Aaron Rouse, S
Caroline 1st: Patrick Willis, ILB 2nd: Zach Miller, TE 3rd: John Gattis, S
Pittsburgh 1st: Paul Posluszny, OLB 2nd: Ryan Kalil, OC 3rd: Michael Coe, CB
Green Bay 1st: Greg Olsen, TE 2nd: Kenny Irons, RB 3rd: Brian Leonard, RB/FB
Jacksonville 1st: Jamaal Anderson, DE 2nd: Brandon Meriweather, S 3rd: Troy Smith, QB
Cincinnati 1st: Alan Branch, DT 2nd: Marcus McCauley, CB
Tennessee 1st: Adam Carriker, DE 2nd: Eric Wright, CB 3rd: Antonio Pittman, RB
New York Giants 1st: Lawrence Timmons, OLB 2nd: Daymeion Hughes, CB 3rd: Lorenzo Booker, RB
Denver 1st: Jarvis Moss, OLB, DE 2nd: Marshal Yanda, OG 3rd: Quinn Pitcock, DT Tim Shaw, OLB
Dallas 1st: Darrelle Revis, CB 2nd: Ryan Harris, OT 3rd: Craig David, WR
Kansas City 1st: Dwayne Bowe, WR 2nd: Manuel Ramirez, OG 3rd: Jonathan Wade, CB
New England 1st: Michael Griffin, S Robert Meachem, WR 3rd: Adam Koets, OT
New York Jets 1st: Anthony Spencer, DE 2nd: Tenard Jackson, CB Turk Mcbride, DT 3rd: Scott Chandler, TE
Philadelphia 1st: Jon Beason, OLB 2nd: Steve Smith, WR 3rd: Tony Hunt, RB
New Orleans 1st: Aaron Ross, CB 2nd: Brandon Siler, ILB 3rd: Aundrae Allison, WR
Baltimore 1st: Joe Staley, OT 2nd: Rufus Alexander, OLB
San Diego 1st: Sidney Rice, WR 2nd: Eric Weddle, S 3rd: LaMaar Woodley, DE H.B. Blades, ILB
Chicago 1st: Justin Blalock, OG 2nd: Trent Edwards, QB 3rd: Quincy Black, OLB
Indianapolis 1st: Justin Harrell, DT 3rd: Michael Okwo, OLB Brandon Jackson, RB

04-18-2007, 01:17 PM
Change Irons to Meriweather, and Leonard to Pittman.

That would be the perfect Packers draft.

04-18-2007, 01:21 PM
Great Cardinals picks, one of the best first 3 rounds for us yet.

The Dynasty
04-18-2007, 01:21 PM
I dont the Vikings draft at all except the 2nd round. Ted Ginn is bad pick.

04-18-2007, 01:38 PM
Meriweather > Durant and ill luv ya

but its a good draft as is

04-18-2007, 01:49 PM
im a huge pack fan and i dont see how we cant take a rb in the first 3 round, i know our satefies arent great but nick collins stpped up, we need RB more than S also a huge rams fan so kinda wierd i picked a great arizone pick haha

04-18-2007, 01:51 PM
Unimpressive eagles mock.

04-18-2007, 01:53 PM
whats wrong with the eagles, they get a good OLB cause spikes and dhani jones have both lost a step, they need more WRs and steve smith is good and a power back for westbrook makes him a lot beter with the new balanced offense they will prob adapt