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04-18-2007, 01:48 PM
Alright I know we have a mock draft thread. But I think this is different. Only post in here once...you can change your pick up until draft day...depending on the latest rumors. But have a pick for every selection..then after the draft we'll see who was the most on. Keep suggestions and whatnot to the cowboys thread or mock draft threads. No need to clutter up this with suggestions and what not.

*Also don't forget to think about trades...I can't remember a draft where dallas didn't more around a little.

04-18-2007, 01:49 PM
My Dallas Prediction

1) Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
2) Charles Johnson, OLB, Georgia
3) Andy Alleman, OL, Akron
4) Usama Young, CB, Kent State
5) Chris Henry, RB, Arizona
6) Antonio Johnson, NT, Mississippi State
6) Allen Barbre, OL, Missouri Southern
7) Melvin Bullitt, S, Texas A&M
7) Toby Korrodi, QB, Central Missouri
7) Anthony Pudewell, TE, University of Nevada-Reno

*Will have another update I'm sure

04-18-2007, 02:10 PM
Quick one with no trades

1) Ted Ginn
2) Tank Tyler
3) Brian Robison
4) Andy Alleman
5) Walter Thomas
6) Jermon Bushrod
6) Geoff Pope
7) Justin Rascati
7) Derek Stanley
7) Joe Anaoi

04-18-2007, 03:38 PM
Lemme think about it... Reserving this spot.

Trade Prediction (Revised 4/19): Julius Jones and/or Greg Ellis will be traded on Draft Day.

Trade Scenario:
Day 1
OLB Anthony Spencer
OG Arron Sears
OT Doug Free
CB Usama Young

Day 2
QB Kevin Kolb
ILB Anthony Waters
NT Walter Thomas
RB/WR Ramonce Taylor
TE Jake Nordin
FB Deon Anderson

No Trades Scenario:
Day 1
Rnd 1: WR Dwayne Bowe
Rnd 2: OLB Charles Johnson
Rnd 3: CB Usama Young

Day 2
Rnd 4: OG Mansfield Wrotto
Rnd 5: ILB Anthony Waters
Rnd 6: NT Walter Thomas
Rnd 6: OT Chase Johnson
Rnd 7: RB/WR Ramonce Taylor
Rnd 7: QB Tyler Thigpen
Rnd 7: FB Deon Anderson


Trade 1st and 4th to move up and take Marshawn Lynch.
Trade Julius Jones for a 4th. Essentially means trading first and JJ for Lynch.

Trade 2nd and 6th to Carolina for Kris Jenkins.

Rnd 1: Marshawn Lynch
Rnd 3: Doug Free

Day 2
Doesn't matter... whatever we get would be icing on the cake.

04-18-2007, 03:48 PM
1) Aaron Ross
2) Craig Davis

04-18-2007, 04:30 PM
1) Dwayne Bowe
2) Demarcus Tyler
3) Daymieon Hughes

04-18-2007, 04:32 PM
1.Dwayne Jarrett
2.Marcus McCauley
3.Quentin Moses

04-18-2007, 05:04 PM
And thats why jerry will draft Jarrett, and yea that's LEON HALL he's BURNING!

1:Dwayne Jarrett: Espn john clayton & Mel kiper both think he is the pick if still available...the cowboys aren't as much concerned about speed because micheal irvin never had a good 40 ...the cowboys rated mike williams high, and he might of been the pick if he had fallen, but rate jarrett even higher...they remember before the combine when everyone had him going to the vikes at #7, but not past the falcons at #10(then)...they will be stoked if he is available.

2:Trade*!Brandon Meriweather: Jerry Jones likes this kid and isnt concerned about his off the field issues...he called him nique in his ability to play CB or S

2:Charles Johnson: the cowboys reportedly liked him, and have interviewed him...i dont know about any truth to this, but he is my pick.

3:Allen Barbre: the boys view him as a sleeper...he is big and they like him

4:Walter Thomas: 6-5 370, 5.1 40, top high school recruit...looked at as 4th round talent...plugs holes and has quick feet...nough said

5:Le'Ron McClain: jerry said himself we need a FB for our scheme so why not a good one...he is a good run blocker at 6' 256", good hands, runs hard....

*We trade Julius Jones to the packers for their r.2...if the packers miss out on Lynch r.1, they will be desperate for a good RB...with us switching to more of a power scheme i see this as a possibility


04-18-2007, 05:11 PM
4/20 UPDATE:

1. WR, Robert Meachem
2. NT, Tank Tyler
3. CB, Usama Young
4. DE/OLB, Dan Bazuin
5. FB, Corey Anderson
6. K, Justin Medlock ***
6. C/G, Enoka Lucas
7. Qb, Toby Korrodi
7. G, Robert Turner

***=trade up

Dallas trades 6th rd. (195 overall) and 7th rd. (212 overall) for Tennessee 6th rd. (188 overall)

Subject to change.

04-18-2007, 08:30 PM
My Mock
Dallas trades down, Pick up a 2nd

1). Anthony Spencer, OLB/DE
2). Tony Ugoh, OT
2). DeMarcus Tyler, NT
3). John Beck, QB
4). Yamon Figurs, WR/KR/PR
5). Kenny Scott, CB
6). Walter Thomas, NT
6). Tim Duckworth, OG
7). Matt Toeaina, DE
7). Kyle Cook, C
7). Drew Tate, QB

(Philly would draft BRANDON MERIWEATHER( before New England)

Dream Mock:
Trade 1st and 2nd to the bills for there first.
1). Adrian Peterson, RB
3). Doug Free, OT
4). Yamon Figurs, WR/KR/PR
5). Kenny Scott, CB
6). Walter Thomas, NT
6). Tim Duckworth, OG
7). Matt Toeaina, DE
7). Kyle Cook, C
7). Drew Tate, QB

04-18-2007, 09:36 PM
1) Aaron Ross
2) DeMarcus Tyler (could be WR)
3) Quinten Moses

04-19-2007, 09:05 AM
If JJ is traded

1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Tanard Jackson
3. Quentin Moses
4. Aundrae Allison
5. Mason Crosby
6. Kevin Boss
7. Kyle Tatum
7.Tra Battle
7. Dustin Fry

If JJ isn't traded we take Bowe in the first and 4 is Ryan Harris instead of Allison

I reserve this spot and will post my predictions late next week. Right now I'm leaning towards this, but it'll change.

1. Joe Staley
2. Craig Davis or Anthony Gonzalez
3. Dan Bazuin

04-19-2007, 09:56 AM
After much contemplation, I've come to realize that I have no idea at all what we are going to do with #22. I've come up with all different types of scenarios that all make sense to me. In the end, I think the wisest thing we could do would be to trade out and pick up an extra 1 next year. But I keep thinking that Jerry wants to make an immediate splash. I could easily see him trying to move up if the right player falls, but that seems unlikely. So I'll just go vanilla and do a mock where we stay at #22.

1. Dwayne Jarrett
2. Charles Johnson
3. Lorenzo Booker (via trade involving JJ)
3. Tarell Brown
4. Jordan Palmer
5. Walter Thomas (via trade involving a later pick)
6. Dante Rosario
7. Justin Medlock

04-19-2007, 10:23 AM
22 Alan Branch
53. Dwayne Jarrett
87 Manuel Ramirez
122. Zak DeOssie
159 C.J. Gaddis
195 Jacob Ford
201 Dustin Fry
212. Joe Anoai
234 Michael Allan
237 Jermon Bushrod

04-19-2007, 10:38 AM
1) Meachem (WR)
2) Tyler (NT)
3) DeOssie (LB)
4) Satele (C)
5) Palmer (QB)
6) Ford (OLB), Breaston (WR/KR)
7) Smardjia (WR), Bushrod (OT), Heyer (OT)

(**Posted elsewhere. No trades in spite of the fact I think they will move some picks and players -- i.e., Julius**)

04-19-2007, 10:59 AM
This is my prediction:

1) Aarron Ross - CB
2) Jason Hill - WR
3) Trent Edwards - QB
4) Brian Robison - DE/OLB
5) Zack DeOssie - ILB
6) Brandon Frye - OT
6) Walter Thomas - NT
7) Drew Mormino - C
7) Justin Medlock - K
7) Kasey Studdard - OG

04-19-2007, 01:16 PM
1). Dwayne Bowe WR, LSU- Big reciever w/ decent speed for his size (6'2 220 4.5 forty) Caught the ball much better after having Lasik surgery. Amazing serniorbowl both practice and the game. I doubt Jarrett will fall this far but if he does it could be a debate.

2). Charles Johnson DE/OLB, Georgia- Came in for a visit earlier in the month and could potentially play on the opposite side of D-Ware. ( I Still dont wanna give up on Bobby Carpenter playing OLB) Depth is still needed and there are never enough pass rushers in a 3-4.

3). Doug Free OT/OG, Northern Illinois- Good size (6'6 320) alright athleticism, good pull blocker adds much needed depth at both the tackle positions and possibly gaurd.

4). Tarrell Brown CB, Texas- On the Dallas D-day roster for visits, prototypical size and speed. Good open field tackler and will come up to support the run. Could develop into a "healthy" Anthony Henry type of player. Shady past is the reason he falls not his skill set

5). Walter Thomas NT, NW Mississippi CC- (6'5 375) enough said !! I actually debated putting him as my 4th round selection because he could pontential be scooped up by this point. Granted he is probably 30lbs over weight but considering he ran a 5.19 forty wich was .14 seconds faster than "Tank" Tyler who just happens to be 70lbs lighter is saying something. In Coach Phillips system the NT takes alot of hits due to the slanting of the line, someone with alot of size is desirable. With the right conditioning could be the boys' version of Jammal Williams. ***** Pick of the draft*****

6). Andy Allenman OG Akron- Very good athlete who is new to the position but looked successful making the transition from DE to OG. Is still raw and is a bit developmental just like McQuisten was last year

6). Kyle Young C, Fresno State- Excellent size (6-5 354) could actually stand to loose some weight in an attempt to increase his athleticism. Solid backup to Gurode.

7). Ola Dagunduro DE/DT Nebraska- Very Raw but has the size and strength to hold his point as a 3-4 DE. Not very techincal and plays without leverage but is relentless and gives 110%

7). Dedrick Harrington ILB Missouri- Good size and timed speed, plays smarts and could learn either of the ILB positions with ease. Great depth pick.

7). Toby Korrodi QB Central Missouri- Huge Sleeper because he was only a Div II player but has a rocket arm and good accuracy. Jerry Jones side the team may look to add a late round project and Korrodi may fit the bill.

04-19-2007, 01:22 PM

Reserving a spot

Go Cowboys
04-19-2007, 07:04 PM
1. Michael Griffin, SS, Texas
2. Aundrae Allison, WR, ECU
3. LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB, Michigan
4. Andy Alleman, OG, Akron
5. Jordan Palmer, QB, UTEP
6a. Quinton Culberson, MLB, Mississippi State
6b. Quinton Echols, DT, Kansas State
7a. Ramonce Taylor, RB, Texas
7b. Sam Olajubutu, OLB, Arkansas
7c. James Jones, WR, San Diego Stae

04-20-2007, 09:58 AM
Take your best shots, I won't be offended, as I have been wrong before, but this draft would make me happy......................

04-21-2007, 10:05 AM
I wanted to do a big AD trade or a Lynch thing or even Branch but i'll go with what i've felt was most possible for most of the last couple of weeks. Only going to put 1 pick in each round i'm sure they'll trade around plenty in day 2, not going to try and duplicate all that.

1-Anthony Spencer OLB Purdue
2-Eric Weddle S Utah
3-Lorenzo Booker RB FSU
4-Mike Walker WR Central Florida
5-Mansfield Wrotto G Georgia Tech
6-Courtney Brown CB Cal Poly
7- Toby Korrodi QB Central Missouri

04-24-2007, 09:35 AM
1.)Anthony Spencer OLB/DE 6'2 261lbs Purdue
Wade Phillips doesn't want to be in the same place the tuna was last year if Ellis goes down,the offensive line slided their protection to Ware's side.Carpenter came on towards the end but looks more like a inside linebacker in the 3-4.Spencer who's a better prospect than Shaun Phillips would come in and add depth to the outside rush linebacker spot.He would eventually be the successer to Greg Ellis on the strongside.He would be the Banks to Ware's Taylor or the Phillips to Ware's Merriman.Don't forget Spencer would be in a similar situation to Phillips who backed up Foley for the first couple years of his career.Spencer has a terrific motor and is a good at stoping the run.He would be money in the Phillip's 3-4.

2.)Eric Wright CB 5'10 192lbs UNLV
The cowboys gamble on Wright's talent.He could come in and learn behind Aaron Glenn.He as top 10 potential but is stock fell because of character issues,and you know Jerry Jones loves to take risks just look at T.O.Wright can be a return specialist also.So they could get extra value with this pick.

3.)Jacoby Jones WR 6'2 210lbs Lane
I'm not a real big fan of us going WR on the first day but the writing is on the wall.T.O. is gonna be 34 and Glenn is gonna be 33.And you can't bet on them being there for you very week because of there injury history.Keep in mind we have some good young Prospects like Crayton,Hurd and Austin who could be in the plans for our future as well.

4.)Walter Thomas NT 6'4 374lbs NW Mississipi C.C.
Who?????This guy is quietly pushing to be a first day pick.He could come in and gives depth behind Jason Ferguson,and eventually be the future starter.Phillips always stresses the importance of the nose tackle in the 3-4.And Thomas more than fit's the mold.He may be the strongest guy in the draft,though he will have to drop a couple of pounds.This pick is sort of like the Jason Hatcher pick from last year.

5.)Jacob Bender OT 6'6 316lbs Nicholls St.
Another small school prospect with alot of talent.The media over reacts to the cowboys offensive line.We have some young talent that Parcells left us like Proctor and Mquisten.But Bender could come in a shake some things up.

6a.)Jay Alford DE/DT 6'3 304lbs Penn State
We need to replace Kenyon Coleman who bolted for more money with the jet's.Alford could be a late round steal if he's in the right scheme.

6b.)Jeff Rowe QB 6'5 226lbs Nevada
The cowboys need to get a good young QB to progess into a backup behind Tony Romo.Rowe as nice size and could compete down the line.

7a.)Kyle Young C 6'5 354lbs Fresno State
We need to get a back up for Gurode becasue Johnson left for FA.

7b.)Jessie Daniels S 5'10 216lbs L.S.U.
May be we can find a cover saftey to back up the ones we have

7c.)Daniel Coats TE/HB 6'2 257lbs B.Y.U.
Maybe he could get a look at fullback

04-24-2007, 03:52 PM
1: Meriweather

6th: Justin Medford

more coming.

04-27-2007, 12:07 AM
1) Jarvis Moss, DE/OLB, Florida
2) Craig Davis, WR, LSU
3) Andy Alleman, OL, Akron
4) Usama Young, CB, Kent State
5) Chris Denman, OT, Fresno St.
6) Toby Korrodi, QB, Central Missouri
6) Dan Mozes, C, WVU
7) Nick Folk, K, Arizona
7) Clark Harris, TE, Rutgers
7) Brandon Snow, FB, PSU

04-28-2007, 09:54 AM
You guys have one more hour until this topic is locked...get them in. I'd like to see only one per person...but D-Unit's setup would work if you wanted to play scenarios.

04-30-2007, 08:35 AM
D-Unit is the winner predicting three picks right...

I believe jdnoyes came in second.