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04-19-2007, 03:58 PM
NO Comments in Here Please!!!!!!, Big Mike, Please????

I will now begin Draft Grades, Alphabetical Order, 2 writeups a day, and it would really help if you can post your new roster with changes, with that I bring you the first 3:

Atlanta Hawks:

Final Roster:
PG:Smush Parker/Dominic James/Anthony Johnson/T Lue
SG:Joe Johnson/DerMarr Johnson/Salim Stoudemire/Jamon Gordon
SF:Gerald Wallace/Yaroslav Koralev/James White/Royal Ivey
PF:Josh Smith/Mike Sweetney/Marc Jackson
C:Kevin Garnett/Zaza Pachulia/Marc Jackson

Free Agent Recap:Signings:Gerald Wallace 6 Years/60 Million, Smush Parker 6 Years/15 Million, PJ Brown 3 Years/7.5 Million, Dermarr Johnson, 1 Year/500,000, James White 2 Years/1 Million, Marc Jackson 1 Year/1 Million, Yaroslav Koralev 1 Year/1.5 Million, Mike Sweetney 6 Years/30 Million, Jamon Gordon 1 Year/500,000
Analysis:Having their roster thin out with the acquisition of Kevin Garnett it was very important that the Atlanta Hawks attack Free Agency aggressively. The Hawks biggest signing was obviously Gerald Wallace. He will start the 3 guard for them and will bring so much more to the team. While he will only be the 4th scoring option something sort of new to him, he will still get a fair amount of points on drives and open shots, but what he really brings to this team is defense. He is a top 5 defensive NBA player as an amazing rebounder, shot blocker, and steal artist. Couple that with his supreme athleticism running down the court with the Hawks and you have a player who will truly thrive with the team. Playing with All-stars like Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson, and Josh Smith will really up his game. Smush Parker was a solid signing and while not an elite point guard he is a nice immediate solution. He is capable of scoring outbursts but most importantly he will be looked on upon to run the team, or Joe Johnson or a vet like Anthony Johnson will take over his spot. Nonetheless he gives them depth at the point guard position. PJ Brown is a solid defensive minded vet who has great character and provides depth. While his game isn't very dependable he is just a great character to have in the lockeroom with the young guys. He is the kind of guy you can put in for 10-15 mins and pick up some fouls and grab some rebounds, he is the glue to this squad. Dermarr Johnson is an athletic 2 guard who came into the league with so much promise but has disappointed, he did however show last year that he is a very capable player but with JR Smith coming in this year he watched his playing time dissolve. James White is a young guy who will really thrive in the Hawks up and down system. He is an elite leaper and a reliable ball handler, passer, and rebounder, the only thing lacking in his game is his shooting. He is a poor mans Andre Iguodala. Yaroslav Koralev is another young wing with firepower who we are hoping can produce anything at all. Sweetney is the Hawks bigbody who will serve as nothing more than bigman depth. Jamon Gordon is a nice young rookie who can score and will really develop in his time in the D-League for us on the Arkansas Rimrockers. Marc Jackson is a nice vet who can score and grab rebounds.


Minnesota Receives:
-11th Pick
-Marvin Williams
-Josh Childress
-Shelden Williams
-Speedy Claxton

Atlanta Receives:
-Kevin Garnett
-37th Pick
-Timberwolves Mid Level Exception, Equated to Mike Sweetney

Trade Analysis:This was the Atlanta Hawks lone trade of the offseason but boy was it big. Acquiring an elite Player like Kevin Garnett immediately makes the Hawks a championship contender especially in the East, over the past decade he has been arguably the most dominant big man outside of Mr. Oneal. He finally gets help now with Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, and a host of other young talent, his situation in Atlanta is for sure better than his situation has been the past few years in Minnesota. With the 37th overall pick the Atlanta Hawks selected Dominic James. James is a player who the Atlanta Hawks expect to eventually become their starting point guard and he most certainly has the talent to do so. With the MLE they got depth in the frontcourt in the form of Mike Sweetney. In what they loss the 11th pick obviously could have been a good player probably Conley or Acie but the Hawks will live with what they got. Marvin Williams is a player with all the ability in the world but it is yet to be seen if he will ever put it together. Josh Childress has been solid in his career but has not lived up to expectations. Shelden Williams will be a career average-bellow average player and was a horrible pick a year ago and Speedy Claxton is a top backup PG in the NBA. While the Hawks gave up an awful lot of talent they got a sure thing MVP player, for such a lowly franchise making a move like this to acquire a famous face is one that could turn the franchise around.
Hawks New Acquisition Kevin Garnett.

2nd Round, Pick #36 Dominic James. James was a great pick and for where he was taken in the draft an ultimate value. James came into this season as a lottery pick but after a weak year his stock has really dropped. His struggles his junior year had a lot to do with poor shooting and bad decision making but the skill was all there. James is an exciting player in the mold of a Jameer Nelson and has all the tools to be a star in the league, being compared to Dwayne Wade is something he was neither ready for or capable of handling but he is expected to be the Hawks point guard of the future.
Hawks Lone Draft pick, sparkplug PG Dominic James from Marquette

Offseason Grade B+: The Atlanta Hawks took leaps and bounds in the offseason. While having to let go of great talent must have hurt them greatly it was a move the ailing franchise had to make. The additions of Kevin Garnett, Gerald Wallace who are 2 allstar caliber players along with countless other talents make them an instant playoff contender and Eastern conference Championship contender. A dream offseason for the Hawks if it were to happen in real life. The Atlanta Hawks have a squad that has a great balance of proven talent and future talent, they boast a very strong starting 5 and a good enough bench to make a run at the Eastern Conference title. Looks like Stella got her groove back. Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-19-2007, 04:00 PM

Charlotte Bobcats

Final Roster:
PG Raymond Felton/Brevin Knight/Jared Jordan/Goran Dragic
SG Vince Carter/Matt Carroll/Adam Morrison/Morris Peterson
SF Jeff Green/Morris Peterson/Walter Herrmann/Adam Morrison
PF Emeka Okafor/Walter Herrmann/Sean May/Jeff Green
C Nene/Emeka Okafor/Jake Voskhul/Chris Richards

Little Tidbit Written by Team GM Brodeur:
"Key Acquisitions/Draftee
Vince Carter SG
Morris Peterson SG/SF
Nene PF/C
Jeff Green SF/PF

Mumbo jumbo: The Bobcats have finally got the proper pieces for a playoff run and perhaps have become very close to a contender. Every need has been addressed as the Bobcats finally have acquired a legitimate Center in Nene who is only grasping his potential and is finally coming along. The Bobcats have also been lacking a big time shooting guard, and with the Vince Carter signing, they have finally got one. Jeff Green was a pick that just made sense for the Bobcats, as he is one of the more NBA ready prospects there was and will only help the Bobcats. Mo Pete was a signing to add depth to the bench as a good defensive player that can score. As for the loss of Gerald Wallace, it hurts the Bobcats immensely but guys like Vince Carter, Morris Peterson, and Jeff Green will all be willing to pick up the slack.

The bench is extremely talented with Walter Herrmann (who really has broke out the last few months), Matt Carroll (who is a solid scorer off the bench), Brevin Knight (a very good pure PG bench player), Sean May (an oft injured player but will have a lot less pressure on him without Herrmann emerging, and still has room to grow), Morris Peterson (a good defensive player and a solid offensive alternate off the bench), Adam Morrison (who has struggled this year but is still a good scorer off the bench), and Jake Voskhul (just a big defensive body). With these improvements and the overall talent level, this team is ready."

Now on to my analysis:

Free Agent Recap:Vince Carter 6 Years/60 Million, Morris Peterson 5 years/25 Million, Michael Olowakandi 3 Years/3.3 Million
Analysis:The Prodigal son returns back home. After dazzling the crowds as a Tar-heel the boy is back and ready to lift this young franchise to heights it is yet to explore. Vince Carter really rejuvenated his career in New Jersey and once again proved why he is one of the best and explosive 2 guards in the NBA. He brings so much more than scoring as he has become a great passer, rebounder, and has the intangible's you look for. This is quite possibly the best signing in free agency other than the Wizards one because getting Rashard was a complete steal but thats a story for a different day. Vince not only will help the team win but his impact on team revenue and fan interest and popularity will be unmeasurable. The Bobcats are a young and athletic team which Vince will fit in perfectly, the same reason why I don't think Adam Morrison will every become anything atleast not with the Cats. Should have taken Rudy G, guess Jordan was right but hindsight is 20/20. Morris Peterson adds more firepower to them. His playing time with the Raptors have diminished but he is still deadly from behind the arc and I will forever hate him for his last second three pointer against the Wizards. Olowakandi gives them frontcourt depth but the signing is kind of bleh, don't really care. Jared Jordan was probably the most sought after undrafted free agent in this draft, and I really think he should have been drafted. Jordan is a magician with the ball and a nice project player, but he needs lots of work on his scoring ability. Goran Dragic is another nice point guard prospect for the future that the Bobcats would likely leave in Europe to get more seasoned, although there is no rush with Raymond Felton and Brevin Knight. He reminds me of a lanky Marko Jaric. Chris Richards is a player while his ceiling may not be high he is that big body every NBA team needs who will give you a good 10-15 mins a night while grabbing rebounds and making the necessary fouls.

In a full circle to his career the hometown kid comes back home

Charlotte Receives:
Maybyner Hilario

Denver Recieves:
#22 overall
Big O from the Gtown.
Analysis:I am a huge fan of this trade for the Bobcats if Nene can manage to stay healthy, which is a big if but I do love this trade. The Bobcats are such a young and talented team that I think had they kept the 22nd pick they just would have taken another nice young talent who would get buried on the roster and face a similar fate to a Kris Humphries or Kirk Snyder. I think there is a point when a team can have too many lottery picks and the Bobcats are nearing that so it was refreshing for them to make a move like this. Othella was a throw in but I do love big O. Him and Clarence Wetherspoon were great. Anyways Nene is still so young at just 25 years of age. He has suffered serious knee injuries in the past but if he can stay healthy I really think he is destined for greatness. Nene has good not great size but his freakish wingspan allow him to grab rebounds and alter shots. He is a smart basketball player who can pass out of the paint and understands how to score the ball. I really like his addition to the team, along with Emeka they could really do some damage inside, granted both can stay healthy.

#5 Overall Jeff Green
The Bobcats lone pick of the draft but they sure made it count in Green who I believe to be the best all around player in the draft. Jeff Green is the best all around prospect in the entire draft and with the Big East tournament the first 2 rounds in the NCAA's in which he has had 30 point games, game winning shots, and winning Big East player of the year, and conference tournament MVP, he really placed himself as a top 8 pick in the draft. What he does won't always show up on the statsheet but his importance to a team is impeccable. First off he has an NBA ready body at 6-8" 235 he is ready to step in for a playoff team right now. The first thing you will notice about him is his control of the game and his ability to make every player around him better. As John Thompson III has said Green is the smartest player he has ever coached and Green is like a coach on the court. He has extraordinary ballhandling and passing skills and can run the point from the top of the key in a half court set, he also is the perfect facilitator as Georgetown runs the offense through him as he can see the entire court while posting up. His shooting is so improved as he has great midrange game, true NBA 3 point range, and is explosive driving at and finishing at the hoop. He is great with his back to the basket as he has developed a reliable and consistent hook shot. His stats aren't the greatest at 15 ppg but with Georgetown's Princeton offense which is so controlled and cuts possessions in half add to that his role as a passer you can understand why his numbers aren't huge, and while he is always in control he showed in the Big East Championship with his 30 point performance that he is capable of handling the scoring load. As great as he is on offense some argue that he is even better on defense, Green for sure is one of the best defenders in the nation and I was so angry when Texas loss as Green is the one guy who could probably shut Kevin Durant cold. Green has the quickness to play man and he has long arms and reads passing lanes well. He most importantly understands how to play defense and how to cheat with your hands without being checked. In addition he is a great rebounder and monster shot blocker with 5 4+ block games one which included a 10 block game earlier in the year. Jeff Green is a great personality and calm and melo individual who while not a sexy pick like Greg Oden or Kevin Durant he could have just as big as an impact and expect whatever team he is put on to become a playoff and championship contender. Expect him along with Durant to be the early ROY candidates. He is the kind of mold the young Bobcats need.
Future Superstar??? Sermon sure thinks so.

Offseason Grade: A+
IMO possibly the best offseason in the forum mock, but I would need to look at all teams before I could make that statement. This Bobcats squad is so talented and deep I would expect them to be atleast the 5th seed in the East next year, they added starpower, youth and depth. I still question their frontcourt but the addition of Nene sure doesn't hurt. I would see this squad as being the next Raptors of the East. If they could somehow package Morrison and May for a really good Center or PF because of Okafor and Nene's injury history that would just be icing on the cake, but nonetheless, A+ to you Charlotte and Brodeur and job well done.

BTW don't think I am being nice or soft because in future reviews I will be bashing teams but I just feel the Bobcats did great in this mock. + Rep for you Brodeur when I can give it again. Job Well Done!!!

04-20-2007, 03:45 PM
Next 2 for Today, a little out of order but tomorrow Detroit and Orlando:


Denver Nuggets
Final Roster:

PG: Jason Kidd/Fred Jones
SG: Carmelo Anthony/Nick Young/Fred Jones
SF: Mickael Pietrus/Yakhouba Diawara/Herbert Hill
PF: Kenyon Martin/Eduardo Najera/Herbert Hill
C: Jason Collins/Jamaal Sampson

Free Agency Recap: None.
Analysis: The Nuggets chose not to go after anyone in Free Agency which was a little surprising that they did not use their mid level exception on anyone as they are already far over the cap.
Melo senses a change in Denver


New Jersey Nets Receive:
-Allen Iverson
-Marcus Camby
-Linas Kleiza

Denver Nuggets Receive:
-Jason Kidd
-Josh Boone
-Jason Collins
Analysis:Very interesting trade here. Obviously I love Jason Kidd and when healthy he is the best all around point guard in the NBA. But that is a big if. At 34 years old nearing 35 health and longevity has to be a concern. I can only see him having 2-3 more good years out of him so acquiring him is saying that you are stacking your chips for the next few years to win the championship but honestly they don't have the roster to do so. Iverson is a good 3-4 years younger than him so he would have been a better solution for the longterm picture. With a player like Carmelo Anthony who can create for himself it isn't as important to have a great passing point guard like Jason Kidd. Josh Boone is a nice young player but I don't honestly expect much from him. He is a decent rebounder and shot blocker but has absolutely no offense nor do I ever expect him to develop a consistent game on offense. Jason Collins is a nice big body but lacks any sort of offensive game or athleticism also gets beat out on a lot of rebounds because of his lack of athleticism. In what they gave up Iverson is a great scorer and underrated passer and I really think him and Carmelo have built a friendship together on and off the court so I can't say trading Iverson would make Melo very happy. Marcus Camby while older was an absolute monster this year averaging 11 and 11 and being one of the best big men in the league. He is the frontrunner for defensive player of the year. While age and health are a big concern for him I don't understand giving up Camby if they want to win right now. Kleiza is a tough kidd a poor mans Corliss Williamson but he is kind of a throw in, in the deal. All in all I can't say I really like this trade much for the Nuggets.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Charlotte Receives:
Maybyner Hilario

Denver Recieves:
#22 overall
Big O from the Gtown.
Analysis:Pick ended up being Nick Young which was a great value in the spot. However I am not so sure about the Nuggets giving up on him. He is just coming off a serious injury and I think will explode next year. If any big man were to be traded I would have expected it to be Kenyon Martin but his value is really nothing because of injury problems. A good move to pick up a good player albeit not a real need, but I don't like the Nuggets giving up on their best big man.
__________________________________________________ _______________

DEN gets:
Fred Jones

POR gets:
Reggie Evans
Analysis:A bleh trade. Gave up a good role player for the 42nd pick(Herbert Hill) and a crappy player in Fred Jones who they would probably cut. Don't really think this trade affects much.
__________________________________________________ _______________
JR Smith


Michael Pietrus
Analysis: I like this trade to an extent. First the positives Michael Pietrus is much more versatile than JR Smith and is a great defender. He brings many things to the table JR doesn't and his defense will help out as a pair to Carmelo. JR Smith however started the year off on fire and was on the verge of stardom but the suspension and acquisition of Allen Iverson really limited his playing time. Also trading Melo's best friend might not be a good idea, and I really don't like Melo playing the 2. He doesn't have the footspeed to guard other 2 guards.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Pick #22 Nick Young
Nick Young was an immense value for the pick they got him at. But with the acquisition of Michael Pietrus I really don't like the pick that much. Young is a very solid player who is a scorer not a shooter. He just finds ways to score but will go through bad stretches of shooting. He is also a very good defender a possible lock up man, and I like his pro potential but on this squad I don't see him growing much.

Pick #42 Herbert Hill
Herbert Hill is one of those productive college PF's who doesn't have great pro potential. Hill is a tough athletic player who really improved drastically this year and was a top scorer. Hill however shouldn't have much of an impact offensively in the NBA. He is a little weak and lacks true inside presence, he is a solid pick in the position and could have an solid immediate impact.

Nick Young joins Carmelo in the Mile High City

Offseason Grade: C
I am not a big fan of the Nuggets offseason to be honest. They made a move suggesting they are putting all of their chips in for the next few years but let go of some of their most valuable assets and don't have a stand out team especially in the Western Conference. I don't like this offseason much at all to improve them. Just some awkward moves were made.

04-20-2007, 03:46 PM

Cleveland Cavaliers

Final Roster:
PG- Carlos Arroyo, Keith Bogans
SG- Paul Pierce, Stephen Jackson
SF- LeBron James, Matt Barnes, Josh Powell
PF- Kwame Brown, Anderson Varejao, Ali Tarore
C- Tony Battie, Adonal Foyle, James Hughes
This roster is awful at point guard. Arroyo is not the answer and Bogans is not a Point Guard. In the front court the Cavs have no scoring at all.
Free Ageny Recap Undrafted Free Agent James Hughes, Matched offer for Anderson Varenjao 6 Years/15 Million.
Analysis: The Cavs did nothing in Free Agency to improve their team. James Hughes was a nice pickup being on of the top undrafted free agents but don't expect him to make a big impact any time soon if ever. Hughes isn't huge physically and is very raw on offense. He however runs the floor well and is great around the rim on both offense and defense although he is in fairly bad shape and condition and that is something that he needs to work on. He should find himself using the full 3 year limit in the D-league. Varenjao was a nice re-signing and they were right to keep him at a relatively cheap price. Varenjao is a hustle player who will grab rebounds and run for loose balls, as well as being a very underrated shooter from outside. However he has little to no starting potential. A nice guy to have off the bench but nothing more.

Cavs retain energy man Anderson Varenjao, he still claims to carry no relation to Joakim Noah

Magic get:
SG Larry Hughes
PG Daniel Gibson

Cavs get:
54th pick
Jameer Nelson
Tony Battie
Keith Bogans
Carlos Arroyo
Analysis:This was a very interesting trade here for the Cavs, I like many things about this trade, but at the same time there are some things I like. First off with what they gave up, they gave up their biggest Free Agent signing in recent memory in Larry Hughes. Trading him is admitting it was a bad signing something I knew the moment they made it but when healthy Larry Hughes can do many things for your team. He is a dependable 3rd scorer who can take it to the hoop off the dribble and a streaky shooter who when on can do damage. He is a bit overrated on the defensive side because of his steals numbers but he is very disruptive in the passing lanes although he does take too many chances. Hughes was LeBron's running mate so LeBron probably wouldn't be too happy about this trade being made. Daniel Gibson is a player I think they absolutely stole last year. He probably shouldn't have declared but he did and ended up falling to the 2nd round. I really thought that he would be the Cavs future PG but with who they got in return the loss isn't as painful as it could have been. I do think that they are giving up a great player. As for what they received first off the 54th pick in the draft who ended up being Ali Traore, I will write about him later in the draft section of the post. Jameer Nelson is a player who dominated on the college level but I see him more as a great backup PG and a formidable starter, but he is nothing to call home about. He is a tough kid who will get you rebounds and can mix it inside but he isn't a true point guard. At times he can be too shot first in his thinking and his outside shot can use some more consistency. Also his decision making is bad and he is very undersized, but he is a tough gritty player who still has potential to be a good point guard if he can work more on his point guard skills but IMO what you see is what you get. He will have a career similar to Mike James. Tony Battie gives you some depth but should only get 8-15 mins a game at this point in his career, solid. Bogans my boy from Dematha is a solid player who somehow has managed to stay in the NBA. He is a solid defender but other than that doesn't really contribute in many more areas. Carlos Arroyo is a player who I think is so frustrating to watch in the NBA. If you watch him in international competition you'd think he were an allstar point guard but he doesn't play with that same intensity in the NBA. This year he took a step backwards but when I look at him I still see so much potential. This was an underrated trade for the Cavs considering the depth they got, but it is unclear if any of them will pan out the way they probably want.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Warriors Receive:
Eric Snow
Damon Jones

Cavs Recieve:
Adonal Foyle
Josh Powell
Analysis:Yawn!!!! Well this sure was the most uneventful trade of the entire draft. Eric Snow used to be a solid vet but now is trash and couldn't make a shot on a 2 foot hoop, Damon Jones is annoying and doesn't really bring anything on the court. Foyle is garbage too but he is a good guy and a great ambassador for the league and foreign outreaches. Josh Powell is a guy who looks great in Summer League and D-League but has yet to show anything that would have you to believe he will be a solid contributer in the league. Basically this trade is what you would expect, you give away nothing you don't really get anything bad. I really can't see this trade affecting them positively or negatively.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Cleveland gets:

Kwame Brown PF/C

Lakers get:

Donyell Marshall
David Wesley
2008 first rounder
Analysis:I have to admit I think the Cavs gave a little more then they should have for Kwame Brown. Of course it's easy to look at the traded 08 first rounder as nothing because it is only a forum mock but I will consider it as if it were real life and to be honest I think the pick in itself is worth more than Kwame. Kwame is a bust and kind of an enigma to a team. Since entering the league as the first overall pick out of highschool he really hasn't improved on any aspect of his game. This is largely due to his poor work ethic. He has conditioning problems which probably also have to do with the work ethic. He is a very uncoordinated player and lacks any type of feel on his shot. He is however a big body who can rebound and score a little at a time. His potential as a starter in this league is unlikely if he can atleast stay healthy but I really think this guys career is over after being labeled a bust I expect him to just drag along for the rest of his career. David Wesley is nearing the end of his career and would probably be cut by the Lakers. Donyell Marshall is a guy who has really dropped off since last year and while that may be due to his age, he is still a capable 3 point shooter and average defender. While the Cavs didn't give too much I can't say I like the deal at all, I like the 08 1st rounder much more than Kwame. If Al Harrington was traded for 1 first rounder no reason why Kwame should be traded for the same.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson


Drew Gooden and Shannon brown
I don't like this trade much at all for the Cavs. Drew Gooden was arguably their best post scorer and player and for sure their most valuable big man. Losing him will hurt them inside even more. Shannon Brown is a reigning first rounder and super athletic and has so much potential in him left. Matt Barnes is the classic overachiever and while he has really impressed this year, I don't buy him being a solid contributer. Stephen Jackson is a player I really hate. While yes he can score and put up numbers in the scoring column he is a team cancer and brings with him an attitude that is detrimental to his entire team, the Cavs can only hope it doesn't rub off on his other teammates.
__________________________________________________ _______________

BOS gets: C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, PG Jameer Nelson, SG Alexander Pavlovic

CLE gets: SG Paul Pierce
Acquiring Paul Pierce was a very good move as they missed out 2 years ago on Michael Redd and Ray Allen and had to settle on Larry Hughes. Whether or not Pierce could work out well with LeBron is yet to be seen but I'll give the Cavs the benefit of the doubt because LeBron is a fairly unselfish teammate. Pierce however has shown that he is a very selfish player and hopefully being on a winning team would change that. Pierce no doubt would provide them an excellent second scorer but I foresee clashes happening between him and LeBron over who takes the final shots and dominates the ball at the end of the game. Big Z is a great player but is nearing the end of his career and has become very stiff and nonexplosive, even more than before. He is nearing that point that Arvydas Sabonis had near the end of his career. Nelson as I mentioned previously was the best point guard on this roster. I think Aleksandar Pavlovic really stepped up his game this year and showed that he does have potential in this league as a solid contributer.
__________________________________________________ ______________

54th Pick overall:Ali Traore
Traore is a nice youngish prospect from France, but with the failures of players like Johan Petro who was a worlds better makes a little nervous about Traore. Traore has an NBA ready body and freakishly long arms although for some reason that hasn't helped him become a great shot blocker or rebounder. He doesn't play with the passion of former countryman Ronny Turiaf. He however is very athletic and has decent skills round the basket. He is a hybrid of Johan Petro and Ronny Turiaf, his upside is decent but he has lots of work to do to become an NBA role player.

France's next star???

Offseason Grade: D+
I'm sorry very harsh but I will explain myself. While their actual offseason moves should garner around a C to C+ I think this offseason is a horrible failure because I think they didn't do enough to convince LeBron to re-sign in 07. Pierce is more or less of a helper than sidekick and LeBron needs a dominant bigman something the Cavs have been unable to do and have even downgraded their frontcourt. I think the biggest loss for the Cavs would be LeBron leaving for Free Agency. This Cavs squad has an awful front court.

04-23-2007, 04:08 PM
Next 2:

Orlando Magic

Final Roster

PG Chauncey Billups / Steve Blake / Daniel Gibson/JR Reynolds
SG Larry Hughes / Alando Tucker / JJ Redick
SF Trevor Ariza / Hedo Turkoglu
PF Chris Webber / Darko Milicic / Danny Fortson
C Dwight Howard / Fran Vazquez(Uh Huh) / Dikembe Mutombo/Darryl Watkins
6th man Hedo Turkoglu

* Drafted and kept in Europe - Ante Tomic
Head Coach Billy Donovan(Uh Huh)
From D-Unit Himself:
"The Las Vegas Magic have been very pleased with their offseason moves. Their approach has been very aggressive, strategic and careful. Aggressive in FA, strategic in trades and careful in trying not to make a move that could hold potentially hold long term regret. In the end, we are very happy with the make up of this team and strongly believe that we have a team that can co-exist and play at a high level. We are pleased with the combination of hopeful youth and veteran leadership at every position. Our young players do not need to be rushed in, but we feel they can have an important role off the bench as they learn to develop their pro games. We also feel that the addition of Coach Donovan and the move to Las Vegas are also big pluses for the future of the team and organization."

My Analysis

Free Agency Recap: Chauncey Billups 6 Years/70 Million, Chris Webber 3 Years/9.3 Million, Steve Blake 3 Years 7.5 Million, Danny Fortson 3 Years/3.3 Million, Dikembe Mutumbo 2 Years/2.2 Million, JR Reynolds 1 year minimum, Darryl Watkins 1 Year minimum, Fran Vasquez comes back from his vacation in Europe.
Analysis:Obviously Chauncey Billups was the the biggest and major signing of this terrific Free Agent class for the Magic. Chauncey Billups is one of the best PG's in the NBA and is one of the most clutch too. Mr. Big Shots brings with him a championship mentality and an allstar game. When the game is on the line he has no conscience and does not fear taking big shots. He still has a good 5 years left in him, and getting a player like him on your roster makes you an automatic championship contender. I don't need to say much more about Billups because we all know it, but he was the most prized free agent of the free agency period and his addition shifts the power in the Eastern Conference. After struggling with PG's this year such as Jameer Nelson and Carlos Arroyo, getting a player of Billups ability and consistency is one that Magic fans must be so great full for. In the Chris Webber signing the Magic once again steal a major contributer from the Pistons. Webber while near the end of his career, as I already thought it was over 6 months, has been rejuvenated and has proved he can still bring a lot to the table. His veteran leadership will help Dwight Howard grow even more and he himself is still capable of providing some quality minutes. Steve Blake was another tremendous pickup and would be one of the top PG's in the NBA. Stevie is always consistent and reliable as a ballhandler and passer. He however does at times have a sickness in that if he makes one 3 pointer he thinks he's Juan Dixon and will persist to jack up shots, but he will be kept in place. He has already proved in game one of the NBA Playoffs to be an important asset to a team, not only starting but performing well for the Denver Nuggets. Danny Fortson is a madman, and will provide depth and toughness in the frontcourt. Put him in to take out the opposing teams best player and he is well worth the price tag. He is not afraid to foul, every team needs a Danny Fortson. Dikembe is the oldest player in the league I believe other than Kevin Willis but he doesn't get playing time, but Mutumbo can still block shots in a limited role. More importantly being one of the greatest bigmen especially defensively he will be able to give Dwight Howard pointers on maximizing his potential. Mutumbo is a humanitarian and the Magic fans will be lucky to have him for his final years in the league. JR Reynolds who D wants as a PG is a player who will dominate the D-League but his pro potential is not as great. Reynolds is a 2 guard in a point guards body but he is a tremendous scorer. Inside-outside very few guards in college basketball this past year were able to score like Reynolds. I like his teammate Sean Singletary slightly more because of his consistency unlike Reynolds who disappeared in many games, but Reynolds is the type of hard worker who has the work ethic to become a solid contributer in the NBA. He is definitely worth giving a shot. Darryl Watkins is a player who with D-League seasoning has potential to be a great defensive stopper, offensively however don't expect him to ever make much of an impact in that category, he is very limited on offense outside of putbacks. Fran Vasquez obviously is a "fantasy" move but he sure did pull a job on the Magic. Like many other Spanish players as in Spanish tradition you are not supposed to leave the country and girlfriends hold all the power Vasquez really fooled the Magic. Watching him in Euro play this past year he has not impressed me much at all. He lacks any serious range, and appears to have gotten slower from the time of his draft workouts. I'd like the Magic fans to ponder for a little who they could have had instead of him.
Mr. Big Shots hopes to bring "better basketball" to Orlando. (It's a joke)

Magic get:
SG Larry Hughes
PG Daniel Gibson

Cavs get:
54th pick
Jameer Nelson
Tony Battie
Keith Bogans
Carlos Arroyo
Analysis:I really like this trade for the magic. The 54th pick is not giving up much as it's basically an undrafted free agent so that is no big deal. With the acquisition of Chauncey Billups and the signing of Steve Blake Nelson and Arroyo had to go, and no better than to do it all in the same deal. Jameer Nelson is a player who I really love and he's a tough kid, but he has really disappointed this past season and appeared to take steps backwards. He is a score first point guard who has terrible decision making skills. His attitude however would likely be missed, and I am sure Dho and him are great friends, but sometimes you have to cut ties and move on. Carlos Arroyo is the most frustrating player I have ever watched. When you watch him in international you'd think he was Steve Nash but in the NBA he is flat out horrible. He has all the skills to succeed but he doesn't bring that same passion to the NBA that he does in international competition. Tony Battie is a piece of junk, Keith Bogans is a nice defender but nothing much more. Now in what they got Larry Hughes was a great acquisition and gives them a formidable starting SG. Larry is a guy better suited to not take more than 15 shots a game and on this team with Dwight Howard getting more touches and Chauncey taking shots Larry will be relied on as a 3rd scoring option something he thrived on with the Wizards. Larry is also a great defender who will be tops or near the top of the league in steals year in and out. However downsides on him are injuries, taking too many risks in the passing lanes, and very inconsistent shooting. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Daniel Gibson is a tremendous young talent who will flourish under the tutelage of Chauncey Billups. He may kind of be too much of a shoot first PG but no one better to teach him how to fix that than Chauncey Billups who was at one time receiving the same criticisms.
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39th Pick Alando Tucker
Although I am often quoted as not being the biggest Alando Tucker fan, that is a response to those who are calling him a top 20 pick, but to get him at pick #39 was flat out thievery. He is a late first rounder lock. Tucker is a player who was bigtime in college and really exploded his senior year despite poor showing towards the end of the season. He is a scorer not a shooter. He can drive to the hoop, as a good midrange game, and has the ability to hit from the outside albeit inconsistent at times. He can post up his man and his surprisingly tough around the basket for his slight appearance. With some conditioning to work on some speed increase, and some added muscle mass, Alando Tucker can be a good player in the league and was a real steal at the 39th pick in the draft.

45th Pick Ante Tomic
Ante Tomic was another steal at pick #45 and is a guy who had he declared for next season could possibly garner a lottery spot with solid predraft camps. He is extremely tall and long at 7-2 and has long arms to block shots. He is highly athletic and can run the floor well. He also is a very skilled bigman with a great shot as he can stretch out a defense. On the negative side he needs lots of lots of weight to be an impact player, so Iím not so sure playing the D-league and being around the Magic facility wonít be better for him than spending more time overseas where he has already been impressive. Reminds a little bit of another young man from a few years ago Martynas Adriuskevicous(who cares how you spell his name)

Hoping to follow the footsteps of former badger, Michael Finley

Offseason Grade: A
I rank it at the slightest bellow the Bobcats offseason based on where the Bobcats where, but this was definitely one of the top 3 best jobs in this forum mock. They went from 6-8 seed in the east to top 3 seed and likely favorite to win the Eastern conference title. I mean this team is amazingly deep when you look at it. At point guard they have an allstar in Chauncey Billups, a top tier backup in Steve Blake, and the point guard of the future in Daniel Gibson. At SG they have an above average SG in Larry Hughes, a young scorer in Alando Tucker and a player who can only shoot and sucks in JJ Redick. At SF they have a player who was highly impressive this year and ready to bust out next season in the freak athlete Trevor Ariza, and a likely candidate next season for 6th man of the year in Hidayet Turkoglu who can put up points fast. At PF they have the newborn Chris Webber, the ever improving Darko, and that badass mofo Danny Fortson. At Center they have the next dominant big man in our era in Dwight Howard, backed by crap Vasques, the rejector Dikembe Mutumbo and rookie Darryl Watkins. All in all this is the most impressive eastern conference squad I have seen so far other than the Hawks.

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Detroit Pistons

Final Roster:

Starting Lineup
C: Jamaal Magloire | PF: Rasheed Wallace | SF: Tayshaun Prince
SG: Richard Hamilton | PG: Jamaal Tinsley

C: Sean Williams | Calvin Booth
PF: Antonio McDyess | Jason Maxiell
SF: Carlos Delfino | Amir Johnson*
SG: Derrick Byars | Morris Almond
PG: Flip Murray | Lindsey Hunter | Will Blalock* | Sun Yue**

* - NBDL
** - Overseas
Written by Team GM, LionsWMD:
"Well.. the offseason started off on a bad note by losing Chauncey Billups. Rather than go crazy and break up the team for a Star PG, I think I did a solid enough job finding his replacement, in veteran Jamaal Tinsley. I wasn't really impressed with any of the PG's in the draft enough to where I needed to invest a high pick in one. Adding a young PG would've also set the team back a few years. Next on the list: Replace Chris Webber. Which I did by offering the MLE to Jamaal Magloire. Not only do I feel like they're good replacements.. but I feel adding two Jamaal's to the team will keep us in Title Contention for years to come. They're both hard workers and fit the Detroit Pistons mold very well. Our last Free Agent signing was Center Calvin Booth, who adds veteran depth to the Center position, which I felt was an important piece to the puzzle.

As far as the draft goes, all I wanted to do was beef up the bench, add some youth to the team, while adding NBA Ready players. Derrick Byars will be our primary backup SG and will also see time at SF. Morris Almond will split time with Derrick Byars at the SG position. Sean Williams was one guy I had my eye on. I was going to pick him at the end of Round 1, but I received a trade offer and wound up with a late Round 1 and an early Round 2, which I spent on Almond and Sean Williams respectively. I love Williams' ability, he just needs to get his head together. Being on a team like the Pistons should only bring out the best in him.. With our last pick, we drafted the versatile Sun Yue, who we're going to keep overseas in China. I'm keeping Will Blalock in the NBDL, as well as Amir Johnson so he can get more seasoning. I believe he's going to be a very good player in the near future.

All in all, I think my offseason was a success. I filled holes nicely and added to the bench. It might be tough to find Playing Time for everyone, but I think everything will figure itself out."

My Analysis:

Free Agency Recap:Jamaal Magloire 4 Years/24 Million, Calvin Booth 1 year minimum.
Analysis:Not too much activity for the Pistons in Free Agency but they did add depth and bolstered their frontline in Free Agency although they didn't really add any youth. Magloire is a player who's career has been derailed by injuries and unfavorable situations. Just years ago he was an allstar and one of the best PF/Centers in the Eastern conference. This year he struggled having to play behind a immensely depth and youth invested front court. While his glory days are likely behind him, he is still capable of rebounding, blocking shots, and using a pretty good array of offensive moves. This was definitely a solid signing, and you can only expect him to be better on a team like the Pistons. The biggest story of the Pistons offseason would have to be the loss of Chauncey Billups in Free Agency to the Magic. It was something they had to see coming and with the loss of Chauncey Billups one bust believe that it is the starting piece of the crumble of the mighty Pistons of the Eastern Conference. Although they still have Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, among others you can't expect the Pistons to be title contenders any more after losing their floor general and clutch time player. Calvin Booth would likely serve as a 10th-12th man on the bench and provide few minutes during the season. Beside being absolutely hideous he does possess a very underrated outside shot that he is capable of knocking down, but don't expect much from him.
Pictured left, Calvin Booth. His reign as most hideous NBA Player is likely to crumble next year with newcomer Joakim Noah challenging him for the title.

Indiana Pacers Receive:
C:: Nazr Mohammed

Detroit Pistons Receive:
PG:: Jamaal Tinsley
Analysis:I think this was a very trade on both sides and with the loss of Chauncey Billups acquiring a veteran point guard was a necessity if they want to remain in the playoffs. Nazr Mohammed is a guy who came in with high expectations to somehow do a decent job at replacing Ben Wallace. Through injuries he was never able to do his job and the Pistons showed that he was not much of an asset for them. With the signing of Jamaal Magloire it signaled the end of Nazr's short run in Detroit, while he is a semi-capable big body he was not a solid contributer to the team. Tinsley will be the Pistons starting Point Guard so in this deal I think that they really came out the favorite. While Tinsley is not a spectacular point guard he is atleast average and steady. He won't wow you but he will get the job done, ala Eric Snow in his 76ers days. Pistons IMO fared better in this deal.
__________________________________________________ _______________
San Antonio Receives:
#26 overall
#56 overall
2008 2nd Rounder

Detroit Receives:
#28 overall
#33 overall
#58 overall
Analysis: A trade consisting only of picks I liked it for Detroit because in such a deep draft they were lucky to pick up these extra picks. Will do analysis on their actual picks next.
__________________________________________________ _______________

#15 overall Derrick Byars
Picking from where they are it is a great pick as I feel that Byars will be a lottery pick, but with Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince and recently losing Chauncey Billups I really wonder why they would skip on Acie Law or Mike Conley Jr. But maybe there is something I don't know about, but in terms of the player they get they are really lucky as I like Byars slightly more than Brandon Roy, maybe a little biased because Byars went to Virginia but he is a hell of a well rounder player. Byars can play the 2 and 3 positions and in limited minutes the 1. He has an NBA ready body and can pass, shoot, and play great defense as well as attack the rim. He has great range and rotation on his 3 point shot, I always said that Byars is the kind of player who will find his way on a championship contending team as teams fear him as he is a player who stayed the dreaded 4 years in college or in his case 5, but if you look at the prospect as a whole Byars is arguable one of the top if not the top shooting guard prospects in this draft, if the draft weren't so top heavy in talent this year, in any other year Byars would be a top 10 pick.

#28 Pick Overall Morris Almond
Again I love the player chosen but I don't understand the team choosing them. I am unsure as to why the Pistons are stacking on wing players but I'm sure they have something in mind, personally if I were the Pistons I would go with the kind of local kid Dominic James to fill in for the hole Chauncey Billups left but obviously they have something in mind maybe a Rip Hamilton trade. Almond is a very underrated player in this draft and had he gone to a bigger school we would be talking about top 15 pick here. Almond is a big time scorer capable of really filling up the stat sheet and more particularly the scoring row. The past 2 years he has been one of the most dangerous scorers in the country. Almond has perfect height and frame for the 2 guard in the NBA, he almost has the prototype 2 guard body that you look for. He can score the ball in just about every way possible. He has great range on his 3 point shot although some have overrated his outside game a bit as he's no Mitch Richmond. He can slash to the hoop and finish with nice athleticism and he works real hard fighting off screens doing his best Rip Hamilton impersonations with a good mid range game. Almond is also an average defender and great rebounder from the 2 guard position, will surprise you with the # of rebounds he gets like a Quentin Richardson. Only thing that worries me about him is that in his college career there were games were he seemed to disappear and not take over games that he should against inferior competition.

#33 Pick Overall Sean Williams
Pistons don't go shooting guard rather shocking. I just love this pick and I look at Sean Williams as a late first rounder, obviously you have to worry about the character concerns but teams will be closely looking at that during the interview processes to feel out what kind of person he really is. First off when you talk about his game you have to talk about his shot blocking, he was an absolute force blocking shots at college and IMO one of the best shot blockers I have ever seen, combine his natural blocking instincts with his rare athleticism for his size and long wingspan and you should expect him to be a top shot blocker from day 1 throughout his career. He will really be a defensive force. With that said I wouldn't call him the next Ben Wallace so soon. Like Wallace he really struggles on the offensive side of the floor, he has no range on his shot and no real post up moves, he does however have a nice little hook shot he developed and he runs the floor amazingly getting constant hustle points. Next thing about him is his "tweener" status. He is 6 10" so a power forward's body playing center and his body isn't well developed. He is not a very good rebounder at all. All of his rebounds are based off of athleticism and he is constantly boxed out as he doesn't understand how to rebound. He seems like one of those players who got by and dominated the glass in high school because of his athleticism but in college he was a rather ineffective rebounder. It is yet to be seen if he will be a starter in this league or a sparkplug defender off the bench, but nonetheless a very very good pick in the 2nd round.

#56 pick overall Sun Yue
This was a terrific value pick and the type of project/risk pick a team should make in the 2nd round of the draft. Yue really impressed me in the world championships and the Chinese championships much more than fellow countryman and much more touted Cheng Jiangua. Yue has amazing height and skill set at 6-9" but although listed by the Pistons at PG that is likely not to be his position in the NBA. He is a big guard who is capable of passing but not running a team. He has a very high dribble and doesn't have the speed to go around the defender. He is extremely slight and far too skinny to make any sort of immediate impact any time soon. But if he is able to add 15-20 pounds he will be a very intriguing player as he posses an above average outside game, and can slash to the hoop pair that with his great height and passing abilities for his size and we could be looking at something special.

From UVA, to Vandy, and now to Motown Derrick Byars attempts to make an impact on a guard loaded Pistons squad.

Offseason Grade: C+
This was a very interesting offseason for the Detroit Pistons. After losing Chauncey Billups the Pistons were put in quite a situation. But through the draft they were able to replenish some of that scoring and pick up a heady vet like Jamal Tinsley. But there avoiding a PG in the draft and taking so many 2-3 wings with already many on board really puzzled me. But at the end of the day they still have a solid roster for the Eastern Conference.

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