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504 to ATL
04-23-2007, 02:32 AM
So the combine was disrupted by formals/proms but was successful none the less.

And DeAndre Brown is just a complete Beast, and dont use the word loosely, he is a freak.

6'6.5" 220 and 4.53 forty. Which ever school lands him is in for a treat.

Right now he has LSU at the top, probably wont go to Bama because of Julio Jones.

Living in NO and near the gulf I have heard about a few of these guys, but some of thes guys just blew up today.

Ted Holley was nearly shut down at corner, played darn well against DeAndre. One or two other very talented corners, but the receiver crop was just much better.

Laron Byrd, and Jhyrn Taylor were said to be very impressive. Taylor well coached and Byrd huge potential but raw.

Everyone has heard about Alonzo Landry, but apparently one running back clocked in with a blazing time of 4.29 forty.

I really dont know much of any of the other player, only those LSU is going after. So if you have a scoop from your message boards let us know.