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04-26-2007, 02:36 PM

1. Oakland Calvin Johnson WR
2. Detroit Jamarcus Russell QB
3. Cleveland Adrian Peterson RB
4. Tampa Bay Gaines Adams DE
5. Arizona Joe Thomas OT
6. Washington Amobi Okoye DT
7. Minnesota Brady Quinn QB
8. Atlanta Leron Landry S
9. Miami Jamaal Anderson DE
10. Houston Levi Brown OT
11. San Francisco Patrick Willis ILB
12. Buffalo Marshawn Lynch RB
13. St. Louis Alan Branch DT
14. Carolina Greg Olsen TE
15. Pittsburgh Leon Hall CB
16. Green Bay Dwayne Bowe WR
17. Jacksonville John Beason OLB
18. Cincinnati Chris Houston CB
19. Tennessee Ted Ginn Jr WR
20. New York Giants Darrell Revis CB
21. Denver Adam Carriker DE
22. San Francisco #(f/ dal) Robert Meacham WR
23. Kansas City Joe Staley OT
24. New England - Michael Griffen S
25. New York Jets Jarvis Moss DE
26. Philadelphia Aaron Ross CB
27. New Orleans Paul Posluszny OLB
28. New England David Harris ILB
29. Baltimore Ryan Kalil C
30. San Diego Brandon Meriweather S
31. Chicago Lawrence Timmons OLB
32. Indianapolis Justin Harrell DT

#San Francisco Trades # 42, 76 and 104 to Dallas for 22


2-1-33 Oakland Trent Edwards QB
2-2-34 Detroit Tony Ugoh OT
2-3-35 Tampa Bay Ray McDonald DT
2-4-36 Cleveland Marcus McCauley CB
2-5-37 Chicago Benn Grubbs OG
2-6-38 Arizona Tim Crowder DE
2-7-39 Atlanta Dwayne Jarrett WR
2-8-40 Miami Arron Sears OT
2-9-41 Minnesota Anthony Gonzalas WR
2-10-42 Dallas (f/ SF) Anthony Spencer DE
2-11-43 Buffalo Brandon Siler ILB
2-12-44 Atlanta Quenten Moses DE
2-13-45 Carolina Tanard Jackson CB
2-14-46 Pittsburgh Justin Blaylock OG
2-15-47 Green Bay Antonio Pitman RB
2-16-48 Jacksonville Charles Johnson DE
2-17-49 Cincinnati Ray McDonald DT
2-18-50 Tennessee Eric Wright CB
2-19-51 New York Giants Justin Durrant OLB
2-20-52 St. Louis Eric Weddle S
2-21-53 Dallas Sidney Rice WR
2-22-54 Kansas City Craig Davis WR
2-23-55 Seattle Josh Beekman OG
2-24-56 Denver Buster Davis ILB
2-25-57 Philadelphia Brian Leonard FB
2-26-58 New Orleans Zack Miller TE
2-27-59 New York Jets Kevin Kolb QB
2-28-60 Miami Jason Hill WR
2-29-61 Baltimore Stewart Bradley OLB
2-30-62 San Diego Steve Smith WR
2-31-63 N.Y. Jets - Kenny Irons RB
2-32-64 Tampa Bay Arron Rouse S


3-1-65 Oakland James Martin OT
3-2-66 Detroit Marshal Yanda OG
3-3-67 Cleveland John Beck QB
3-4-68 Tampa Bay Rufus Alexander OLB
3-5-69 Arizona Quinn Pitcock DT
3-6-70 Denver Demarcus Tyler DT
3-7-71 Miami Josh Wilson CB
3-8-72 Minnesota Ryan Harris OT
3-9-73 Houston - Sabby Piscitelli S
3-10-74 Buffalo Daymeion Houghes CB
3-11-75 Atlanta Michael Bush RB
3-12-76 Dallas (f/ SF) Doug Free OT
3-13-77 Pittsburgh Samson Satele C
3-14-78 Green Bay Ben Patrick TE
3-15-79 Jacksonville Troy Smith QB
3-16- Cincinnati Exercised in Supplemental Draft (3b)
3-17-80 Tennessee Tony Hunt RB
3-18-81 New York Giants Ryan McBean DT
3-19-82 St. Louis Fred Bennett CB
3-20-83 Carolina HB Blades ILB
3-21-84 Kansas City David Irons CB
3-22-85 Seattle Marcus Thomas DT
3-23-86 Denver Allen Barbre OT
3-24-87 Dallas Ikaika Alama Francis DE
3-25-88 New Orleans Aundrae Allison WR
3-26-89 New York Jets Michael Coe CB
3-27-90 Philadelphia Dan Bazuin DE
3-28-91 New England Kenny Scott CB
3-29-92 Buffalo Jacoby Jones WR
3-30-93 San Diego Manuel Ramirez OG
3-31-94 Chicago Quincy Black OLB
3-32-95 Indianapolis Marcus Thomas DT
3 33-96* San Diego Johnie Lee Higgens WR
3 34-97* San Francisco Paul Soliai NT
3 35-98* Indianapolis Courtney Taylor WR
3 36-99* Oakland Doug Datish C

04-26-2007, 02:38 PM
Not the worst eagles draft I've seen by any means.

04-26-2007, 02:51 PM
believe it or not, I would not mind Dwayne Bowe in the first round for Green Bay BUT not a fan of the Antonio Pittman. I'd much rather see Kenny Irons.

04-26-2007, 03:01 PM
Pretty good Pats draft..

04-26-2007, 03:17 PM
pretty good fins draft

04-26-2007, 03:20 PM
uhh thats a no for the lions

04-26-2007, 03:33 PM

Round 1) Harrell

Round 2) Steve Smith

Round 3) Manuel Ramirez

04-26-2007, 03:37 PM
Dont really like the lions picks, we have addressed the O-line in FA, and i dont think there is any chance we will draft JR.

04-26-2007, 03:47 PM
aundre allison/jacoby jones or manny ramirez in the 3rd for the giants and its a fabulous draft

04-26-2007, 04:17 PM
The only pick I like for the Eagles is the second round one. In the first, I think we would be looking at a LB or Safety still. Poz, Timmons and Meriweather are still available, and either could be the pick. For the purpose of this scenario, I will say we go with Meriweather in the first round. As I said, the second round is a great pick. The third round should be changed to Anthony Waters if you ask me. This whole draft could use an upgrade if you ask me.

04-26-2007, 05:32 PM
like that trade