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04-26-2007, 06:02 PM
vote for the team that you think would win this game


Offense: mine is a two running back sceme for offense.(Mike Hart most of the time and Ian Johnson on the Goal line). A Pro-Set Formation with a balence of run and pass

Defense: a 3-4 Defense also with Woodson as nickle and sometimes a 3-3-5 formation on 3rd downs

QB Brain Brohm/QB (Louisville)
RB Mike Hart/RB (Michigan)
RB Ian Johsnon/RB (Bosie State)
WR Earl Bennett/WR (Vanderbilt)
WR Jarrett Dillard/WR (Rice)
TE Craig Stevens/TE (California)
OT Jake Long/OT (Michigan)
OG George Robinson/OG (Oklahoma)
OC Adam Spieker/C (Missouri)
OG Drew Miller/OG (Florida)
OT Jared Gaither/OT (Maryland)

Extra Players
OL Michael Oher/OT (Ole Miss)
WR Patrick Turner/WR (USC)

DE Quentin Groves/DE (Auburn)
DT Frank Okam/DT (Texas)
DE Tommy Blake/DE (TCU)
OLB Keith Rivers/LB (USC)
ILB James Laurinaitis/LB (Ohio State)
ILB Philip Wheeler/LB (Georgia Tech)
OLB Jordon Dizon/LB (Colorado)
CB J.R Bryant/CB (Florida State)
CB Vontae Davis/CB (Illinois)
FS Josh Barrett/S (Arizona State)
SS Marty Tadman/S (Boise State)

CB Ambrose Wooden/CB (Notre Dame)
DT Jeff Owens/DT (Georgia)


Offense: Dominant passing attack.Alot of shotgun formations with 4 WR set(some including no back/some with 1 back).Short yardage drops to two WR/1 TE/RB and FB.There will be bits of west coast offense including RB screens or quick passes to the speedy receivers.Alot of WR screens to Desean Jackson and Davone Bess.3 WR formaiton will have James Hardy and Adrian Arrington with Desean Jackson in the slot.4 WR sets with have the speedsters Jackson/Bess in the slot with Hardy and Arrington outside.Deep go routes for the otuside and crossing patterns for the slot receivers.Offense is designed to put up atleast 40-50 points a game.

Defense: Classic 4-3.They will play a bend but dont break style defense.Will allow small plays and underneath because secondary are reliable tacklers and an athletic linebacking core.They will thrive on slowing the offense down and make them struggle to score 20 points a game while our offense can light up the boards.Shawn Crable and Brian Toal can switch out at LB depending on downs/stamina (Since Toal is also our FB).Our secondary has alot of playmakers and will look to get 2-3 turnovers atleast a game.

QB-Chad Henne(Michigan)
RB-PJ Hill(Wisconsin)
RB-Yvenson Bernard(Oregon St.)(RB for passing sets)
FB-Brian Toal(Boston College)
WR-Desean Jackson(California)
WR-James Hardy(Indiana)
WR-Davone Bess(Hawaii)
WR-Adrian Arrington(Michigan)
TE-Martin Rucker(Missouri)
OT-Max Unger(Oregon)
OG-Jeremy Perry(Oregon St.)
C-Steve Justice(Wake Forest)
OG-Adam Kraus(Michigan)
OT-Gosder Cherilus(Boston College)

DE-Kenny Iwebema(Iowa)
DT-Sedrick Ellis(Southern Cal)
DT-BJ Raji(Boston College)
DE-Louis Holmes(Arizona)
OLB-Sean Lee(Penn St.)
ILB-Rey Maualuga(Southern Cal)
OLB-Shawn Crable(Michigan)
OLB-Brian Toal(Boston College)
CB-Antoine Cason(Arizona)
CB-Malcolm Jenkins(Ohio St.)
CB-Dejuan Tribble(Boston College) (Nickel Corner)
FS-Jonathan Hefney(Tennessee)
SS-Kenny Phillips(Miami)

04-26-2007, 06:04 PM
Poll? Dragons defense is crazy good.

04-26-2007, 06:05 PM
it should be up, i can see it

poll is open for 2 days

04-26-2007, 06:06 PM
I got it, didn't show up the 1st time.

04-27-2007, 11:21 AM
bump, keep voting

04-27-2007, 06:47 PM
free rep to anyone who votes, just say that you did and why

04-29-2007, 12:17 AM
a close one but DM wins

DM (1-0)
KCJ58 (0-1)