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04-27-2007, 05:14 PM
I have been looking at all of everyone's picks over the past few weeks, and lambasting most of you. Now it is your turn to return the favor. This is my first mock, and most likely my only one that will go into as much detail as this one. I was as unbiased as possible, so I hope everyone is happy with their picks. There are no trades, though I know there will be some on draft day. I will do one with trades later. Please tell me why the pick is bad, and give an alternate solution, don't just say good or bad please. Enjoy.

Round 1.

1. Oakland Raiders-JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU. Al Davis loves the physical specimens and has two to choose from in Russell and Calvin Johnson. Russell is 6'6" and 265 lbs, the definition of a specimen at QB. Many of the Raider fans are pining over CJ, but WR is not as big of a need as QB right now. The Raiders have lots of needs, mainly on the offensive side of the ball. O-line is a big need for the Raiders, but Mr. Davis will surely pick Russell over any of the linemen. Russell would come in and fill the hole that is the Raiders QB situation. Russell will be able to provide the Raiders with the kind of offense that Al Davis loves, one with excitement and explosiveness. Russell can throw a ball 65 yards from his knee, which is just as much as a lot of QBs throw with one or two steps behind them. He will step in and automatically have the strongest arm of any NFL QB. Many compare him to Daunte Culpepper, and his stature is very similar, but Russell style of play and mentalility are very similar to that of Donovan McNabb, though Russell is more accurate. Russell is elusive enough to break free and scramble if and when the O-line makes a mistake or get beaten on a play. Russell has the most upside of any of the top 5 prospects by far, and if coaches properly, could fulfill many expectations for the Raiders.

2. Detroit Lions-Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson. There are a lot of needs for the Lions as well, and DE is one of the major ones. Help could be used at the O-line and a future QB, as well as LB and CB, and RB to a smaller extent. The Lions pick Gaines Adams to go along with their first round pick last year, Ernie Sims. With the addition of Adams and a few good picks, the Lions may have a very good defense in the future. Some people are suggesting the Lions select CJ, but I don't think Matt Millen dare draft anothe rfirst round WR, or all of the state of Michigan may very welljump into their nearest Great Lake with their armas and legs tied up.

3. Cleveland Browns-Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame. Cleveland has plenty of offnesive weapons, and an offensive line that would be dominant if it were abel to stay healthy. All they need is someone to direct their offense. Quinn is climbing back up draft boards once again, and will be the local kid that will become the face of the Browns organization for the next 15 years or so. I wass tempted to give the Browns Adrian Peterson, because the Roeo Crennel and his coaching staff need to win now to save their jobs, and Peterson would do that. But Quinn is too good to pass up for the Browns, and they get the peice that will make their offense dangerous in the future.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech. It is amazing how the best player in the draft, and arguably the best prospect in 5 or ten years, could go #4, but none of thetop three teams have needs big enough to draft him, or other needs are bigger than WR. Personally, I would rather CJ have gone to an AFC team, so the Eagles wouldn't have to face him as much, but I can't always get what I want. Johnson will go on to be the best WR in the NFL in two or three years.

5. Arizona Cardinals-Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin. The Cards may just set a record for the fastest pick ever in the draft if Joe Thomas is still available when they pick. He is the consensus #1 offensive linemen in this draft, and is exactly what they need. Offensive line is one thing that held them back last year, and they have plenty of tools for Matt Leinart to work with. There are defensive needs, but they pale in comparison to the need at OT. With Edgerrin James, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Leonard Pope all targets of Leinart, if an offensive line can get put together, the Cardinals may have a top 5 offense next year. Thomas is the perfect blind side Tackle, do he will be the RT for the Cardinals since Leinart is left handed. He will anchor offensive lines for 10-15 years in the NFL.

6. Washington Redskins-Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas. If they still have this pick come draft day, Anderson has to be in the front-running to be picked here. The Skins have needs at the D-line, safety, O-line, and LB, to an extent. But the guys most likely to be picked here are Anderson, Amobi Okoye, and Laron Landry. There are multiple holes at the D-line, so I will rule out Landry, because safeties can always be had later in the draft. Last years' late round pick in Golston played well while starting for the Skins, and has good potential. Anderson is the best pass rusher out of himself and Okoye, and the Skins have been in dire need of a pass rush. This is one guy I will not be happy facing twice a year when the Eagles play the Redsins.

7. Minnesota Vikings-Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma. This was a tough pick for me. I had safety as a possibilty with Laron Landry, but the Vikes brought in Mike Doss to lessen the need at that position. Peterson is a steal here, and the Vikes will have a dangerous combination at RB with Peterson in the mix as well. He is a bruising RB with the capability to make catches out of the backfield. There are many people that suggest the Vikings would pick Quinn if he fell here, but I don't buy it. Tarvaris Jackson is still young and should be given time to develop. I think with time he could be a successful NFL QB. There are needs at LB and CB, but i don't beleive there are any players at those position that would warrant a pick there. That goes for WR as well.

8. Atlanta Falcons-Laron Landry, S, LSU. Next to DeAngelo Hall, the Falcons have very little to choose from when it comes to their secondary. Lawyer Milloy is aging, and safety is a need anyway. Help is needed at both of the lines for the Falcons, but Landry is a better prospect than either of the guys available here. WR is a minmal need, but there are none worth the eighth overall pick. I wouldn't rule out Okoye if he is available, since he is graduating from new head coach's school of Louisville, and fills a very big need for the Falcons. But Landry is too good to pass up, with the pass play of Ed Reed, and the run coverage of Brian Dawkins. Landry will develop into a perennial Pro-Bowler for the Falcons, and will be able to learn a lot with Hall's help.

9. Miami Dolphins-Levi Brown, OT, Penn State. The Fins would have loved if Guinn were to fall here, but it just didn't happen. WR is another mahor need for them, but using a pick here on one would be considererd quite a reach. CB is a need as well as the rest of the secondary, but Levi Brown is jsut what the Dolphins need. He is capable of playing either Tackle position, and would play well at either. He plays mean, but smart, and is a big guy that the Fins would need on their aging offensive line. Brown will move in and play Tackle for the Dolphins for the next 10-15 years, and will be a great player to help the Dolphins offense.

10. Houston Texans-Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville. With off-season acquisitions of Ahman Green and Matt Schaub, the biggest needs for the Texans are on the two lines. The top offensive line prospects are gone, so Okoye will be the guy that steps in for the Texans. Okoye is a well-sized DT, and able to get larger. We all now about his age and the rest, but the fact is this kid is a great football player. He brings top-notch intangibles and high motor. He is capable of playing both the run and the pass very well. I con't wait to watch him play in the NFL. He is one of my favorite players this year. Peyton Manning better stay alert in the pocket, because the Texans would have two great pass-rushers who can get the QB.

11. San Francisco 49ers-Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska. The Niners are a step away from being a playoff team, and a good draft would go a long way to making that a reality. There are needs on the defensive side of the bal, and at WR. But with no WRs being worthy of this pick, the Niners take the best all-around DE in Adam Carriker. He is stout against both the run and the pass, and will be a great DE in their 3-4 defense. He has the capabiltiy of becoming a Richard Seymour-esque player, and will be a defensive leader for the 49ers for years to come. This is a player that would go a long way to getting them to their playoff goals.

12. Buffalo Bills-Patrick Willis, MLB, Ole Miss. This off-season, the Bills got younger on both defense, getting rid of some of their better players. With the losses of Fletcher-Baker and Spikes, LB is a big need for the Bills, along with CB and RB. Marshawn Lynch is a possible pick, but he is a bit of a stretch, and I don't think the Bills pick him unless Willis is gone. CB is a need, but this is a deep CB class, and one can be had in the second round. Willis is a great prospect at MLB who has the speed to play all of the downs. He is a hard-nosed player and one with high character. He will be a great LB for years to come for the Bills.

13. St. Louis Rams-Alan Branch, DT, Michigan. DT has been a big need for the Rams for a while now, and Branch will fill the hole. There are recent rumors about Robert Meachem as a possible pick here, but I see the Rams going with Branch. LB is alson a need for the Rams, but after Willis, there really is very little that should go in this range. Branch will bring bulk and run-stopping ability to this team, which is especially needed now that they are up against RBs like the Edge, Gore, and Alexander twice a year each.

14. Carolina Panthers-Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL). This is a very talented team that underacheived last year. There are needs at LB for the Panthers, but Willis is gone and there is no LB worth their pick here. Olsen is a pass threat and a half and would give Delhomme a safety valve to throw to if the WRs can't get open. Delhomme has come under criticism lately, but a good TE will always help a QB out. I think Mangum, is still their starting TE (I may be wrong) and Olsen is certainly a boost over him.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers-Darrelle Revis, CB, Pitt. This was another very difficult pick for me. They need a rush OLB if they are going to stick with the 3-4. I haven't heard any news if they are switching to a 4-3 or not, so I will assume it has staued at a 3-4. There are no LB that are worth this pick, but Jarvis Moss could be a possible solution. He is very raw though, and Revis is a safer prospect. He has just recently climbed up to the #1 CB slot, and would fit the Steelers well. The Steelers had poor play out of their secondary, except for Polamalu, and Revis would help that area tremendously.

16. Green Bay Packers-Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal. I know the Packers fan are getting bored of seeing his name here for their pick, but he truly is the best choice. He is a great runner and a threat as a receiver as well. We all know Favre is always in need of more weapons, and Lynch would be a great one. The Packers biggest needs are at RB, TE, and WR. The only viable option at TE is gone, and WR is not as big of a need as RB. They still have Donald Driver and Greg Jennings has shown some promise. Lynch will step in as a rookie and contribute a lot to the Packers offense.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars-Reggie Nelson, S, Florida. Jacksonville is looking for help at many spots on defense, but safety is the biggest. They apparently have been targetting Nelson for some time now and are hopeful he will be around for their pick. Nelson is a poor-man's Ed Reed. He has the playmaking abilties, but doesn't deliver the big hits that Reed is capable of, and Nelson is not as good of a run defender. Nelson has some intelligence concerns, but makes up for it with his hair.

18. Cincinatti Bengals-Leon Hall, CB, Michigan. The Bengals have very little needs on the offensive side of the ball, with the line being the only real need there. The Bengals need the most help at CB, DE, and LB. With their 3-4, Jarvis Moss is a possible pick, but the Bengals would prefer not to have to be a part of shootouts much longer, so they take a CB in Hall. I beleive the Bengals were 31st against the pass last year. I may be wrong about that, but I know they were in the bottom half, so CB is a great pick here. Hall does everything well, but nothing great. He is an all-around CB who is a classic ballplayer. He will do wonders to help this defense.

19. Tennessee Titans-Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee. This was a tough call here, as CB may seem to be a need that is more important than before for the Titans. But Vince Young needs some weapons. Just because he CAN win a game single-handedly, doesn't mean he NEEDS to. If he has some more weapons around him, he could become an even more dominant NFL QB. There are needs at a few other positions as well, but WR is the biggest need for the Titans. They could go with Dwayne Bowe here as well, along with Ginn or Jarrett, but I see this between MEachem and Bowe.

20. New York Giants-Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State. The Giants did some shop-cleaning this off-season, and got rid of two of their OLBs. They did bring in the guy from the Cheifs, but there are questions about whether he can play OLB for the Giants. Poz is a guy I have been enamored with over the past few years, and those of you who think he is not worth a first round pick, need to look at his full body of work. Poz brings so much to the table for the Giants. A smart, instincive LB who has a knack for the ball. Poz may not have the measurables, but he makes up for it in heart, which is something the Giants fans should enjoy. Secondary is also a need for the Giants as well as WR and offensive line, but I beleive the LB corps takes priority over those needs as well. I will look forward to watching him continuing his career in the NFL, though I will not be so happy he is playing the Eagles twice a year.

21. Denver Broncos-Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida. The Broncos have a few needs, mostly on the line and the secondary. Mike Shanahan values the lines more than the secondary, and in this case, it is a good idea. The Broncos have been missing a true threat to sack the QB for some time now, and as we now, Moss is more than capable of sacking a QB. Denver may look into the safety spot, but in the end decide that they can't pass up on this excellent rass rusher. It may take some time for Moss to develop, but once he does, AFC West QBs better keep an eye out for him.

22. Dallas Cowboys-Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU. The Cowboys have a great WR tandem in TO and Glenn, but both are approaching retirement age, and beginning to show some erosion of talents. Safety could be considered a need, vut that has been taken care of earlier this off-season. DE is a need as well, but none are worth this pick here. They are rumored to be looking for Anthony Spencer, but he is a bit of a reach at pick 22. Bowe will give the Cowboys another big receiving threat to help out Tony Romo. Bowe is one player I would not look forward to facing twice a year.

23. Kansas City Cheifs-Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC. He falls a little bit due to the USC WR fright and his forty time, but he is different than most of those other USC WRs and the forty time is overrated anyway. The Cheifs are loking for guys to give their QB another option to throw to besides Anthony Gonzales. I believe this guy will have a solid NFL career. He is just what the Cheifs are hoping for, a WR who is big and physical, (Yes Keyshawn Johnson, I said he is physical) as evidenced by the Daunte Hall trade.

24. New England Patriots-Jon Beason, LB, Miami, (FL). Most say Timmons is the better LB, and I would agree with most of you. But the Pats are rumored to be targetting Beason, and he would be a great fit in their defense. He is quick and a playmaker, which is just what the Pats will need when Bruschi retires. I don't think the Pats are satisfied with their younger LBs, and want some insurance for when their older guys retire. I know they have invested a lot of money at the positon this off-season, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats draft a LB in the later rounds as well.

25. New York Jets-Aaron Ross, CB, Texas. Most have Chris Houston rated ahead of Ross, but I beleive Ross is the better player. Plus, he also has the Mangini versatility factor going for him. Teams could always use a boost to special teams, and Ross would provide that as a returner. Ross won the Award for best defensive back this year over the likes of Nelson and Landry. His tough style of footbal will be loved by Mangini, and Ross gives a big boost to one of the Jets biggest needs at CB.

26. Philadelphia Eagles-Michael Griffin, S, Texas. Two Texas players go consecutively, and Griffin is just what the Eagles need. Heading into the draft, safety is their biggest need by far. Curtis was brought in and will contribute well in our receivier corps, Spikes was brought in and will hopefully be back no his old self. Griffin is also a special teams ace, who holds the record at Texas for the most blocked punts. Griffin will come in and battle for the starting SS role, and will have it permanently once Dawkins retires and Considine moves over to FS.

27. New Orleans Saints-Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas. The secondary play by the Saints is the one thing that held them back last year. They were very succeptible to the deep threat, which is what prevented them from reaching the Superbowl. His physical play will result in receivers being thrown off of their routes , and mess with timing patterns. He is a bit small, but as I said, he is physical. CB is one of the biggest needs for the Saints, along with TE, LB, and DT. I nearly chose Justin Harrell here, but went with Houston instead.

28. New England Patriots-Brandon Meriweather, CB/S, Miami (FL). Safety is arguably the Pats biggest need, and the Pats get another player from The U. Character concerns drop him this far, but I am sure Bellichek, Bruschi, and Harrison could straighten any problems out. This player is a playmaker, adn though a bit undersized, plays like a big guy. He has the coverage skills and the run-stopping ability that Bellichek will love. He also has versatility to play CB, which is another thing Bellichek will like.

29. Baltimore Ravens-Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan. Jonathan Ogden has been a great player for many years for the Ravens, but he can't play forever. He is getting up there in age, and youth is needed to replace him. The offensive line was inconsisitent last year for the Ravens, and I was also thinking about giving them Ben Grubbs, but Staley seemed like a better option to me. Other needs may be at CB or future MLB, but Staley seems like the best choice for the Ravens.

30. San Diego Chargers-Ted Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State. The two biggest need for the Chargers are safety and WR. All of the first round safeties are gone, and most of the WRs are gone. The best player avaiable and the best WR available in Ted Ginn Jr. He falls this far due to his injury, but will be another option for Rivers to throw to bsides Antonio Gates. They have a few young guys at WR that are showing some promise, but with the release of Keenan McCardell, WR is a major need. He will provide a threat in the return game, and will also be a deep threat for Phillip Rivers.

31. Chicago Bears-Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn. There are some needs for the Bears at WR, TE, and O-line, with othe rpossible needs at LB if there is a draft-day trade involving Briggs. Grossman was under some heat this past year for inconsistency, but improving the O-line would go a long way to fixing that. Grubbs is more known for his run-blocking, but isn't a bad pass-blocker either. He is something Grossman would love in front of him.

32. Indianapolis Colts-Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State. DT is a big need along with LB. CB and S are needs that may need to be addressed as well, but not in round one. Jsutin Harrell is really tempting here, but with Booger McFarland still on the team, DT is not as big a need as the hole at LB, which is vacated by Cato June. Timmons is a bit raw, but in time, will show that he too, has great playmaking ability, and will be a great LB for Dony Dungy's defense.

I may do some second and third rounds later.

04-27-2007, 05:16 PM
if shanahan does value line, then give the broncos staley

04-27-2007, 05:21 PM
Good Vikings Pick

04-27-2007, 05:36 PM
beason or timmons over poz for the giants

04-27-2007, 05:56 PM
okay raider pick

04-27-2007, 06:03 PM
Good eagles pick

04-27-2007, 06:15 PM
Great Bears pick.

04-27-2007, 06:22 PM
GREAT Chiefs pick

04-27-2007, 07:11 PM
Love the bUCS PICK

04-27-2007, 07:13 PM
****** value for the Lions!

Yung Flippa
04-27-2007, 08:27 PM
good ravens pick

04-27-2007, 08:53 PM
In my personal opinion, i think the niners will draft willis. They won't go need as much as they'll go BPA. but that's just me...

04-27-2007, 09:03 PM
wooo hooo great pack pick

04-27-2007, 09:12 PM
awsome SF pick

04-27-2007, 09:15 PM
Good cardinals pick, and good overall draft

but i believe that Thomas will be playing LT, Wells was a beast at RT and i hope that Grimm doesnt move him

04-27-2007, 09:35 PM
Not a bad Skins pick, Landry, Okoye, or Anderson are all options.

good overall mock as well.

04-27-2007, 09:52 PM
if shanahan does value line, then give the broncos staley

Staley is a bit of a reach at pick 21 if you ask me. He is a borderline first rounder. I see where you are coming from though.

04-27-2007, 09:59 PM
i chose this sucks i hate you cause i dont like the browns pick

04-27-2007, 10:01 PM
i chose this sucks i hate you cause i dont like the browns pick

I asked that you go by the whole draft, not by one pick. You probably wanted Peterson, am I right? I would pick him there if it were me, but I was trying to be accurate, and Quinn seems like the more likely pick, although Peterson would be the smarter pick.

04-27-2007, 10:37 PM
i chose this sucks i hate you cause i dont like the browns pick

+repped :)

04-27-2007, 10:42 PM
I asked that you go by the whole draft, not by one pick. You probably wanted Peterson, am I right? I would pick him there if it were me, but I was trying to be accurate, and Quinn seems like the more likely pick, although Peterson would be the smarter pick.

No the browns get calvin johnson.

The eagles also need a recieve i would have liked to see ted ginn jr go there.

just my opinion though GO EAGLES:D

04-27-2007, 10:46 PM
No the browns get calvin johnson.

The eagles also need a recieve i would have liked to see ted ginn jr go there.

just my opinion though GO EAGLES:D
i would love to see us get ginn also, either that or trade maybe like mcnabb or something and our pick i guess and get calvin jhonson. think about it the raidsers need a qb like mcnabb to step in and we have enough depth at qb without mcnabb dn wed bring in calvin jonson

04-27-2007, 11:24 PM
This is also how I see the first few picks ending up. Possible that Landry is nabbed by Washington though.

04-28-2007, 08:36 AM
i would love to see us get ginn also, either that or trade maybe like mcnabb or something and our pick i guess and get calvin jhonson. think about it the raidsers need a qb like mcnabb to step in and we have enough depth at qb without mcnabb dn wed bring in calvin jonson

Step away from the Madden. The Eagles do not need receivers, especially in the first round.

04-28-2007, 08:37 AM
This is also how I see the first few picks ending up. Possible that Landry is nabbed by Washington though.

I saw that as a possibility, but there are just too many needs on the Skins' D-line.