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01-23-2007, 03:32 PM

nobodyinparticular aka NIP
Nobodyinparticular, the forums most beloved Raider fan, and one of NFLDC's most respected users. "NIP" joined in February of 2005 and has been one of the forums most active users, one of the few who has passed the 10,000 post milestone. NIP always taught the forum's members about the Raider ways and their philosophies and shared his opinion with other Raider fans in the forum. Not only did he know of the Raiders, but he had profound knowledge of the NFL aswell. While he had a great football mind, his intelligence, humor and ability to describe his stories must not be overlooked. He participated in very many conversations and discussions not related to the NFL, and often brought humor to NFLDC's users. NIP will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

05-04-2007, 06:59 PM
Scott runs the site but Ward basically runs the NFLDC forums! A long-time poster, mod and admin, nobody has done more to improve on and advance the forums than Ward. Bringing everything from serious football discussion, discipline and levity to the table, Ward is one of the most well-rounded posters out there and his induction was long overdue. Ward is the pulse of these forums and as he goes so do the boards.
Ward. Where to start. Ward is single handedly responsible for developing the culture of NFLDC. His influence on this forum may not be easily recognizable to all, but his ideas, suggestions and foresight cannot be overlooked. He's a guy that will put his words into action. He operates with the benefit and goodness of NFLDC in mind despite friction from others because he knows what's ultimately best for the forum. He's a stern character that demands respect. He can dish out a one liner that has more impact than what others say in several paragraphs.
He's been the driving force behind the forum organization. He came up with the Moderator Tiers. It was his idea to add more moderators to the forum when there were only 3 at the time. It has only continued to grow since and it has been proven to be an effective forum management system. Much credit deserves to go his way.
He's been the regulator of the new forum and Scott is lucky to have Ward in charge of such a task. As smooth as the transition was, we have to thank Ward for directing the action behind the scenes.
Who will ever forget his falsified death on April Fools? April first will never be the same at NFLDC ever again. HA HA! Those who believed, will never forgive themselves or Ward for pulling such a prank. The fact that so many people cared, shows how much he is respected.
This induction is way overdue. Ward is one of the founding fathers of this forum and does more for the health and well being than perhaps Scott himself. All hail! The Warden.

Concerning newkwhy: Braggadocious. How could a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, FSU football, and a boxing nut not be? I think the people who understand what newkwhy was about were the people that could appreciate him the most. He was one of the most prolific posters of all time (still at the top of the list despite not having been active in months), and is without a doubt on the Mt. Rushmore of Cowboys posters here at NFLDC. newk will be remembered as a braggart, and the perfect example of this is him following through on his outrageous claims and leaving the boards in the manner that he did. Newk was a cynical fan, but a loyal one. He wanted the best for his teams, and wasn't afraid to point out when he saw them going in the wrong direction. He belongs in the Hall of Fame not because he was the most liked guy, but because he without a doubt altered the attitude and atmosphere of the forum in a way that users today still benefit from. This is undeniable.

12-07-2007, 09:44 AM

Concerning 4U2NV, he was the first guy here at the forum who I ever talked to outside of the forum. He was a very cool guy, despite being Canadian. He was one of the top posters for the first few months along with myself, and was originally chosen by Scott to be the first moderator ever. He was vital to the development of the rules that we still use to this day, and kept order in the forum in it's infancy. It was also his idea to use one thread for an entire team discussion, which led to the first ever dedicated team thread in forum history. Most people know it today simply as the Dallas Cowboys thread.


While bearfan51 isn't known for his politically correct statements, or his sympathy for other peoples feelings, he's one of the best and most appreciated posters on this site. He brings great analysis and fun to the board, and he's well respected by not only Bear fans, but a lot of other posters on the NFLDC Forum. He's a die hard Bear fan who lives and breathes his beloved Bears. I'm proud to be speaking on befalf of my fellow Bear brother. We've both been on here a long time and even though we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, we stick together through thick and thin. Why? Because we're die hard Bear fans. We bleed Navy and Orange and we breath the Chicago Bears. While he won't win any popularity points; without him on this board, us Bear fans would feel a great sense of loss and this board would lose one of its greatest posters. So bearfan, congrats brother. You deserve it and the Bear fans on this board our proud to have one of their own as a 1st ballot HOF'er.

Charger Fanatic

All people need to know about Charger Fanatic is that at a forum with a rich history of sig and graphics artists, he was the first. The first. He was a damn good one too. He is without a doubt, the gfx godfather of NFLDC.


Creek has been without a doubt the funniest poster on NFLDC since he began strolling these forums. His one-liners have become famous on NFLDC and without Creek we would have alot less humor around here. Not only is he flat out hilarious, but also knows his football(and basketball) better than almost anyone here. He is an extremely talented writer who knows how to tell a story.


D-Unit...What else to say except this guy is the reason this board is so diverse. I still remember the young D-Unit....I wish the post still existed...but it's been long removed...back in the day D didn't quite understand that thread pages went by # of posts not # of characters...so D typed up about a million word breakdown of the cowboys...random thoughts he had...and about anything that could relate to the topic.

Oh how he has grown. D really came into his own why his arch-nemesis Newkwhy and him battled. D was in love with Parcells and Kwhy was note...to make an extremely long and epic story short....D won the battle in the end when Parcells made the Cowboys a better team and Kwhy went off into the abyss never really to be heard from again. It was a sad departure and a real loss to the cowboys board...and although the debates got heated it never got personal between the two...which just goes to show how professional a guy like D is.

D has evolved this board is so many ways I can't remember them all...I like to compare D to that outgoing birthday mom that loves to keep everything interesting. D started up the first ever NFLDC graphics team...and was one of the best graphics guys on this board back in his day....so of his work today still rivals todays best works...and he did that stuff over 2 years ago. He's created scavenger hunts....forum mocks...and just about everything you could imagine.

If you ever doubt the respect that D has just take a look around his posts...he almost always has a couple minions around with him almost acting as an echo with him...agree'ing with everything he has to say...I've never seen another poster with this problem and this only goes to show the impact D has on some of the users around here.

D is probably now best known for his fantasy participation as it seems just about every draft or game has his named tied into it somehow.

D will always go down as one of my favorites here on the board. And I truly believe that this board wouldn't be what it is today without him here...So Congrats D, and aloha.


ERU was one of the most interesting characters in NFLDC history, at times he was hilarious, very informative, and just a pretty good guy. He had by far the greatest backstory of his username, all in all he was a legend to those who knew him and a myth to others. He was also one of the founders of one of the funniest threads to grace this board. To quote Ward what he brings to the table can't be put on paper.



toonster is widely considered the most knowledgeable poster on NFLDC. Not only does he display a great knowledge of the NFL and the draft, but his knowledge of all sports is top notch. Toonster is one of the most respected poster to ever post on NFLDC and there really hasn’t been anyone who didn’t like toonster. He has been called the human sports encuclopedia, and for good reason. A true legend.


Xio has been a long time member here and he was one of my first buddies on this site. As a fellow Lions and Wolverines fan the two of us have shared the ups and downs (but mostly downs) of our teams over the past few years. He was the third moderator ever appointed by Scott Wright and he was also made Admin for a short time. Even though he no longer holds a position in management, he is still a quality poster and contributor. I am proud to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with this man.

11-20-2008, 09:44 AM

DG is a ginger. He was once fat. He is not anymore


JBond has been arguably one of the most influential posters in the history of Draft Countdown. His rise through the ranks from member to Administrator was a quick, but well deserved. JBond has been very active in the forum and its activities all while working on a teaching career and writing for a fantasy football website.

Lions WMD

WMD has long been the funniest poster on the forum, especially since Creek stopped posting. He's always livening up the forums with his jokes. As a fellow Lions fan and forum mock partner the two of us have shared many good and bad moments together. He helped out as a mod for a few months and he still remains an asset to the forums.


njx has been one of the most controversial and well respected posters on the forum for as long as I can remember. No matter how you feel about him, you have to admit that he's made an impact on these forums. He was always in the middle of the most heated arguments on the forum and everyone has surely felt his impact.

12-09-2009, 01:56 PM

Throughout my time at SWDC, I've had the pleasure of reading a lot of great posts from a lot of people who know what they're talking about when it comes to football. And one of the most knowledgeable posters to ever come through these forums goes by the name of Shiver. I am telling the absolute truth when I say that the best part of Tuesdays during football season, for me at least, was logging on when I went home for lunch to read his weekly thoughts. Always interesting and thought provoking, to me, posts by Shiver were surpassed only by the great Toonsterwu and Scott Wright himself.

Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, he no longer has the time to post his weekly opinions on the NFL. Those days are truly missed, and you new posters who were not around for those seasons in which he posted them truly missed out. His contributions to SWDC resulted in his promotion to moderator, and now his immortalization in the SWDC Hall of Fame, which is where he belongs. Shiver, I am very thankful to have been here when you shared your opinions and honoured to call you a friend on here. Congratulations, buddy, you deserve it.



11-15-2011, 12:40 PM

M.O.T.H has been a big part of this forum for nearly as long as I've been here. He's been a huge contributor to various MLB threads as an often tortured Braves fan, part of the "my god, please stop talking about the Magic" coalition in the NBA thread, and is always giving entertaining contributions to various Movie and TV threads. Of course, that is just the Off Topic section. He is a huge contributor to the Cowboys Team Forum, and consistently provides some of the better Cowboy knowledge to the rest of the forum. Finally, there is his South Carolina fandom and his endless griping about all South Carolina related activities. From his Sam Hurd love, to his poor imitation at Blue Steel, MOTH has provided the forum with plenty of great moments and belongs in the Hall of Fame of this forum.



Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and the General who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, was asked: “Who the greatest General of the day was?” He responded "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."

When two foes have had met on the field of battle, even through the most bitter hatred and rivalry, they tend to develop a strong respect for their adversary.

Let it be known that Brodeur and myself get along about as well as oil and water. Two rivals who are in a constant struggle over football intelligence superiority. And he has been nothing short of a Hall of Fame caliber adversary.

To have been a Detroit Lions fan over this past decade without having lost love and passion for the sport of football must have taken a Herculean effort for “Brody.” His football opinions have always been respected by the forum at large and throughout these past several years, his activity has remained high.

His fandom extends beyond the boundaries of the gridiron into other sports and his contributions have helped to keep the Off-Topic section buzzing as an active poster in the Movie, TV and Random Discussion threads. And yes, he even Professional Wrestling.

At the time of this writing, he is closing in on an amazing 30,000 posts and, to quote his current signature, has rep equivalent to being “hung like a ****ing horse whose dick is abnormally ****ing large even by horse dick standards.”

Though I still contend that Jeff Backus sucks and that Robbie Gould is better than Jason Hanson, I know that Brodeur would be there to argue my points in Hall of Fame caliber fashion.

For these reasons, if it were asked of me “who should be in the SWDC Hall of Fame?” I would respond “In this age, in past ages, in any age, Brodeur.” Congratulations Brodeur.


The most prominent Arizona sports fan on the board, fenikz is one of the better all around posters to come around this forum in the last several years. From being knowledgeable about football, baseball, and basketball, to his activity in nearly every fantasy related thread thats made, to being a pillar of the Draft Countdown IRC channels, to his being my main movie & tv watching buddy and pillow hat pal, fenikz is known for a lot of things.

However, the thing that he's celebrated for above all else is his graphics and sig making. Look around the board as I type this, and half of the users are sporting a signature created by fenikz. He is, in my opinion, far and away the greatest sig maker of the last several years, and the fact that he constantly has people bugging him to make new ones is proof of that.

A good poster, and a heck of an e-friend, fenikz deserves his spot here amongst the best that this board has had to offer. May he forever remain one of the few people that I actually like.

11-15-2011, 12:41 PM
Windy City Big Gamer Uno

Lick my nine


On August 6, 2004, Giantsfan1080, or Zak, joined draftcountdown forums, which at the time was nfldraftcountdown. over 7 years, and almost 18,000 posts later, he is deservedly getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. GF1080 is hands down one of the smartest and most passionate fans on this board and loves his teams. I could not imagine the Giants board without him, and this man knows his baseball and loves his Mets. And, of course, he knows and loves his Rutgers.
As an alum, he's been following this fantastic school and was around during some horrendous dark days of losing records, but stuck through and is one hell of a fan. As the 2 biggest Rutgers fans here, Zak and I balance each other out. Where as I bring out the slightly creepy homoerotic Rutgers passion, Zak is the brains and reason. Nobody knows Rutgers football like him, and he is my main source of Rutgers info. He is my absolute go to guy for recruiting info. GF1080 brings so much to these boards and is a well rounded poster who shows off his knowledge of NFL, MLB, recruiting and of course all the escapades in the RDT and IRC. He is without a doubt one of the most liked posters here, due to him not being an ass, and his all around knowledge. In a totally homosexual way, I view Zak as an internet big brother, and he and I have had countless conversations about Rutgers and the Giants. Actually, if you read the Rutgers thread, it’s literally me and him having conversations, with a little bit of Hurricanes25 in there. I am honored that I was chosen to give him his induction speech. Here’s to one of the absolute best posters on this board, and here’s to at least 7 more years!

11-15-2011, 12:42 PM

Comahan is a living legend around these parts, more to the mystery he brings than the posts he has contributed. When you have been around as long as he has, your face is usually known to some people on the forum, but alas, comahan’s has never been seen.
Known affectionately as “commie” to many, he is the Movie and TV expert who contributes more in the Off-Topic forum than anywhere else on the board. His expertise seems to know no bounds extending to professional wrestling, video games, and more. He falls in a category as rare as a legendary bird in Pokemon being one of the rare Texans fans who lurks in the tall grass and is ready to pounce at the mention of his favorite team. Add on his University of Texas homerism, and he is one of the best of Texas team fans.
When the forum attempted to extend its social read by implements Internet Relay Chat, comahan entered as a young pup who offered to help organize and add features to IRC, he instantly was placed in a position of power outside the forums and became one of the go to users off the forums to chat with and get to know. After years and years of spending time on IRC with him and others, I feel comahan is an even better friend than many of the people I know off the forum and see on a regular basis. He is willing to go an extra mile for those he likes and shares his creativity and excitement for what he has a passion in. There is little doubt he is a Hall of Famer.

SeanTaylorRIP (Ghettosermon)

It's about damn time. STRIP, affectionately known by his former handle Ghettosermon, has been a stalwart on the NFLDC message board for years, and better yet has been an example for his fellow posters. He's the pinnacle Draftnik. On a website dedicated to mock drafts and other fantasy scenarios, it's difficult to stand out. Yet, STRIP accomplished that. STRIP ran the first ever Forum Mock that I participated in, and got me hooked ever since. And when the guy did something, he did it right. His 7 Round Mock Drafts were draftnikian pornography, and it's a shock that they don't trip the censors. Oh, and did I mention he's a NBA Draft whiz too? Yeah, if you go to the NBA Draft thread, odds are STRIP is dominating the conversation. Someone's running a NBA Forum Mock? Odds are it's STRIP running the show. Like I said, total draftnik. And all this without going into the caliber of commenter he was in regard to a vast sports landscape, especially his Redskins and Wizards. You want to know what STRIP has to say, and when he does post, you stop what you're doing and read. You newbies may think this is an exaggeration, but I assure you it isn't. When you combine knowledge and passion like you have in STRIP, you truly get something special. So at the end of everything, you see Ghetto isn't meant for the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is meant for posters like Ghetto.