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05-21-2007, 04:45 PM
Post your final rosters and analysis for team grading.

Eagles own the NFC East
05-21-2007, 05:28 PM
PG: Kirk Hinrich, Dominic James , Juan Dixon,
SG: Allen Iverson, Juan Dixon, Reyshawn Terry
SF: Luol Deng, Thabo Sefolosha, Tarence Kinsey,Reyshawn Terry
PF: Kenyon Martin, Joakim Noah, Brian Skinner
C: Spencer Hawes, Mark Blount, Malik Allen, Brian Skinner

We feel we have improved as a unit especially speed offensively and that we can make it to the finals. All we were missing was a consistent big threat scoring (Gordon was too inconsistent) and a leader which is what we have now in Iverson (also someone who does have big time playoff experience) and a athletic scorer down low (K-Mart is much more of a offensive threat then Wallace and still a good defender). We also got our down low scoring big man in Spencer Hawes. Tyrus Thomas we feel will take too much time to develop if he wants to start on a championship caliber team. So we shipped him to the T-Wolves. We also added depth in the front court with Joakim Noah a good hustler and defender. Juan Dixon should be very good off the bench with his speed and 3 point shooting ability.

05-21-2007, 05:28 PM
The Mighty, Mighty Bobcats, most improved team in history:

PG:Raymond Felton/Brevin Knight/Troy Hudson/Mustafa Shakur
SG:Vince Carter/Kevin Martin/Matt Carroll
SF:Rashard Lewis/Derrick Byars/Walter Herrman
PF:Emeka Okafor/Brandan Wright/Jake Voskuhl
C:Al Jefferson/Dan Gadzuric/Chris Mihm/Ante Tomic

This team is amazing they are set for the next 15 years. They are deep as hell. At point guard Raymond Felton is one of the elite young point guards in the league raising his averages this past year to 14 ppg, 7 apg. Brevin Knight is a top PG backup in the league being one of the top 5 pure passing point guards in the league. A nice guy to have to run your team. Troy Hudson hasn't been the same in years but if he gets a chance you never know. VC is an allstar pure and simple. Kevin Martin is also Allstar caliber and immediately the front runner for 6th man of the year. If VC ever slips up Kmart is there. Matt Carroll was the 3rd best 3 point shooter in the NBA this past season, although he will have trouble getting on the court. At SF Rashard Lewis is another Allstar. A dangerous scorer and good rebounder. Derrick Byars who can play the 1, 2, or 3 is a dangerous backup and should carve out time playing defense and scoring. Walter Herrman who scored 10+ points in 18 of the last 20 games along with long arms, great defense, and rebounding should be starting in this league, but because of this stacked team he is relegated to a bench position. At PF Emeka Okafor is a top 5 defender and rebounder in the NBA. An absolute monster, and his offense is solid. Another possible allstar. His backup rookie Brandan Wright who has a mix of KG and Bosh in him. He won't need to contribute right away but immediately gives them a franchise big man. At Center Al Jefferson is another guy only 21 years old who could have easily been an allstar last year. He brings the scoring and rebounding and is on his way to joining the Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire's, and Dwight Howards. Dan Gadzuric has no offense but is an amazing shot blocker and can rebounder. He is great for those fouls and intimidation. Chris Mihm was great a couple of years ago so hopefully he can keep that up. With new coach Michael Jordan this is not only a team that can win right now, but in 10 years also. Plus they have North Carolina players who want to bring this team up for it's fans: Vince Carter, Brandan Wright, Raymond Felton, Michael Jordan. Ante Tomic is a talented Euro who would have been a top 10 pick in 08 so getting him as an undrafted free agent is a major steal. He will be left in Europe for a couple of years to develop into a true stud. Mustafa Shakur is a player who should have been drafted but will spend time in the D-league. Chris Mihm and Jake Voskuhl will be inactive unless an injury occurs.

The A-Town Hawks:
Atlanta Hawks:
PG:Theodorous Papaloukas/Javaris Crittenton/Earl Boykins/Anthony Johnson
SG:Joe Johnson/DeShawn Stevenson/Salim Stoudemire/Royal Ivey
SF:Caron Butler/Morris Almond/Deshawn Stevenson
PF:Josh Smith/Sean Williams/Soloman Jones/Stephane Lasme
C:Pau Gasol/Maybyner "Nene" Hilario/Jeff Foster/Ali Traore

The Hawks are no longer inferior. They for the longest time were struggling at the point guard position but now they are stacked. They signed Papaloukas the far and a way bar none best player in Europe. He is ready to make a championship contribution and is the immediate answer. The 6-7" PG and best defender in Europe immediately becomes a top 10 PG in the NBA. At 30 years old though he only has at best 5 good years left. Backing him is the guy we thought would be the starter prior to the signing Javaris Crittenton. The 6-5" local product is explosive and has real allstar potential. Still look for him to make a big impact. Earl Boykins is the spark plug player off the bench and along with Salim Stoudemire will come in for 5-10 mins a game and provide that scoring punch. Anthony Johnson is far and away the best 4th string PG in the league and could also be starting for some teams. Joe Johnson the Allstar last season is an elite SG and can also run the point. He is a deadly shooter, great defender and slasher. Deshawn Stevenson is an excellent defender and until the playoffs an adequate scorer. He should carve playing time with his hustle. Royal Ivey will probably be on the IR the whole season. At SF Caron Butler was an Allstar last season and tough juice is vastly overrated. 2nd in the league in steals he is an amazing scorer, rebounder, and defender, he should return to the allstar game next season. Morris Almond is a SG/SF with Allstar potential and will be able to come off the bench to provide a scoring burst. At PF Josh Smith is sure to be an Allstar next year. The top shot blocker in the NBA Josh averaged 16 ppg, 8.4 rpg, and will only increase on those numbers. A true rising star in this league. He is dangerous as a PF on th is run and gun Hawks team and with the weight he has put on could find some time at Center need be. Sean Williams is an exciting new rookie who has potential to be a better shot blocker than Josh Smith. On the fast break Hawks he will block shots, rebound, and dunk. Soloman Jones is another young player who is a shot block menace and could find some time. Stephane Lasme is a perfect big man fit for the Hawks, kind of like Antwaan Barnes to the Ravens. He will likely spend time all year in the D-League to hone up his skills, but we like his potential. At Center Pau Gasol is an Allstar big man and big time scorer and rebounder. With such great defenders around him he can thrive on offense. His backup Nene should be starting and can back up the 4 and 5 positions, he becomes an elite backup. Jeff Foster is yet another excellent rebounder and defender while Traore will likely stay overseas but compares favorably to Ronny Turiaf.

The Portland T-Blazers "My Ignored Team":

PG:Jarrett Jack/Sergio Rodriguez/Marcus Banks
SG:Brandon R.O.Y./Martell Webster/DJ Strawberry/Fred Jones
SF:Shawn Marion/Boris Diaw/Ime Udoka/Avis Wyatt
PF:Al Horford/Jamaal Magloire/Joel Freeland-06 1st rounder/Artem Zabelin
C:Lamarcus Aldridge/Joel Pryzbilla/Raef Lafrentz

The Blazers are no longer the inferiors in the Western Conference. Jarrett Jack is always solid but unspectacular, we hope he can break out but he is atleast reliable as a solid starter. Sergio is a guy we love and Spanish White Chocolate has the skills to be a star in this league. He was impressive last season and hopefullly he can keep it up. Marcus Banks is a lightning quick PG who is a great 3rd string option. At SG Brandon R.O.Y. is a stud and could follow in the footsteps of a Dwayne Wade, but at the worst is a Ben Gordon. Martell Webster can shoot and we are still waiting for him to bust out. DJ Strawberry is a hard nosed defender who can also play PG, I compare him favorably to Larry Hughes. Fred Jones Bleh. At SF the Matrix is an Allstar and being alone in the spotlight he could put up huge numbers. 28 ppg, 12 rpg. His backup Diaw is one of the most versatile players in the league and will be great off the bench. Ime Udoka showed a lot last year for us to resign him and hopefully he can continue to improve. One of our first rounders Avis Wyatt is a stud SF/PF prospect and a hybrid mix of Dirk and Josh Smith. We expect big things out of this kid in the future. At PF Al Horford was probably the most solid player in the draft and we were ecstatic to get him at pick #6. Expect him to make an instant impact and contend for rookie of the year. Jamaal Magloire the former allstar still puts up solid numbers. Joel Freeland the Blazers 06 first rounder from England comes over and provides athleticism and rebounding, he is still raw however. Artem Zabelin is another player who could have been an 08 lottery pick and he will be kept overseas for seasoning. Lamarcus Aldridge was excellent his rookie year and has Allstar potential. He showed why the Bulls were wrong on taking Tyrus over him. Pryzbilla can block shots, and Raef is Raef. This is no longer an inferior team and is actually better than a handful of teams in the league. Look for them to surprise.

05-21-2007, 05:39 PM

Steve Nash
Raja Bell
Leandro Barbosa
Jalen Rose
Petteri Koponen

Amare Stoudemire
Zach Randolph
Darius Miles
James Posey
James Jones

Greg Oden
Kurt Thomas
Pat Burke


Speedy Claxton
Dee Brown
Marquis Daniels
Rodney Stuckey
Keyon Dooling
Orien Greene
Zabian Dowdell *D-League*
David Noel

Lamar Odom
Charlie Villanueva
Mike Dunleavey
Ike Diogu
Shawn Williams
Caleb Green

Andrew Bynum
Troy Murphy
David Harrison

05-21-2007, 10:25 PM

San Antonio
PG: Tony Parker, Jacque Vaughn, Beno Udrih, Jamaal Tatum
SG Manu Ginobili, Brent Barry, Michael Finley, Alando Tucker
SF: Bruce Bowen , Alando Tucker,Michael Finley, James White
PF: Tim Duncan , Robert Horry, Lawrence Robert, Matt Bonner
C: Francisco Elson, Fabricio Oberto, Aaron Gray, Jackie Butler

While no major moves were made a few players were added to give some depth/youth to the oldest team in the NBA. Alando Tucker and Aaron Gray were the main additions of the off season. They will be worked in during the season so hopefully the will find their place come playoff time. Tucker will fit in nicely learning for one of if not the premier defender in the league in Bruce Bowen and growing as a player learning from those around him. He will develop nicely in our offensive system contributing right away and taking some of the pressure of our key guys. Aaron Gray is not the future or the next big thing he is simply a role player. He will step right into our center rotation and simply be a big body in the lane. We wont try and make him do things he is not capable of doing we simply want him to do what he is capable of doing. A little offense here and there along with a few rebounds is all we ask. Nothing to special is expected nor needed. Lawrence Roberts was added to give some depth at the PF position in order to spell Duncan and Horry during the season. Jamaal Tatum is bound for the NBDL and will probably not see the big stage unless things go terribly wrong. All in all we feel that the core group has a couple more years left in the tank so no major changes were made.

05-21-2007, 10:31 PM
PG: Mike Bibby, Devin Harris, Smush Parker, Jose Juan Barea
SG: Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Ron Artest, Greg Buckner, Brandon Rush, Maurice Ager
SF: Josh Howard, Ron Artest, Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse, Brandon Rush, Pops Mensah-Bonsu
PF: Dirk Nowitzki, Stromile Swift, Ivan Radenovic, Austin Croshere, Pops Mensah-Bonsu
C: DeSagana Diop,Stromile Swift, Michael Olowokandi, DJ Mbenga

With a first round loss to the Golden State Warriors the Dallas Mavericks needed to see what was wrong. The front office felt it was just a matter of wrong place at the wrong time... that being said Dirk was not moved in a knee jerk move and Josh Howard was kept to keep the 2 stars on the team in place. A move was made however. A gamble of sorts. Moving Jason Terry and Erick Dampier for Mike Bibby and Ron Artest. This move along with the aquisition of Stromile Swift makes the Mavericks much more athletic. If Artest works, which we realize is a question mark, it will be a wonderful move. Giving us a shut down defender to come off the bench and give us another quality scorer off the bench. Mike Bibby will be used in the same role as the JET. We feel along side Devin Harris he will flourish and push the Mavs to the top of the West once again. At SF and PF we have two of the best at each. With a Motivated Dirk and Josh Howard who gets better every season. Diop will split time with the Candy-Man and Swift at C. Smush Parker was an amazing pick up for the Mavs. Since he won't be required to carry the load of the starting PG he will flourish. at the 2 and 3 spot we have a great roation off the bench. Artest will come on first and see time at both the 2 and 3. Stackhouse will be used in the same role at this season. Devan George and Greg Buckner will see there Minutes go down this year do to the wanting of the Coach and Front Office to see what Brandon Rush, Maurice Ager and Pops Mensah-Bonsu can do. That being said both George and Buckner will still see quality minutes and be key members of the deep bench. and the 4 spot Swift will be the main man behind Dirk. Having a completly different game will help vary the looks we can throw at people. Ivan Radenovic will step in right away and split time with Austin Croshere as the 3rd PF. They will be key energy guys who will provide that spark off the bench. DJ Mbenga is a failed experiment and is only being kept around in case of emergency. Jose Juan Barea will probably only play in the event of a major injury and will spend time in the D league.


New Coach: Rick Adelman
PG: Rafer Alston, Luther Head, Gilbert Arenas, Nate Robinson, Mardy Collins, John Lucas
SG: Gilbert Arenas, Bonzi Wells, Kirk Snyder, Mardy Collins, Luther Head
SF: Shane Battier, Jared Jeffries, Jumaine Jones, Carl Landry, Steve Novak
PF: Joe Smith, Chuck Hayes, Darius Songaila, Juwan Howard, Jared Jeffries
C: Eddy Curry, Melvin Ely, Jake Tsakalidis, Michael Doleac

With the team not making it out of the first round and a new coach in place the team needed new direction. With the departure of Yao and Tracy things certainly are different now in Houston. A team focus with certain stars and soon to be stars carrying the load offensivly with contributions from everyone on the the floor. The starting 5 will rotate with the feel of the coach but for the most part Rafer will start giving us a seasoned vetran to lead the ship. Arenas will start at the 2 giving us two options for who we want to bring the ball up. Battier will be our lock down defender on the court playing against the best the other team has to offer. Joe Smith will lead our roational PF position with subs coming in regularly to spell the position. Eddy Curry will be a breakout star for Houston. Coming into his own last season he has shown a great ability to score in the post and will dominate playing along side a strong cast of characters. Our 6th man will be Bonzi Wells... disgruntled and unhappy with coach Adelman in place he will regain the form he showed that earned him respect in Sacremento. Jared Jeffries gives us versatility and will play a wide variety of positions from the 5-3. Jumaine Jones will become a usable player again after wasting away in Pheonix. Melvin Ely will be the first option off the Bench at the 5 spot and will give us a useable option at the backup. Nothing special just useable. Nate will be used to come off the bench and give us a spark probably only getting 5-10 mins a game he will give us valuable energy when he comes in. Kirk Snyder will see some time but not ask to do anything spectacular. Mardy Collins will not see much playing time but will be used at a variety of postitions 1-3 and will try to be worked into the rotation. Jake Tsakalidis wil be the 3rd center seeing about 3-7 minutes a game and giving us solid minutes from a role player. Michael Doleac and John Lucas will spend most of his time on IR unless injury occurs. Carl Landry and Novak will spend some time in the D league with make spot apperances throughout the season. With a cast of new characters and a few remaining vetrans the Rockets are poised to make a playoff push.

Tampa 2 4 life
05-21-2007, 11:17 PM
Orlando Magic
C: Dwight Howard/Tony Battie
PF: Amir Johnson/Pat Garrity/Bo Outlaw
SF: Marcus Williams/Keith Bogans
SG: Paul Pierce/J.J. Redick/Gordon Giricek
PG: Derek Fisher/Taurean Green/Carlos Arroyo

Orlando has added young players and veteran leadership to prepare for another playoff run. Paul Pierce will score 20+ and be our primary offensive threat. Amir Johnson is young and played well in his opportunities in Detroit, so we think he is worth a shot, and just in case, we have veterans at PF who can step in. Our First Round Draft Pick, Marcus Williams has great size and speed and will create mismatches. Taurean Green will learn behind Derek Fisher to eventually become a starter for us.

C: Roy Hibbert/Jared Reiner
PF:Marvin Williams/Shelden Williams/Alexander Johnson
SF:Mike Miller/Shelden Williams/ Brian Cardinal/
SG:Jamal Crawford/Brian Cardinal
PG:Damon Stoudamire/Tyronn Lue/Sean Singletary

Our team will be switching to a primary 1-3-1 set on offense to compliment our players. Our first move was to trade away Pau Gasol, for Marvin Williams, someone who is undersized but who we feel can still be a good PF, Shelden Williams who will eat minutes off the bench, and Tyronn Lue who after Damon retures, will be our starting PG. With our first pick in the draft we selected Center Roy Hibbert, who will dominate the boards with his size and strength. With our second pick we took Sean Singletary who will be molded by our two veteran PGs to eventually be a solid depth player.

05-22-2007, 02:05 PM
New York Knicks
Depth Chart
PG:Jordan Farmar, Allan Ray
SG:JR Smith, Sasha Vujacic, Adam Haluska
SF:Wally Szczerbiak, Vladimir Radmanovic, Demetris Nichols
PF:Yi Jianlian, Hakim Warrick, Ronny Turiaf
C:Yao Ming, Kwame Brown

The New York Knicks are greatly improved as a team and financially. They've brought in a nice young nucleus with some expereinced veterans.They'll be a team that will take advantage of the fastbreak but will not rely on it for their points. Strong passing and tough defense will be stressed to a group that wants to taste the playoffs. The Asian Invasion inside should allow the Knicks to compete with many teams in the East and get to those playoffs, but how far they'll go is up in the air.

Milwaukee Bucks
Depth Chart
PG: Maurice Williams, Jamaal Tinsley
SG: Michael Redd, Charlie Bell, Ronnie Brewer
SF: Danny Granger, Adam Morrison, Desmond Mason
PF:Sean May, Kenny Thomas, Ersan Ilysova, Damir Markota
C: Andrew Bogut, Rafael Araujo

The Bucks are a team that may have blown their chance at getting a superstar next to Michael Redd by trading the 2nd pick, but they are currently a team with great depth. The Bucks will look to run and take advantage of teams not getting back on defense. Defense will be stressed along with boxing out becuase the Bucks do not have great size. The Bucks, much like the Knicks, will be a team looking to get back in the playoffs, and they should be able to do so. The playoffs is where the depth will be more beneficial becuase the Bucks will be fresher compare to teams that are top heavy.

Sacramento Kings
Depth Chart
PG:Jason Terry, Jason Hart, Ronnie Price
SG:Cuttino Mobley, Sun Yue, John Salmons
SF:Corey Brewer, Quentin Richardson, Francisco Garcia
PF:Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Nick Fazekas, Joseph Jones, Maurice Taylor
C:Brad Miller, Erick Dampier

The Kings got rid of alot of garbage and big contracts this off-season. They've brought in some very reputable shooters and added some big men to hold down the fort. Corey Brewer was added and his defense and length should be an advantage for him as he learns to adjust to the NBA and be an instant starter. Depth is not the greatest, but there's plenty of big men that will be fighting for a chance to play. The Kings in all likelihood will not be in this year's playoffs but they have a nice core for the future.

05-22-2007, 03:08 PM
New Jersey Nets

PG: Jason Kidd, Marcus Williams
SG: Bobby Jackson, Qunicy Douby, Antoine Wright, Hassan Adams, Eddie House
SF: Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Jared Dudley, Bernard WIlliams
PF: Channing Frye, Mikki Moore, Cliff Robinson
C: Nenad Krstic, Josh Boone, Dikembe Mutumbo, Mile Illic.

The Nets lost out on Vince Carter, but feel they've made great adjustments. The grabbed a former top 10 pick for pick 17 in Channing Frye. Frye gives them a scoring threat down low they've so desperately needed since the departure of K-Mart. Nenad is now healthy, and teamed up with Frye, is a very good, young duo down low that should flourish under Kidd.
The Nets surprised many by not trading Kidd, but feel they are in no position to rebuild. RJ,Nenad and Frye are all young talented frontcourt players. Also, bringing in Dudley(draft) gives energy and rebounding off the bench,along with Josh Boone, and Mikki Moore. The Nets also bring in Mutumbo to try and D up with some of the bigs in the east

Bobby Jackson will be mainly a role player on O, getting open 3's from J-Kidd. Also hometown sharp shooter Douby off the bench along with Boki Nachbar and Eddie House give them great 3 point shooters off the bench. Wright and Adams bring high energy and good scrappy D as well. The Nets will try and give Marcus Williams more minutes this year, but by keeping Kidd, obviously feel he's not ready to start.

This team, despite losing Carter, should be the favorite to win their division, as long as they stay healthy.

05-22-2007, 10:46 PM

PG: Stephon Marbury, Bobby Brown
SG: Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Nick Young
SF: Luke Walton, Maurice Evans, Nick Young
PF: David Lee, Brian Cook, Eduardo Najera
C: Jermaine O'Neal, Jerome James

What needed do be done most to this Lakers team most was to surround Kobe with players that could take the pressure of him and drain a few shots here and there. The additions of superstars O'neal and Marbury will make this current team very tough to beat and could make some noise in the playoffs.


PG: Andre Miller, Sam Cassell, Daniel Ewing
SG: Corey Maggette, Quinton Ross, Daniel Ewing
SF: Julian Wright, Bobby Simmons, Tim Thomas
PF: Elton Brand, Tim Thomas
C:Chris Kaman, Aaron Williams

Not much really needed to be done to this already talented Clipper team. So what did I do? I made them even more talented. The additions of Andre Miller, Julian Wright, and Bobby Simmons will provide that extra push to make it to the playoffs and could also make some noise there aswell in the very difficult Western Conference.

05-23-2007, 04:25 AM

Depth Chart

PG Chauncey Billups . Lindsey Hunter . Chris Duhon
SG Rip Hamilton . Ricky Davis (6th Man)
SF Tayshaun Prince . Ruben Patterson . Jason Maxiell
PF Antonio McDyess . Reggie Evans . Ryvon Covile
C Rasheed Wallace . Marc Jackson . Devon Hardin

2008 First Rounder

Acquired through FA
Acquired through Trade
[Acquired through Draft

The main objective was to keep our team in tact and strengthen our depth. Depth is something that has been a long term concern and our starters have suffered because of the massive amount of playing time commanded of them. We wanted to bring in complementing players, but players who fit our mantra.

Free Agency
Resigning our own FAs was imperative and it all started with keeping Chauncey Billups. Antonio McDyess was also resigned and Webber was shipped off in a Sign and Trade deal. Ruben Patterson gave us another player with that tough mentality who we signed for our MLE. Marc Jackson has always been a gritty player and he is capable of providing a solid 10-15 minutes per game.

The first trade we pulled off was in shipping Carlos Delfino and Nazr Mohammed for Ricky Davis. Delfino started to catch on, but just like Mehmet Okur, Zeljiko Rebaca and Darko Milicic, other teams simply coveted them more than us. We wanted to improve the depth behind Hamilton and Prince and Davis does that. He's a player that can contribute significant minutes without having our team miss a beat or worry about the slack being picked up. Ricky is a bad ass and we like to play bad ass basketball.

The second trade was the previously mentioned sign and trade where we sent Webber packing in exchange for promising young talent... Chris Duhon, Reggie Evans and a MLE. We wanted to add some youth at PG behind Billups and Hunter. Duhon has shown that he can be a real team player and can be effective off the bench. He will thrive under Lindsey Hunter's tutelage. We love Reggie Evans ability to attack the boards and he gives us another quality youngster who can play right away and be apart of the team's long term future.

The Draft
It is important to note that the Pistons acquired a 2008 First Round Pick from the lowly Atlanta Hawks that is unprotected.

With a single 2nd Rounder in the draft, the Pistons made it count when they selected tough big man Ryvon Coville. Ryvon is an incredibly raw talent, but he's got all the tools and toughness. A local play who is extremely strong and will draw blood from opponents. He'll be considered a steal one day.

6-10, 250 pound Ryvon Coville going up for a MONSTER rebound!

Devon Hardin was brought on as an UDFA and he will most likely be sent down to the D-League.

All in all, our mission was accomplished. We brought back our key players and improved our depth with players that fit our style of play. We feel we will once again be dominant in our conference and will contend for more titles for years to come. The teams in our division, Chicago, Cleveland, Indiana and Milwaukee are still well behind us considering the moves they've made.

05-23-2007, 07:11 PM
Minnesota Timberwolves

C Etan Thomas/Nazi Mohammed
PF Antawn Jamison/Tyrus Thomas/Tiago SplitterSF Jeff Green/Jason Kapono/Trenton Hassel
SG Carlos Delfino/Rashad McCants/Flip Murray
PG Randy Foye/Mike James/Marko Jaric/Dashaun Wood

I will let Ghetto and Prince do most of the talking, but here is what I think of my team's off-season.

The biggest move was getting rid of KG, but I felt the move was necessary to begin rebuilding this Timberwolve team. This move was followed by a flurry of others, so that all that's left from the original Wolves are Hassel, McCants, Foye and James. Foye will be a stud at PG if not next year then the year after that and McCants is a promising lottery pick who will battle it out with Delfino for the starting spot at the 2. Behind Foye is a great backup in James, followed by Jaric and an undersized but talented draft choice in Dashaun Wood. At the 2 behind Delfino and McCants is newly acquired Flip Murray, rounding out great depth in the backcourt. At SF I will have 3 people getting a significant amount of playing time with my #8 draft choice, Jeff Green, being the usual starter. Kapono will back him up and get a little playing time, but the majority will be between Green and newly acquired Antawn Jamison, who will normally start at the 4. Behind Jamison at the 4 is the former #2 pick, Tyrus Thomas (although Green will get some playing time at the 4). Tyrus will get a lot of time this year in hopes that he will have came close to reaching his sky-high potential by the 2008-2009 season. Behind him is a lottery talent in the Brazilian Tiago Splitter. At center, we have Etan Thomas starting with a serviceable back-up in Nazi Mohammed.

OH, and in addition to keeping both of MINN's picks next year, I added NY's 2nd rounder, Charlotte's 1st rounder, and NJ's 1st rounder. Most improved team in the West? I believe so.

This team is built to be a championship contender for the next 10 years (excluding next season) with talented youth all around (4 lottery picks in the last 3 years) and is ready to get the Minnesota fans back to the court instead of the rink.

Cleveland Cavaliers

C Zydrunas Ilgauskas/Michael Ruffin
PF Drew Gooden/Anderson Varejao/Donyell Marshall
SF LeBron James/Ira Newble/Romeo Travis
SG Sasha Pavlovic/Shannon Brown/Roger Mason/J.R. Reynolds/
PG Larry Hughes/Daniel Gibson/Eric Snow/Damon Jones

As you can see, the Cavs didn't make any trades this off-season, or any picks in the draft. But there is a reason. I think that LeBron thinks that the Cavs currently hold all the pieces for a championship. And if I made a move getting rid of his buddies, he might not want to resign with the Cavs. LeBron James is the Cavs. The Cavs are LeBron James. And they will be a legitimate title contender in '08. With the maturity and understanding of the game of LeBron James growing every year and the emergence next year of a solid PG in Daniel Gibson, the Cavs are ready to overtake the aging Pistons as the best team in the East.

In the off-season I did sign Michael Ruffin for depth in the frontcourt along with his teammate, Roger Mason. After the draft I signed J.R. Reynolds, and LeBron's best friend, Romeo Travis. What else could I do to make LeBron happy? And Romeo can be an effective player in the NBA coming off the bench IMO, although not for a while. He was the best player on an underrated Akron team, and played with LeBron in high school in addition to being his best friend. What more could LeBron ask for? A title.

05-23-2007, 09:53 PM
Toronto Raptors

PG: TJ Ford/ Jose Calderon/ Derrick Martin
SG: Anthony Parker/ Luke Jackson
SF: Andres Nocioni/Andrea Bargnani/JOrge Garbojosa/ Joey Graham
PF: Chris Bosh/ Andrea Bargnani/ Kris Humphries
C: Rasho Nestorovich/Chris Bosh/ Pap Sow

05-23-2007, 10:06 PM


C - Andris Biedrins | Patrick O'Bryant | Adonal Foyle

PF - Al Harrington | Leon Powe | DeVon Hardin

SF - Stephen Jackson | Matt Barnes | Kelenna Azubuike

SG - Jason Richardson | Mickael Pietrus | Rudy Fernandez

PG - Baron Davis | Monta Ellis | Ayinde Ubaka


C Kosta Perovic - Serbia & Montenegro - KK Partizan

C Romain Duport - France - Le Havre


1 (18) SG Rudy Fernandez - Spain - Joventut Badalona

2 (44) FC DeVon Hardin - California


PG Ayinde Ubaka - California

C Romain Duport - France - Le Havre

NBA Development League

PG Ayinde Ubaka - Bakersfield Jam


Boston gets: Pick #36

Golden State gets: Leon Powe and Pick #44

Free Agency

SF Matt Barnes 4 Years 21 Million

SG Mickael Pietrus 3 Years 14 Million

SF Kelenna Azubuike 2 Years 2 Million

06 Rookie Notes

C Patrick O' Bryant should be ready to contribute. He was the 2nd Leading Rebounder in the NBA Development League.

C Kosta Perovic could come to the Warriors as early as this year. He is a legit 7'2 and another great fit in the Offense.

SF Kelenna Azubuike played very well as an UDFA with the Warriors. He signed an extension and will have more minutes.


Overall, the team did not lose any key players. The most important goals were to keep Matt Barnes and add some rebounders. The Trade for Leon Powe was great. Powe was a 2006 2nd Rounder who played very well with limited minutes in Boston. The Draft turned out well with the additions of Rudy Fernandez and DeVon Hardin. Fernandez is a perfect fit for NellieBall and should thrive when he gets the chance. Hardin is also a solid fit with his Athleticism. If need be, the Warriors have enough resources to acquire a superstar caliber player but at this point, the team is set and ready to make the playoffs again. Finally, there are so "set" positions in this type of offense. For example, Al Harrington could play the 5, 4, or 3 spot. Matt Barnes could play the 2, 3, or 4 spot. Mickael Pietrus could play the 1, 2, or 3 spot.

05-24-2007, 03:08 PM


C - Tyson Chandler | Hilton Armstrong | Jason Collins

PF - David West | Corliss Williamson | Cedric Simmons

SF - Peja Stojakovic | Thaddeus Young | Marcus Vinicius

SG - Grant Hill | Rasual Butler | Arron Afflalo

PG - Chris Paul | Sarunas Jasikevicius | Ramon Sessions


SG Renaldas Seibutis - Lithuania - Olympiakos

05-24-2007, 04:25 PM

The main objective with the Nuggets was to build a more sound team around Carmelo. The AI + Carmelo duo was a bad idea from the get go. Not only do they not compliment each other well, but AI's addition actually took away some of Carmelo's game.

The first trade we made was in sending JR Smith to NY for Renaldo Balkman. At the time we had AI on the roster and we wanted to get a player who can have an aggressive impact on the game even without the ball in his hand. There was simply not enough balls to go around between JR, AI and Melo. This was a very sound move for Denver and it was a nice way to start off the offseason.

The second trade was a means of alleviating our cap while acquiring more stable players. Nene's overblown contract was shipped out along with his durability concerns in exchange for 2 very effective players, Josh Childress and Zaza Pachulia. With AI still on the team, we wanted to make sure we didn't have size issues in the backcourt, so we acquired Childress who has the length to defend taller Guards. And in getting Zaza we knew we shored up the depth behind Camby (who we also had at the time) with a quality young player who proved to be an effective starter for Atlanta. Anytime you can get a legit starting Center coming off the bench, that is a luxury.

The third trade was a Blockbuster that took guts to do because it left some uncertainty, however, it gave us GREAT flexibility. We sent the 2006 Defensive Player of the Year, Marcus Camby along with Steve Blake in exchange for the #7 pick of the draft, Antonio Daniels and Brendan Haywood. We personally felt like we took advantage of Camby's great year by selling high on his stock. Daniels is an upgrade over Blake and with his addition, we added a more true PG in comparison to what AI gave us at the Point. Haywood didn't replace Camby, but we felt with the #7 pick that we could possibly draft a young Center to grow with Carmelo, in another move that would add to the idea of building around Melo. Camby doesn't have a long career ahead of him and we were excited about getting back into the draft (as we didn't have a single pick prior to this trade).

Heading into the draft with the 7th we were prepared to take Roy Hibbert. Little did we know he would be scooped up with the 4th pick of the draft. That was a shocker, but it only meant that a player we didn't think would be there, would. So we remained excited and when Mike Conley Jr. was there with the 7th pick, it was a no brainer. PG is one of the hardest positions to fill and they are without a doubt one of the most important pieces to a successful team. Conley is the best PG in the draft and to get him afforded us the option of putting AI on the market.

As soon as we announced the pick, we put AI on the chop block. Literally within minutes, Chicago came knocking on the door. A deal was struck rather quickly. We wanted to move AI and still had needs in the frontcourt. Chicago offered us Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon and Mike Sweeney for AI, Kenyon Martin and Brian Skinner and a deal was made. It was essentially a 3 team trade in which we also sent Reggie Evans in exchange for Chris Webber. We now had a full complement of players surrounding Carmelo who could mesh personalities with our style of ball.

Jeff McInnis was signed to a 1YR Minimum contract and Glen Davis and Trey Johnson were picked up after the draft.

In the end, we feel like the revamped roster combines a nice mixture of youth, promise and veteran leadership. Should injury or poor play hit a rut, we have a very deep bench to sustain competitiveness. We're a scrappy no holds barred team who will fight on both sides of the court...Offensively and Defensively... and the difference between us and our competition? We have the talent to do it. We have good passers, good scorers (inside and out), good rebounders, good defensive minded players, good depth, good promise. Nothing to gripe about, we're ready to play!!!

PG Mike Conley Jr . Antonio Daniels . Jeff McInnis
SG Ben Gordon . Josh Childress . Trey Johnson
SF Carmelo Anthony . Renaldo Balkman . Linas Kleiza
PF Chris Webber . Michael Sweetney . Glen Davis
C Ben Wallace . Zaza Pachulia . Brendan Haywood

05-24-2007, 10:38 PM

With the frustration in Washington of not being good enough to win and not being bad enough to improve, it was high tide to kick things into gear. We wanted to get AGGRESSIVE in our approach. We were tired of watching the top teams pass us by treat us like mince meat year after year. The promise of our core lost it's luster. Injuries ravaged the team and sucked hope out of the city. The new mantra was to put together a team that will "WIN NOW!" We wanted to build a dynasty. One that would last 5-6 years of highly competitive nature.

With that idea in mind, we pursued who we consider the best all around player in the league over the last 5 years, Mr. Kevin Garnett. Our post game has been soft and inefficient ever since anyone can remember and we wanted to bring someone with high energy, high passion and a big time talent. Needless to say, we got our man and it came at the price of Antwan Jamison, Etan Thomas, 2 first round picks, a second round pick and our MLE. Yes, quite a price to pay, but well worth it in our eyes.

And thus the reformation began. In finalizing KG's deal, his agent mentioned to us that KG was on an Adiddas Shoe Tour along with Tracy McGrady travelling the world and currently in Japan. The two have often shared their frustrations of not being able to make it out of Round 1 of the playoffs and in it they have become sounding boards for each other and have built quite a strong relationship...even wondering the "what ifs" about playing together on the same team. When we got word of this, a light bulb went on in our heads and we quickly started brainstorming.

We initiated talks with Houston and offered them a deal of Gilbert Arenas, Darius Songaila and our LLE for T-Mac, their #26 pick and their MLE. Now we were prepared to offer that same package just for T-Mac alone, but negotiations went smoothly and we quickly came to agreement. A deal was struck in no time and BAM! T-Mac and KG were joined together and excitement in Washington was all a buzz!

If you think that was the only deal we were in discussions with, you are wrong. At the same time of brokering the T-Mac deal, we were also in talks amongst 3 other teams in pulling off a FOUR team Blockbuster deal. Now that's a skill only a top GM can handle! A few hours after getting the T-Mac deal done, we were ready to announce getting the #3 pick of the Draft! It went down like this:

Atlanta/ Washington/ Denver/ Detroit Trade
Atlanta Receives:
*Caron Butler
*Nene Hilario
*Deshawn Stevenson
*#27 Pick Overall(Detroit)

Washington Receives:
*#3 Pick Overall
*Lorenzen Wright

Denver Receives:
*Josh Childress
*Zaza Pachulia

Detroit Recieves:
*2008 First Rounder(Atlanta)
*Atlanta MLE

Along with the #3 pick, we were able to shore up our Center spot with journeyman Lorenzen Wright... who we actually wanted pretty badly in the deal.

The aggression did not cease for one second. As soon as Free Agency starter we had tabbed all the players who we were interested in, prioritized them and put together calculated offers that we thought we could both afford and yet desirable enough to attract them to Washington.

After losing Arenas, we really wanted to address PG. Gary Payton topped our list of available FAs and we liked him because he had championship experience and a ring to show for it. He may have slowed down in his career, yet he is still savvy enough to start effectively and provide leadership and a lending hand to help tutor a potential replacement.

Landing Eddie Jones AND Mo Peterson were complete steals. The only reason why they decided to come here was because of the nucleus of the team and their desire to play alongside T-Mac and KG. ...both wanting to get that elusive championship ring. The reason why we wanted them was because Eddie Jones has that deadly shot from 3 pt range and will be an excellent kick out option when T-Mac drives or another outlet when KG draws a double team. He also provides a solid contribution wherever he's gone and he comes from the Pat Rielly school of hard knock defense. Mo Peterson is also an excellent addition as he easily is a team first guy. His role may not always be a big one, but he can be counted on to be a solid role player. You simply need guys like him who can operate quietly without causing to much of a stir when they enter the game when superstars are commanding the attention. He's also just 29 and has a lot of tread left in his tires. The versatility that the two wingmen bring will turn to be invaluable as they can swing between the 2 and 3 positions and help give us different looks.

The last, but not least FA that we signed was Danny "The Enforcer" Fortson. We brought him in strictly for his toughness and attitude. He'll be our hired goon to get in games and commit hard fouls on our opponents. He'll also be there to make sure none of our guys take crap from anyone. Oh yeah... and he's a pretty decent rebounder when he feels like it.

Actually, Kelvin Cato was our last FA signed after the draft to help provide an extra body and depth at Center.

As draft day approached, there were wheelin's and dealin's all over the place. Of course, we're not going to be left out of the action! We remained aggressive and ended up acquiring Marcus Camby and Steve Blake! We gave up the #3 pick but in tune with out "WIN NOW" mantra, it was something we needed to do. Center was a glaring need for us and there wasn't a better option than acquiring last season's Defensive Player of the Year, Marcus Camby. Camby is the perfect compliment to KG in the post because he's not a ball hog and can compliment his game nicely. We also love his ability to run up and down the court and provide game changing plays on defense. If KG gets doubled, he can dish off to Camby who can finish off strong. Steve Blake is a hometown kid and an instant crowd favorite! He's fiery competitor and his gritty play in the playoffs helped us take notice. We wanted him behind Payton and will expect strong competition at the position.

Draft day arrived and we made our picks count. Our first selection was Acie Law who we are extremely excited about! He will be groomed to be our PG of the future and learn behind on of the best, Gary Payton. Our second first round selection was the amazing athlete that is Daequan Cook. We feel along with many others that Daequan would've been a lottery selection had he returned for another year. Getting him late in round 1 is great value and he will also be given the time to grow, watch and learn behind T-Mac, Jones and Mo Pete. He couldn't be in a better situation. When the draft ended we quickly signed Ron Lewis, Cook's teammate who often stood out more in game film study. He'll be going down to the D-League where he can hone his game until he's ready.

All in all, we feel like we more than accomplished what we set out to do and couldn't be happier with our result and aggressive offseason approach. We wanted to build a team with the potential to dominate the next 5-6 years and compete at a high level. We think we did that. With no further adieu, allow me to introduce your 2007 Washington Wizards!!!

PG Gary Payton . Acie Law . Steve Blake
SG Tracy McGrady . Eddie Jones . Daequan Cook
SF Mo Peterson . Jarvis Hayes . Ron Lewis
PF Kevin Garnett . Danny Fortson . Andray Blatche
C Marcus Camby . Lorenzen Wright . Kelvin Cato