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05-22-2007, 04:16 PM
LA Flames

9-QB—Carson Palmer
20-RB—Marshawn Lynch
26-FB—Tony Hunt
89-TE—Matt Spaeth
80-WR—Dwayne Bowe
82-WR—Jason Hill
86-WR—Yamon Figurs
O-Line—San Diego Chargers

The offense has arguably the strongest offensive line in the NFL in San Diego’s young O-Line. McNeill, Dielman, Hardwick, Goff, and Olivea are all pro-bowl, or near pro-bowl (Dielman, Goff, Olivea) caliber players. They pave the way for Marshawn Lynch, the number two running back, who is a huge weapon in the backfield. He can run the ball wherever he wants with the O-Line that helped Tomlinson have his monster season this year, and he is right at the top of receiving running backs in this year’s draft class. He would catch passes from Carson Palmer, who next to Peyton Manning, and maybe Tom Brady, is the best QB in the NFL. He’ll be throwing passes all over the place to Bowe, Hill and Figurs, who make up a great receiving core. Bowe is the all around number one WR, he has 4.4-4.5 fourty speed, and he is a big physical guy as well. Jason Hill is an ideal number two WR, he has the deep vertical threat, and would be used to stretch the field. Figurs would play in the slot, and his speed makes him a big play threat anytime he touches the ball, and would be mainly used on screen plays do compensate his average hands. Finally, Spaeth is a monster TE physically. He is 6’7, 270 pounds, and still runs a decent fourty time (4.8 range) for a possession TE. He will mainly be used as a blocker to help the O-Line, but he is an average short-pass receiver, which complements the speedy WR core perfectly. Finally, FB Tony Hunt is a converted RB, and would give another huge running threat out of the backfield in addition to Lynch. Given his size though, (6-1, 233) and blocking abilities, he makes a great FB to lead Lynch. Overall a very balanced offense, with great players and role players at every position.

28-CB—Tanard Jackson
31-CB—Daymeion Hughes
32-FS—Eric Weddle
30-SS—Laron Landry
56-OLB—Shawne Merriman
94-OLB—Quentin Moses
52-ILB—Patrick Willis
50-ILB—Anthony Waters
99-DE—Adam Carriker
94-NT—Marcus Thomas
90-DE—Turk McBride

The defense is the clear strong point of my team, as every great team starts with a dominant defense. It is a 3-4 scheme, with great personel, making it something that should already be feared. The linebacker core would be solid for an NFL team, let alone one made of mostly college players. Willis is the best linebacker in the draft, and arguably the greatest defensive player in the draft next to Landry and maybe Adams. He anchors the middle, along with Waters, who was a first-round talent before his Knee injury that he appears recovered from. On the outside, Merriman is the best 3-4 OLB in the NFL in terms of getting to the QB, which is what he is on the team for, to bring a constant pass rush. Opposite him is someone just as strong with a pass rush in Quentin Moses, a converted DE who can move, and excels in the pass rush. With that constant pressure from the OLBs, the D-Line can focus on the run. Carriker is the best 3-4 DE in this draft, and certainly can clog up the gaps he will need to cover, as well as even get to the QB in passing situations. The other DE is a converted DT, since essentially that’s what a 3-4 DE is. McBride is a top five DT, and converts well to DE, with solid size (6-3, 280). The Middle is anchored by Marcus Thomas. Thomas is a good value guy, but a gamble on character concerns. He is a first round talent if he did not have other issues to worry about. 6-3, and 315 pounds, the perfect size for a NT. He is explosive and fast too, so he can penetrate his two-gap responsibility. With the run taken care of by the great ILBs and D-Line, the secondary can focus solely on the pass. Landry is the clear cut best safety in this draft and could be a top 5-10 Safety in the NFL before he plays a down. He is complemented by Eric Weddle, who some people saw as the number two safety in the draft, and is an explosive, fascinating playmaker in the secondary. The corners are solid players, but not spectacular. Jackson is a great all-around defender with solid size and measureables for a CB. With on the field production Hughes could have been argued the best CB in the draft, but his recovery speed weighs him down a little, however with great safeties like Landry and Weddle, he does not have to worry about deep support as much. A great all around defense, with players that fit their roles and complement each other perfectly.

This is just thrown in here, because it was a big reason for taking these players....
KR/PR--Yamon Figurs
KR/PR--Eric Weddle
Both of these guys were amazing in these kinds of roles in college, and will set the team up for great field position, and possible TDs all the time. In terms of pure speed, Figurs outran Hester in college when they had raced each other, and is just as explosive.



JaMarcus Russell, QB
Brian Leonard, FB
Larry Johnson, RB
Johnnie Lee Higgins WR
Robert Meachem, WR
Courtney Taylor WR
Ben Patrick TE
New Orleans O-Line

With Johnson sharing carries he wont get beat up much.


Demarcus Tyler, DT
Ray Mcdonald DT
Gaines Adams DE
Anthony Spencer, DE
Lamarr Woodley, OLB
Buster Davis MLB
Steven Nicholas OLB
Champ Bailey, CB
Jonathan Wade CB
Josh Gattis SS
Michael Griffin, FS

Undersized but fast.

05-22-2007, 04:18 PM
The other game ended 6/1 also, so that leaves ten days too vote

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Anyone, thoughts?