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05-26-2007, 10:58 AM
I ask this because I am unsure about a couple of things.

Here's my draft

1 (8) Miguel Cabrera 3B
2 (13) Manny Ramirez OF
3 (28) Derrek Lee 1B
4 (33) Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
5 (48) Hanley Ramirez SS
6 (53) Felix Hernandez SP
7 (68) Jim Thome UTIL
8 (73) Joel Zumaya RP
9 (88) Jason Schmidt SP
10 (93) Brandon Phillips 2B
11 (108) Raul Ibanez OF
12 (113) Josh Beckett SP
13 (128) Russell Martin C
14 (133) Curtis Granderson OF
15 (148) Francisco Liriano SP
16 (153) Anibal Sanchez SP
17 (168) Adam Wainwright S/R P
18 (173) Chad Tracy 3B
19 (188) Carlos Quentin OF
20 (193) Zach Duke SP
21 (208) Tim Lincecum SP
22 (213) Johnny Estrada C

My team as it stands now

C - Russell Martin
1B - Derrek Lee
2B - Brian Roberts
SS - Hanley Ramirez
3B - Miguel Cabrera
OF - Ichiro Suzuki
OF - Curtis Granderson
OF - Manny Ramirez
UTIL - Freddy Sanchez
UTIL - Jim Thome
BN - Brandon Phillips
BN - Chris B Young
BN - BJ Upton

SP - Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP - Felix Hernandez
RP - Fausto Carmona
RP - N/A
P - Mark Buerhle
P - Jose Contreras
P - James Shields
BN - Tom Gorzelanny
BN - Oliver Perez
BN - AJ Burnett
DL - Jason Schmidt
DL - Josh Beckett

The game has 11 categories. AVG., R, 2B, RBI, HR, R, W, K, S, ERA, WHIP

My strategy is pretty simple really. I like to guarantee myself about five categories every week. Those categories are AVG, R, SB, K and W. In my pursuit of K and W I overload my opponent with pitchers in hope he'll pick up a shady spot start out of spite, this happens about 1/2 the time. I start five lead-off guys, and that number could soon be six with Bj Upton nearing OF eligibility. Due to this, and my recent acquiring of Freddy Sanchez, average, steals and runs are never a problem. I don't actively pursue homeruns, although I do have a couple guys who can go deep in Thome, Ramirez, Cabrera and Lee. Typically, I do not win RBI, but with Thome coming off the DL, and this recent Granderson power surge, things are looking bright there again. ERA and WHIP are back and forth. I tend to win one each week, although this week I'm going to lose both, and pretty badly. I spot started Mike Mussina, that wasn't wise. Saves have been written off, most overrated category. With this team, I feel like I should expect to win every hitting category and half the pitching categories.

This is a 100$ league, it's pretty competitive, and I'm just tearing it to pieces.

Notice the acquisitions of Ichiro and Brian Roberts. I picked up Ichiro from a guy who really likes to move people around, the trade was Kelly Johnson and Bartolo Colon for Ichiro. He had a fairly weak pitching staff and we privately discussed the value both ways of the trade. I feel it was pretty even. A solid #2 and player in the system for a great player in my system, seemed ok.

Roberts came early, a player had all three 2nd baseman, Ian Kinsler, Brian Roberts and Orlando Hudson, but he needed a utility guy that could play a lot of positions. I happened to have Mark DeRosa, whom plays three positions, for whatever reason, he was hot, and the trade was DeRosa for Roberts, straight up.

I scour the waiver wire pretty consistently, and we all make moves, so it fluctuates all the time. It's just the moves that I have made have been great.

So am I just lucky? Or good? Basically, are Shields, Gorzelanny, Perez, and Carmona going to keep being reliable? Are Granderson, Martin, and Phillips legitimate all-star candidates?

I feel, honestly, that this is one of the better teams in a competitive ten-man league that you will see. A little star power, and strategy.

There are 256 categories total, over the course of the season. I believe I can win 180. Does anyone agree? Is this team basically unbeatable? Is my strategy cheap in any way? Does anyone else play this way?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

05-26-2007, 11:41 AM
Is this a keeper league? If the answer is no, what was your excuse for drafting Francisco Liriano?

I'd say your both lucky and good. I mean, you found a strategy that works for you, and your taking full advantage of it. However, I'm surprised that you're doing so well while completely ignoring one category (saves). The thing I would caution you to do is not keep onto some of the early season surprises too long. Don't drop them too early either, but if a guy like Shields or Gorzelanny has 3-4 bad outings in a row or say 4 out of 5 bad ones I'd look to get rid of them.

05-26-2007, 02:02 PM
This is not a keeper league. I thought he came back in July for some reason. Found out later that was not the case and dropped him.

05-26-2007, 02:05 PM
I'm pretty sure I missed the beat on Chad Gaudin. Strongly considered dropping Chris B. for him a few days ago. Gaudin is looking really good this year, and the A's are coming alive.