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devinhester=R.O.Y 2006
05-29-2007, 07:56 PM
Cal Poly
James Noble, RB, Jr. (5'6"/180 lbs.)
Ramses Barden, WR, Jr. (6'6"/227 lbs.)
Jason Relyea, LB, Sr. (6'0"/220 lbs.)
Adam Torosian, DE, Sr. (6'2"/255 lbs.)

UC Davis
Chris Carter, WR, Jr. (6'0"/190 lbs.)
James Amos, DE, Sr. (6'4"/260 lbs.)
Chris Buck, LB, Sr. (6'0"/210 lbs.)
Adam Cook, CB, Sr. (5'11"/185 lbs.)

North Dakota State
Steve Walker, QB, Sr. (6'1"/210 lbs.)
Kole Heckendorf, WR, Jr. (6'1"/188 lbs.)
Nick Schommer, S, Sr. (5'11"/193 lbs.)
Ramon Humber, LB, Jr. (5'11"/220 lbs.)
Joe Mays, LB, Sr. (5'11"/245 lbs.)

South Dakota State
Cory Koening, RB, Sr. (5'10"/205 lbs.)
Eric Schroeder, DT, Jr. (6'4"/275 lbs.)
Justin Kubesh, LB, Sr. (6'1"/230 lbs.)
Brock Gentile, CB, Sr. (5'10"/189 lbs.)

Southern Utah
D.J. Senter, S, Jr. (6'1"/205 lbs.)
LaVar Porter, LB, Sr. (6'2"/230 lbs.)
Jimmy Judd, DE, Sr. (6'2"/250 lbs.)

Please feel free to add anyone I may have missed.

05-29-2007, 10:18 PM
not meaning to be rude or anything...but without stats or any type of analysis this seems pretty pointless to me. Its not like many of us will get to scout or see any of these guys play.....just seems like a list of names to me