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The Southland Conference prospects are now in...

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  • The Southland Conference prospects are now in...

    Central Arkansas
    Ross Brown, RB, Sr. (59/184 lbs.)
    Nathan Brown, QB, Jr. (62/209 lbs.)
    Tristan Jackson, CB, Sr. (59/192 lbs.)

    McNeese State
    Jamie Leonard, RB, Jr. (511/191 lbs.)
    Derrick Fourroux, QB, R-Soph. (61/187 lbs.)
    Steven Whitehead, WR, Jr. (58/171 lbs.)
    Jamelle Juneau, S, Jr. (62/212 lbs.)
    Bryan Smith, DE, Jr. (63/217 lbs.)
    Trey Bennett, LB, Jr. (61/235 lbs.)

    Nicholls State
    Michael McLendon, RB, Jr. (510/190 lbs.)
    Kareem Moore, CB, Jr. (60/200 lbs.)

    Northwestern State
    Brian Lawrence, RB, Jr. (58/197 lbs.)
    Ray Martin, DE, Sr. (61/235 lbs.)
    C.L. Grogan Jr., CB, Sr. (59/170 lbs.)
    Charlie Brooks, DE, Sr. (63/225 lbs.)

    Sam Houston State
    Wes Pate, QB, Sr. (62/219 lbs.)
    Rhett Bomar, QB, Jr. (62/215 lbs.)
    Eric Mikolajchak, DT, Sr. (64/302 lbs.)

    Southeastern Louisiana
    Jay Lucas, RB, Jr. (511/232 lbs.)
    Tony Richardson, LB, Sr. (61/215 lbs.)
    Brennen Harris, LB, Sr. (61/247 lbs.)

    Stephen F. Austin
    Dominique Edison, WR, Jr. (63/200 lbs.)
    Damian Perkins, LB, Jr. (60/220 lbs.)
    Louie Runnels, RB, Sr. (60/250 lbs.)

    Texas State
    Donovan King, DE, Jr. (62/262 lbs.)
    Daniel Varvel, S, Sr. (63/216 lbs.)
    Nate Langford, DE, Sr. (61/248 lbs.)
    Bradley George, QB, R-Soph. (66/230 lbs.)

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    My dawg, Steven Whitehead will be 1st All-American again. They need to get the ball in his hands more. He is MAGICAL in the open field. He's the best punt returner in all of college football, regardless of the level. Watch out for him.
    When you reach the upper level, your mind body and soul must be one.


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      Rhett Bomar is obviously on the watch list.

      I know someone that went to Texas State, and said to watch out for Donovan King..dude is gonna be a stud if he stays healthy


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        I'd be surprised if Rhett left SHSU after this season. Granted, he is probably going to put up ridiculous numbers (like SHSU QB's do every year) I think he'll stay there for a second season.

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