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  • Slaton Seems Bigger

    read an article where he said hes up around 200-205; he was 185-190 last year; how much does this help his stock? doubt this moves him above mcfadden; also said it made him faster, if its true that he didnt lose his speed, how much does this help him?

    thats a recent pic---from 1st day of camp

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    He is the 3rd RB taken IMO(Behind Run DMC and Stewart), but if he proves over the season that he can be a physical runner as well as the speedster that he already is, he has the talent to go top 15


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      he was always stocky, but now his arms look huge, with his surgery and added bulk he should hold onto the ball this year

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        He looks jacked! Despite this, I still think that he'll compete with DMC as being the best slasher RB in the class.


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          If he's 5-10/200 at the combine and runs that 4.4 that is expected of him he defnitely could go anywhere in mid to late round one to any team needing a Reggie Bush/Warrick Dunn type runner. Personally am holding out hope for him to fall to Cleveland in RD2.


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            Pat White needs some beef.

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              Originally posted by Ghettosermon View Post
              Pat White needs some beef.
              It would appear he has beefed up, Slaton as well. Another pic...


              Hopefully he's able to stay healthy this season and has put those wrist problems behind him.

              The question with White becomes how much more weight can he pack on that 6'1"-6'2" frame without losing speed and quickness.
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                Actually I think the question about White is can he play WR in the NFL or is he just a special teams/kick return prospect with no hands or route running prospects. I'm thinking the latter, but some QBs work out in the league at WR like Randle El, Ward, and Curry.


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                  Slaton looks jacked. If he can have a good year at that size and maybe pack on a few more pounds in the offseason to impress critics at the combine he can put a good bit of the size concerns to bed

                  Pat White, on the other hand, looks like a DB


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                    I wonder where all these RBs will go if all these good juniors declare. I think all of these guys should go from round 1 to round 2: McFadden, Stewart, Slaton, F.Jones, and J.Davis

                    ...yet the only teams I think could draft a RB in those two rounds are CLE, GB, TEN, NYG, DAL, and maybe HOU with GB and TEN being very doubtful barring McFadden is available to them. Take out 1 of those b/c one of them will sign M.Turner too. Seems like good RB talent will be around in round 3 and maybe 4 next year.


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                      Seattle, Kansas City and Arizona would probably take a RB if the value was there as well.

                      That is correct comahan
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                        Don't count Atlanta out.
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                          Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                          Seattle, Kansas City and Arizona would probably take a RB if the value was there as well.
                          Yeah them too...Maybe in the second round, maybe. As for Atlanta, they have freakin' Jerious Norwood, he had like 6 some ypc last year and has 4.33 speed at 6-0/205 or so. I think Atlanta's chances of taking a RB in round 1 are slim and none, and in round 2 about 50/50.



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