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  • Quintin Demps FS UTEP

    Why is he rated so low? Is it because of the conference he plays in or the school he goes to?

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    someone447 went to UTEP and played for a short time as i remeber, he might have some inside info. or not. It probably is the conference, but to be top 8 in scott's rankins could mean he will be a first day pick though.

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      well i mean, he's rated 8th in a very weak group of safeties. he has prototypical size for the FS position and his speed is average. he's got the track record of being a very productive player and has shown excellent ballskills as evidenced by his 12 career interceptions and 15 career PBU's.

      To put that into perspective, he has more career interceptions than Chris Horton, Jamar Adams, Thomas Decoud, and Darien Williams...COMBINED, and all are rated ahead of him.


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        I like Demps a lot. I've got him in the 3rd round in my 'ideal Bears mock'.

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          Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
          I like Demps a lot. I've got him in the 3rd round in my 'ideal Bears mock'.
          i have him as a late 2nd-middle 3rd rounder.


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            he is a great hitter who shows his range with big plays and interceptions. a good kick returner too.

            i wudnt worry too much about scotts pre-season rankings. he has not updated it for a while and its just to give you a rough idea going into the season

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