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  • Maurice Purify

    I was looking up some wideouts and saw this guy so I checked some videos on him and with what I saw is that he a great leaper and has great hands but not fast. What round do you guys think he will be drafted in and also do you think he any good, thanks.

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    I think he's underrated right now. If Limas Sweed is the #1 wideout he deserves to be ranked much higher as well.

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      A similar WR to Limas Sweed and Marcus Monk (In that he's tall and won't blow you away with his speed, but is reliable), but not as good and not as publicized. I think he's had character problems...not sure though, and I may have him confused with someone else. I saw him play one game, and he impressed me. Scott has him as his #15 wideout. So I'm thinking 3rd round at best, and thats if he has a great year. But somewhere in the 2nd say would probably be the safest prediction. Whichever round would be determing by what teams are looking for a 6-4, 220 WR that runs a 4.60 40. But if he times better, watch out.
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        He has solid blocking skills for a WR which will help his draft stock


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          Yes he has big character concerns.

          In may, Purify was arrested on two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest.

          "Police say Purify threw a punch at the man. Police also say Purify also assaulted the man's girlfriend when she intervened. When police arrived, they say Purify didn't comply with their orders. Purify was taken to jail and was let out on bond early Sunday afternoon."
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            I think he will time a lot better than people expect him to, I think the low 4.5s are possible or maybe even better. He should be around 6-4 220 with an impressive vert. The character concerns will hurt him quite a bit but there is no doubt that he is a great talent.


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              Originally posted by thule View Post
              Yes he has big character concerns.

              In may, Purify was arrested on two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest.

              from aol
              the biggest thing with that is he assulted a girl, thats not cool.


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                He has a Terrell Owens like body type...


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                  I got to see Maurice Purify up close when he went to San Francisco City College, and I think he could be a decent #3 in the NFL. He's got great leaping ability, but he really doesn't get very good separation, and he isn't yet so good at fighting with DB's that he'll compensate all that well at the pro level.

                  I think he's a decent option late day 1/early day 2.


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                    About the Mo character concerns, the first problem was blown COMPLETELY out of proportion.

                    I could go into complete detail, but the accusers boyfriend (who Mo was fighting with before the woman jumped in) was good friends with the arresting officer. So needless to say, Mo was screwed for getting into a routine bar fight in which was only started due to the other guy throwing around racial slurs.

                    The stupid part was getting pulled over shortly after that incident for drinking and driving. He needed to keep his nose clean while everything was getting worked out, but he couldn't.

                    Mo was a star basketball player at his JUCO (might have been a JUCO All American), so his athleticism is undeniable. Speed was definitely a part lacking from his game last year, but his initial burst this year has completely changed. He has HUGE hands that literally engulf footballs. With those hands, he really seems to catch everything thrown his way.

                    The downfall, he has some work habit problems. He reported to summer camps this year at 240lbs. where he was told to either trim down or he was becoming a TE. He started the season at a little over 225lbs., but is back down to his normal weight of 220 now.


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                      Maurice purify should also be noted for his awesome last name.

                      Hey, gotta have a good name to succeed.
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                        Mo really cannot catch a break at all.

                        In just the last 2+ months, he has went through his off the field problems. Then he dealt with the death of his brother from just a month ago, when he was shot in the back during a carjacking. Now, his longtime girlfriend dies from injuries sustained in a car crash.

                        Really, really sad for Mo. :(



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