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    I get the feeling his stock is rising. The fact that he can power clean like 365 or so won't hurt either. Anyone got a read on where they say he should go in the draft? Seems like a 2nd/3rd round guy who could skyrocket into late round1 or early round2 to me. And Terps usually seem to rise with their workouts in the draft (Merriman, Wilson, Foxworth, etc.)

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    he could be a Justin Harrell, for the fact that no one thought he would be a first rounder to, he could be a late first rounder to, why the **** are the packers drafting him at 16


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      stockwise I see him as a mccargo type in that he'll stay under rated by experts but be top 3 dt who is picked a lot higher than experts project him to be as he's got great tools and a great Attitude but isn't flashy or dominant enough to be viewed near Ellis/Dorsey's level


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        He is expected to blow away workouts, so his stock should really rocket. I would say late first is a possibility, but early-mid second is more likely.

        I think his potential versatility is what will really make his stock rise though. He could potential play every DT position except maybe UT in the cover 2. So, he could be a 34 DE, 34 NT, and 43 NT/DT

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          Does he have a good frame to put on some weight? I know he's very strong but to play 3-4 NT it probably wouldn't hurt to put on a few more pounds if hes around a little over 310 right now...Very intriguing prospect who could rise big time, especially because of his versatility. His ability to play in a 3-4 helps as well, since there aren't really any 3-4 DL's that stick out at the top of this draft.


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            I think he'll have a bright future in the NFL but I don't see him getting a huge Internet following as he's not overly dominant and won't outshine ellis and dorsey at the combine


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              I think he has the ability to add a bit more to his frame. That said, I wouldn't look for anything more than 320ish, and depending on how he's used, he might be better off at a lower weight.

              I may be one of the few right now, but I think he's a first rounder. I think he's looking solid this year, and has the physical upside to intrigue. Stout agianst the run, but is improving as a pass rusher. I think he can play a 3-4 DE role, can handle the 3-4 NT role, and can be used as a UT or NT in a 4-3. I think his ideal spot is more a Booger McFarland type 4-3 NT (when Booger was with Sapp).

              That said, I think he should be in day 1, particularly when you factor in this thin class of DT's. That is, unless there's some off-field stuff, nothing of which comes to mind at the moment. On a side note, he really seems like the type of DL talent that Belichick would fall in love with.



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