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    My question to everyone is: What do you think about this guy? If he decides to come out this year, I would think he should be ranked among the top safety prospects in the draft. I keep seeing Darien Williams ranked High in everyone's mocks and rankings, and this guy beat him out and is starting now at FS instead of Williams. I have heard virtually no talk about him and was wondering what the deal is. So where's the love!?

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    He's definitely a good prospect. He's always around the ball and hits like a ton of bricks. He plays more of a hybrid safety/linebacker position most of the time, as his strength is against the run. He's ok, but not great in coverage. Might not be polished enough for the draft this year, as a junior.


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      I like him a lot, he is another great prospect on that loaded OU defense. He has great potential and is a huge hitter, and with a relatively weak crop of safeties you could see him declare. I think he should stay but you never know.


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        He's big, strong, fast and reportedly has very little body fat (under 5%). If he declares he would compete with Barrett for the top SS spot, or he could bulk up and play WLB. OU just might have one of the best defensive backfields ever in college football.

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