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Ryan Clady and Gosder Cherilous

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  • Ryan Clady and Gosder Cherilous

    Who is the better tackle? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

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    Originally posted by foozball View Post
    Who is the better tackle? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
    I like Clady better, although Cherilus is more consistent so far. I think Clady has the athleticism to be a plus pass defender, and the bulk to be a solid run guy. I'm not sure Cherilus is on the level of Clady in regards to athletic potential.


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      I love Gosder, he can play both OT spots and is an underrated athlete (he was going to play college basketball but opted out for football). They both have been playing well, but I have seen a lot more of Cherilus and he has been dominant.


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        depends for right or left tackle? I think Clady for left and Chrilous for Right.


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          cherilus also switched blocking schemes this year AND flipped sides. I think that's what accounts for the inconsistencies. i think it makes him a little more valuable since he's experienced in both.

          i haven't seen clady that much, but he looks good from what i've seen
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            I will say this about Cherilous, I like him at LT better than I like Jake Long at LT. The kid can be real good, and as megansett notes, it is quite impressive how he has adjusted this year. I just think the upside of Clady is a notch higher, although the floor to Cherilous is probably a bit better as well (one way to express it is that Clady at RT or Cherilous at LT, and I would lean to the latter)


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              Of the big 4 of Long, Baker, Clady and Cherilus, Cherilus is my favorite. He doesn't have Baker ane Clady's athleticism, but he possesses a great deal of power. Plus he plays with a good deal of aggression. I think he's a bit underrated in the athleticism department tho. But he's not a dancing bear type of tackle.

              I think where they all go depends on the offensive philosophy of the teams drafting at the time. If you are a team with a power running game, you're probably going to value the talents of Long and Cherilus over Baker and Clady. If you are a heavy passing team that likes to run block out on the perimeter and need linemen to get downfield and block in space, then you are going to probably value Baker and Clady a bit more than Long and Cherilus.

              But for my money, I'd take Cherilus. I think he'd be a good Chief.



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