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Travis Beckum, TE or WR?

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  • Travis Beckum, TE or WR?

    Even though he has played TE for the past year and a half buy I still can't fathom teams lining up a TE who 220 in the pro's. Most of the draft sites list him as a TE, but IMO, I think he would probably be better off at WR due to his size limitation right now. Now if he stays in school and puts on some wieght my opinion would change.

    He lines up wide a lot in games so it won't be that much different to him probably anyway.


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    i think he'll be a TE similar to Dallas Clark. He's a TE by position only but spends a majority of his time split out in the slot.


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      He reminds me of Marques Colston........

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        I can't see him ever being a full-time tight end. While I have hoped he could put on weight, and he still could, he only put on 5 or so lbs last offseason. With all that being said, he is a playmaker and a great athlete. I'm sure an NFL team will find a spot for him.


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          Dallas Clark is a free agent to be this year...Travis Beckum is a lot like him and a great fit in the Colts offense - Big Ten flex tight end who can stretch the field.



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