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Sam Baker fall?

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  • Sam Baker fall?

    could anyone else see Baker falling possibly as late as the 20's in the draft? With top Juniors such as Loadholt, Oher, and Clady all possibly (likely?) coming out, could teams pass on the "safe-ness" of Baker and go for the "potential" of some of the Juniors?

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    he got injured today.


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      I dont think you have to worry about Loadholt, he still needs time to develop he would be smart to play another year. Had several penalties in the Missouri game and missed a few key block assignments.


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        Loadholt needs to stay for one more year to refine his game, and if he does he will be a monster.

        As for Baker I don't think he's had the kind of season I was hoping from him. Still, every prospect that has upside at the crucial LT position will go higher than maybe they should. Teams crave LTs and there is never enough of them.



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