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  • Former DE?

    Ive Grown up watching the Pac-10....Mostly Oregon,Oregon St. and USC...

    Ive Wondered about these players and whats their Situation in the draft?

    First,I've wanted to know if anyone has heard about the season Dexter Manely Jr. Former DE from Oregon Transfer? What is his situation in the draft and will he get picked up or drafted?I heard he was playing somewhere in texas?Right?

    And then i wanted to know about Former Oregon St. DE Joe Rudulph who was kicked off the team after getting into a brawl....He has good measurables at
    6'5 245 and ran between the 4.6-4.8 range...Anyone heard about him and whats his situation in the draft?If he would have stayed at Oregon State he would have had a huge career...what are the chances he gets picked up to play OLB for someone?

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