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Andre Callender and LV Whtiworth

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  • Andre Callender and LV Whtiworth

    What do you guys think about Boston College's 2 senior RB's? They have that whole thunder-lightning thing down, which is what BC has wanted from them since the end of their freshman seasons.

    Callender is the speed guy, he is about 6-0 195 and he will probably run in the low 4.5s. He plays very fast, he can cut, juke, and accelerate better than anyone BC has had in a long, long time. He is an excellent receiver who has been deadly out of the backfiled this season. Andre leads the ACC in scoring this season with 11 total TDs. He has ran for 627 yards on 128 carries (4.9 ypc) with 8 TDs and has caught 26 passes for 266 yards (10.2 avg) and 3 TDs. He is a little small and is pretty tough between the tackles in college, but it will not be viewed as a strength as a prospect.

    LV Whitworth has been the grind-it-out compliment back for BC since his true freshman year - he rushed for totals of 623, 807, and 791 yards before this season with 15 total TDs those 3 seasons. With Callender's emergence in 2007, Whitworth's numbers have slipped to 282 yards off 58 carries (4.9 ypc) and 3 TDS. He is a power back at 6-0 225 and he should run around the 4.6 area. He is a solid receiver as well, he has 76 catches for 627 yards (8.3 avg) and 1 TD. He has played some fullback at BC as well, he could have some potential there. His timed speed will probably not help his status but he is a solid power back with athleticism.

    Between the 2 of these guys, I think Callender will be looked at a lot more when the post-season rolls around. Neither of them look to be 1-back system guys but they both could find a niche with a team that likes to run a 2-back system with guys who compliment eachother. I see both of them getting drafted, Callender around rounds 3-4 (maybe higher if he keeps producing and times well) and Whitworth going in rounds 5-7.

    If any of you guys have seen them play what is your assessment on them as college players and NFL prospects?

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