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    I see a lot of people are very high on him. I haven't really gotten a chance to watch him so I was wondering what his positives and negatives on him are and who he does compare to in the NFL.


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    Hes very fast and is a sideline to sideline type player, however lacks the ideal size to play LB in the NFL. He might project best to a SS in the NFL.


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      Reminds me of Ernie Sims. Both are undersized but make plays all over the field. Although Highsmith isn't quite as athletic as Sims they are both guys who play bigger than their size would indicate.


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        he is a much much better athlete then football player, although he will be a very intriguing player come combine time, especially if he shows good COD.... he is going to have Cover2 teams all up on him


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          He really blew up in the BCS Championship game. He looks like a guy that would just lay the lumber on anyone that crosses in front of him. He blew Todd Boeckmen in that one play on 4th down, in which he caused a fumble. Perhaps a poor man's Ernie Sims which is what is intriguing because we all know how good Sims is.

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