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  • Ron Brace

    Any thoughts from the folks on Brace?

    Is he any good?

    Will he come out this year?

    Can he be a 3-4NT?

    Where would he go in the draft?

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    He can be a 3-4 NT, he weighed in at 360 before last season, which is the highest the scales at BC go so he could have weighed more. He is supposedly down to 330 and looks it, he is moving around a lot better this year. He has stepped up a great deal since Raji has been out and has started to make a name for himself. Ever since Al Washington left after Brace's freshman year he has gotten progressively better.

    I do not think he will come out this season, he has a lot of potential in a weak class of potential 3-4 NTs but he could use his senior year to refine his game. He has day one talent for his position but would probably not go day 1 this year



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