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    It seems that this guy is being hyped to be the next great University of Miami safety on this forum and I would just like to know if he's a legitimate top ten pick. I've watched him on multiple occasions, but am not totally sure if he deserves to be considered among some of the elite prospects. Hopefully, somebody can give me some insight on whether he is or he isn't.

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    IMO, I see him the same type of prospect and player as Laron Landry.


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      I think he may be able to get into that 8-10 region but that's at best. He's a bit overhyped and isn't on the level of Taylor or anywhere near it but he's there with Huff and Landry. I doubt he times as well as the other two though.

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        if he runs a sub 4.4 he should easily be a top 10 pick


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          He has better instincts than an almost any other safety out of college, and he's a great form tackler. He's not exceptional at anything else, and sometimes I wish he was a bit more physical closer to the LOS, but he's a very solid S prospect nonetheless and will be consistent in the NFL.

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            He's not as much of a playmaker as some of the other safeties available (and that's saying alot considering this years class of safeties) but he is a very safe pick. Good in coverage and against the run, good size and good speed. I think he's overrated and is certainly not in the Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Laron Landry class but he's still a top 20 draft pick (due to team needs he'll probably go higher than he should) and for a safety that's saying something.
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