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    Delaware vs. Delaware State on ESPN now. Flacco looks like the real deal. Very strong arm and good size.

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    And a nice throw to end the half right there...though incomplete.


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      It's been great to see him. He's been the prospect from the smaller schools I've most wanted to check out.

      As a Rams fan, I know we won't use a high pick on a QB, but a 3rd-4th round guy like Flacco could be in play.

      Senior Bowl invite for Flacco?


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        I'd watch it but I'm more interested in LSU-Arkansas from a spectacle stand point. I watched one or two series which was enough for me to know he has the accuracy. My questions about him (maybe someone could fill me in) would be about his competition (he showed great presence to avoid a guy from behind and then made a great throw but the guy he avoided was like 5' 10', so I'm not sure what to make of it. Also, their running games seems absolutely dominant. Can he pass in the red zone? And has he ever been under any pressure to come from behind without being able to utilize the running game?


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          toonster has been raving about Flacco for a while now, and I think he is toon's no.4 rated QB...

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            Originally posted by PossumBoy9 View Post
            Senior Bowl invite for Flacco?
            Senior Bowl already invited all their QBs. Flacco got a Hula Bowl invite


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              Doesn't hurt Flacco that he has a human touchdown machine running the ball..Omar Cuff scored touchdown number 34 today, as well as running for 288 yards.


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                Flacco's a tough read on his value right now. I think he's in the 2nd tier of QB's, ranging anywhere from the 2nd-4th round. I like his upside, though. I'd make the case that his upside is arguably higher than any of the top 3 QB's. That said, from what I've seen, there's some tiny mechanical work that needs to be done, and some of the stuff he can get away with at Delaware, I don't think the windows would be as wide in D-I, let alone the NFL. He's the type of kid that may need some time to develop. Personally, for the Bears, I'd take OL round 1 and target a QB like Flacco later on.


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                  I like Flacco as a prospect for the reason toon listed above.

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                    Flacco is an interesting guy and he has a ton of fans in the scouting community. I think he could very easily go as high as round two. Personally, I'm not sure I am that sold on him and I'm pretty comfortable with where I have him in my rankings right now.
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                      Mel Kiper was raving about him on College Gameday ESPN Radio this am. I think he said he had him the 5th senior qb; Ryan,Brohm,Woodson,Ainge and then Flacco. I have never seen him play. So, I can't comment on him.


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                        He is my 5th ranked QB at this moment
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                        What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                          Originally posted by SuperKevin View Post
                          Senior Bowl already invited all their QBs. Flacco got a Hula Bowl invite
                          Thanks for the info.


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                            Flacco and Delaware advanced to the FCS semis with a win over previously undefeated No. 1 Northern Iowa (who beat Iowa State).

                            Flacco's line: 25-45 for 312 yards and 2 TDs, also a 1-yard TD run

                            This despite being on the run throughout the game - sacked five times and hurried several other times. Had his starting LT go down last week and starting LG go down on the first play of the game.

                            I'll say this as a Delaware fan, Flacco is definitely slow but there have been several plays this year where he has shrugged off sacks and completed passes downfield. He has also shown impressive accuracy throwing on the run.

                            He has 20 TDs and 5 picks. He makes good decisions. He has an NFL arm, knows it and can thread the needle.

                            The hype is deserved.



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