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  • Probably very very early...

    But how do y'all see Tim Tebow as a prospect?

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    Based on athleticism he'll be a sure 1st rounder when he comes out but as a quarterback I feel he should be a mid round selection. He doesn't look natural under center.


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      I think he'll go #1 based on hype, but I have serious questions based on what system he plays in, and that he won't be able to run as much as he does in the pros.


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        He's every bit the prospect that Vince Young was out of college so where does that put him? Personally i like Matthew Stafford better, i know he is a little inconsistant but he has a great arm and shows some wheels like he did today.


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          he doesn't throw the ball like a natural passer. I'm very wary of qbs that don't throw conventionally.

          like woodson.


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            What ever happened to Tommie Frazier and Eric Crouch?


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              He has a pretty live arm and can make all the throws to potentially develop into a pro caliber thrower, but so far he is just runs around and seems to make it up as he goes.

              His release is exceptionally slow and his accuracy is spotty underneath, he also has a nasty habbit of staring at his recievers. However, i think these things are very correctable and more importantly he has the that moxy and "it" to be a star.

              Not a 1st rounder yet, but could definitely end up there.

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                Originally posted by Xonraider View Post
                But how do y'all see Tim Tebow as a prospect?
                I like Stafford better as a pure passer.

                Release and mechanics are slow and just need alot of changes. It'll hurt his accuracy at the pro level.

                Plus, Florida QBs are just meh..



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