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    I've been hearing a lot about him lately. What can people tell me about him? What round is he projected to go in, and what offense suits him better, a WCO or a Coryell scheme?

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    I really like Flacco personally. I see him as a round 4 guy but if he could move up some if he has good workouts. Obviously the biggest knock is that he has played against very low competition and hasn't seen very complicated or highly skilled defenses. Also, he sat behind Tyler Falko at Pitt before he transferred.

    As for pros he has good size for an NFL QB. He's very tall and has a strong upper body. His arm strength is impressive but my favorite thing about his game is his quick release. I think that this will help him at the next level. He'd fit well in a system that throws a lot of quick outs and slants.


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      Here's a scouting report on him from the GBN.
      And proud of it!!!


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        Couple thoughts from a UD fan:

        Tremendous poise. They call him "Joe Cool" here in Delaware because in two years we've never seen the guy get rattled. We just played on the road, in the playoffs, against the No. 1 and No. 4 teams in I-AA the past two weeks and won both games after being down 10-0.

        To put his five INTs in perspective, that's over 14 games and 470 pass attempts.

        He is definitely slow, but he makes good decisions in the pocket, knows when to step up and when to flush. We played Northern Iowa two weeks ago, one of the best defenses at our level. They were undefeated, beat Iowa State this year. We were playing second-stringers at LG and LT and Joe had people in his face the whole game, sacked five times, yet he was the one that made some amazing throws and kept us going. UNI coach said he should have been sacked 11 times.

        Best arm in the draft.

        I will be putting together a 2007 Delaware highlight reel and I'll probably throw together a short and sweet Flacco reel to show you guys what all the fuss is about.

        Don't forget that Delaware is playing Appalachian State Friday night in the FCS title game. It's sold out, should be an awesome game. Here's hoping the winged helmet gets its revenge!


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          Armanti Edwards vs. Joe Flacco

          Going to be an exciting game to say the least.
          Virginia Tech.
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            I watched the FCS game with them vs whoever they played last....he impressed me. He made every throw on a rainy night.

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