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  • McFadden-Jets

    McFadden would be a great fit for the Jets, hes a verstile player that we would use in so many ways, and we are like the one team that actually has that play in our playbook with the RB at QB. We did it with Leon Washington and Brad Smith, so we would do it with McFadden. The Jets dont have that 1 guy on offense that scares teams, or can be the horse for the offense. We have Jones, but he can easily be let go and have McFadden take over, since we are a young team and Jones is going to be 30. The Jets need a player that scares teams, that can bring some excitement, and I believe he would fit in our offense, our OC would build around him, let him do what he does best. I would love to see McFadden spark are offense up, we really need him.

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