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D2 and D3 Championship players

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  • D2 and D3 Championship players

    Anybody else watching these games? I'm watching the D2 game right now in order to check out Xavier Omon the Running Back from Northwestern State. He hasn't really had any room to run and show his stuff today. I found myself coming away very impressed with two Valdosta players though. CB Maurice Leggett (6'0 180) who Andre Ware has been talking up throughout the day and WR Cedric Jones (6'0 180). Leggett looks like the more legit prospect of the two. I'm going to watch the D3 game later to see what Pierre Garcon is capable of. That game is where I learned about Derek Stanley of Whitewater last year. I've heard similair praises about Garcon this year.
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    I saw Omon last week in the D2 semi-finals...Very impressive..although he doesn't seem to have that next gear when he hits open field, but he sure knows how to find the holes..



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