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    Which Franchise has done the best drafting in it's NFL existence? I want to hear what you guys think.

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    The Colts and the Patriots are two of the best.


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      I've always liked the Baltimore Ravens Draft. In all NFL existence, Im not sure.


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        I would have to say teh colts have done a great job finding late round gems and players that no one thinks should be taken, taking them... and it usually ends up they are are a perfect fit. they draft for their system extremly well and i think are hte best our this era so far

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          I have a spreadsheet of the best drafting day 2 teams over the 1998-2003 seasons.

          A "Hit" is based on the 2nd contract and certain factors.. this is from IanWhetstone of SCI.

          I'll post it later.

          Steelers have had one of the most competitive teams over the past 30 years (in fact we're #2 in wins over that time) i'd have to say great drafts are the reason.

          And we're the only team to have over 1 or 2 Hall of Famers from the same draft..

          (Swann, Lambert, Stallworth and Webster.)

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            It goes in cycles

            Originally posted by urinemonkey View Post
            The Colts and the Patriots are two of the best.
            Right now for sure, but those two teams have only been on top for a relatively short period of time. The Pats were the joke of the league for years and Indy suffered for a long time before the Manning years.

            I think it's cyclical, look at Al Davis, he used to be able to draft with the best of them, now...not so much.

            Right now it is the Pats for sure. Not only drafting but managing the draft, their cap space and the whole thing. They are brilliant right now.


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              The Colts are pretty BADASS at drafting..


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                To me it would be the teams that came up with great later round picks, the Steelers were great back in the 70s, the Cowboys coming up with guys like Hollywood Henderson. I thought when Chuck Fairbanks got to the Patriots back in the early 70s he had some great drafts with guys like Russ Francis,Mike Haynes, Sam i dont know if things change because of the cap but New England and Indy would stand out to me.


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                  In history the Jets have been really really bad, like passing on guys like Warren Sapp for Kyle Brady, or passing on Dan Marino, or passing on Ed Reed or Lito Sheppard for Bryan Thomas when we already had John Abraham and Shaun Ellis at DE.
                  But recently the Jets have been good, we been getting good 1st round picks, and we been gold in the 4th round, we got guys like Kerry Rhodes, Leon Washington, Jerricho Cotchery in the 4th round.
                  But our recent 1st round picks that have been good players in the NFL are Santana Moss though we traded him, Jonathan Vilma, Darrelle Revis, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold.. Dewayne Robertson is iffy, people may say he shouldnt be as a hit because we traded so much to get him and he hasnt been a probowler, but the last 2 years he has played good, and not even in a position he was suppose to play good in at NT. He has a career high in sacks with 4 this year. But some teams thought Robertson is playing at a probowl level. Hes a good player but he wasnt worth trading 2 1st rounds.
                  I read somewhere that the last like 10 or 6 years the Jets had the 2nd best draft success rate or something like that.
                  I will say the Chargers have been good at drafting lately, they got guys like Marcus McNeil, Antonio Cromartie, Shawne Merrimen, Shawn Phillips.....


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                    Recently, the Browns haven't done to bad either..


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                      The Patriots and Colts have gotten a lot of respect (and well deserved) but don't forget the Chargers.

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                        Ron Wolf + Ted Thompson= Packers :)


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                          Originally posted by NikeFootball05 View Post
                          The Patriots and Colts have gotten a lot of respect (and well deserved) but don't forget the Chargers.
                          Oh I won't forget the Chargers, but I still have a hell of a time forgetting Ryan Leaf also.


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                            It probably has more to do with player personnel guys. Bucko Kilroy, George Young, Gil Brandt, Charley Casserly, Bill Walsh, Bill Polian... those guys are freaking legends.


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                              The Chiefs sucked but Allen, Johnson, Hali, Bowe, Pollard, Page, Tony G, Larry Johnson, Brodie LOLYLE, Kolby Smith, Dustin Colquit, Jimmy Wilkerson.

                              But had some seriously terrible picks. Ryan Sims, Junior Siavii, Marcus Maxey, Eddie Freeman, Omar Easy etc
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