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OLB's Larsen & Gooden

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  • OLB's Larsen & Gooden

    I'm wanting to know more about Tavares Gooden and Spenser Larsen.

    I watched Larsen play vs. Oregon and I was impressed with his ability to fight through traffic, go sideline-to-sideline and be around the action. I didn't really get to see him in pass protection because of Dennis Dixon going down with an injury. What I was curious about is what else is there to this guy? Pros? Cons? Etc...

    I'd like to know the same about Tavares Gooden. I know he moved from outside linebacker to inside linebacker but have yet to read a whole lot of detail about his play except that he is fast.

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    Whenever I've seen U of A games, Larsen is always around the ball. He's definitely a playmaker, been a starter since practically the moment he set foot on campus. Haven't watched enough to try and give more in depth analysis than that, sorry.


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      I've seen Gooden play a few times and you can tell that he is a fantastic athlete. He is a pretty big LB who is probably one of the fastest LBs I've seen play all year. He has the ability to play all 3 LB spots in the 4-3 (he's played em all at Miami), but in a 4-3 I like him at WLB. He has the size to play 3-4 ILB, but I don't think it would be wise to put him there. He is not a pure run stuffer. I think he projects best to a tampa 2 MLB. He is so athletic and versatile, probably the best LB in the ACC aside from Erin Henderson this year. I think he'll get taken round 2.


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        Larsen is diagnosed with the Leman sydrome as he isnt atletically gifted nor will run that fast, which will make him slip. No doubt he is a player though.



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