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    Just a list of potential prospects for this UPCOMING Draft. If you feel I missed a player, or have a player not worthy on there, feel free to say so. Just an idea of who to look at for this upcoming draft. I added my thoughts on where they could be drafted.

    Round 1- Self Explantory
    Day One 1st Three Rounds
    4th-6th Second Day Selection
    6th-7th Late-round pick
    7th/UDFA Most likely undrafted, but could be a late round pick
    UDFA Undrafted Free Agent

    Navy vs. Utah

    Reggie Campbell, RB 56 172 (7th/UDFA)
    Adam Ballard, FB 61 225 (7th/UDFA)

    Darryl Poston, RB 511 205 (UDFA)
    Jason Boone, OT 64 305 (UDFA)
    Martail Burnett, DE 63 260 (UDFA)
    Gabe Long, DT 62 295 (7th/UDFA)
    Kyle Brady, LB 62 235 (UDFA)
    Steve Tate, S 511 195 (7th/UDFA)

    Memphis vs. Florida Atlantic

    Abraham Holloway, OT 63 305 (UDFA)
    Andy Smith, G 63 315 (UDFA)

    Florida Atlantic
    Josh Pinnick, DE 63 235 (7th/UDFA)

    Southern Miss vs. Cincinnati

    Southern Miss
    Jeremy Young, QB 63 215 (7th/UDFA)
    Chris Clark, OT 64 300 (UDFA)
    Nick Dean, OT 63 285 (UDFA)
    Robert Henderson, DE 63 280 (7th/UDFA)
    Montavius Prince, DT 62 290 (7th/UDFA)
    Matthew Chatelain, LB 62 245 (UDFA)
    Brandon Sumrall, S 510 195 (UDFA)

    Butler Benton, RB 61 220 (UDFA)
    Angelo Craig, DE 65 235 (UDFA)
    Anthon Hoke, LB 61 235 (4th-6th)
    Haruki Nakamara, S 510 190 (7th/UDFA)

    Nevada vs. New Mexico

    Adam Bishop, TE 65 245 (7th/UDFA)
    Charles Manu, OT 63 305 (7th/UDFA)
    Erics Clark, DE 65 270 (UDFA)
    Ezra Butler, LB 62 248 (Day One)
    Jeremy Engstrom, LB 61 245 (UDFA)
    Paul Pratt, CB 59 185 (7th/UDFA)

    New Mexico
    Devin Clark, OT 64 320 (UDFA)
    Travis Brown, WR 62 190 (7th/UDFA)
    Marcus Smith, WR 61 210 (4th-6th)
    Tyler Donaldson, DE 64 230 (7th/UDFA) Potential Hybrid
    Major Mosley, LB 63 230 (UDFA)
    John Sullivan, K 510 155 (UDFA)

    To be continued...


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    New York Knicks (unfortunately)
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    2 Beefs: Adam Ballard i see as UDFA.
    Ezra butler (2nd Day pick)



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