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  • New runningback rankings

    Note: In my RB rankings I worked in some FB/HB prospects who teams will like for what they do. They are not to be viewed as straight up HB's, but viewed for what they do (if that makes any sense).

    Running Backs

    1 Darren McFadden, Arkansas*
    2 Jonathan Stewert, Oregon*
    3 Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois*
    4 Felix Jones, Arkansas*
    5 Kevin Smith, Central Florida*
    6 Chris Johnson, East Carolina
    7 Steve Slaton, West Virginia*
    8 Ray Rice, Rutgers*
    9 Mike Hart, Michigan
    10 Javon Ringer, Michigan State*
    11 Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech
    12 Matt Forte, Tulane
    13 Allen Patrick, Oklahoma
    14 Dantrell Savage, Oklahoma State
    15 Jacob Hester, LSU (FB/HB)
    16 Jamaal Charles, Texas*
    17 Tony Temple, Missouri*
    18 Javorskie Lane, Texas A&M* (FB)
    19 Andre Callender, Boston College
    20 Peyton Hillis, Arkansas (FB/HB)
    21 Cory Boyd, South Carolina
    22 P.J. Hill, Wisconsin*
    23 James Davis, Clemson*
    24 Justin Forsett, California
    25 Chauncey Washington, USC
    26 Owen Schmitt, West Virginia (FB)
    27 Anthony Alridge, Houston (KR)
    28 Brandon McAnderson, Kansas
    29 Yvenson Bernard, Oregon State
    30 Calvin Dawson, Louisiana-Monroe
    31 Luke Lippincott, Nevada*
    32 Ryan Torain, Arizona State
    33 Rafeal Little, Kentucky
    34 Tyrell Fenroy, Louisiana-Lafayette*
    35 Louis Rankin, Washington (KR)
    36 Thomas Brown, Georgia
    37 Keon Lattimore, Maryland
    38 Chris Markey, UCLA
    39 Amir Pinnix, Minnesota
    40 Danny Woodhead, Chadron State (KR)
    41 Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern*
    42 Calvin McRae, Ohio
    43 Marcus Thomas, Texas-El Paso
    44 Ian Johnson, Boise State*
    45 Brad Lester, Auburn*
    46 Jehuu Caulcrick, Michigan State (FB/HB)
    47 Marlon Lucky, Nebraska*
    48 BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Mississippi
    49 Omar Cuff, Deleware
    50 Arian Foster, Tennessee*
    51 Jalen Parmele, Toledo
    52 Xavier Omon, Northwest Missouri State
    53 Kevin Richardson, Appalachian State
    54 Doug Jones, Cincinnati (FB)
    55 Antoine Smith, Florida State*
    56 Albert Young, Iowa
    57 Lance Ball, Maryland
    58 Jerome Felton, Furman (FB)
    59 Lynell Hamilton, San Diego State
    60 Brandon Ore, Virginia Tech*
    61 Chad Simpson, Morgan State
    62 Kregg Lumpkin, Georgia
    63 Kory Sheets, Purdue
    64 Hugh Charles, Colorado
    65 DeMyron Martin, Southern Methodist*
    66 Yonus Davis, San Jose State*
    67 Reggie Campbell, Navy (KR)
    68 Rodney Kinlaw, Penn State
    69 Micah Andrews, Wake Forest
    70 Alley Brousard, Western Missouri St.
    71 James Johnson, Kansas State
    72 Jamario Thomas, North Texas
    73 L.V. Whitworth, Boston College
    74 Jamar Brittingham, Bloomsburg
    75 Joe Doss, Memphis
    76 Marcus Cross, Texas A&M
    77 Brandon Whitaker, Baylor
    78 DeMarco McNair, Middle Tennessee St.
    79 Chad Hall, Air Force
    80 Kyle Bell, Colorado State
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    Jacob Hester should be higher IMO, and Chris Johnson is too high. But overall, very good.



    • #3
      thanks for having Hugh Charles in there

      hes so underrated

      hes small, but VERY fast and very strong
      IMO can be a successful 3rd down back/returner


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        wow Anthony Alridge is low...

        Alley Broussard is on there at 45 and 54.

        Marlon Lucky, Arian Foster, and Antone Smith are all Jrs. and should have an asterisk.


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          Alridge should be closer to 15 than 50...Have you seen that guy play? He's probably right up there with Chris Johnson when it comes to game speed..and he's a better receiver and return man too.


          • #6
            Thank you for putting Chris Johnson up there

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              Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
              Thank you for putting Chris Johnson up there
              I was very impressed with Chris Johnson in the Las Vegas Bowl. He showed the ability to run between the tackles by gaining around 80 yards in the game between the tackles. He reminded me a ton of Willie Parker.


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                Yea I also noticed Aldrige was pretty low, i was looking for his name at least between 20-30...guys pretty explosive

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  Mike Mayock also has Chris Johnson as his top senior RB. :)


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                    Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
                    Yea I also noticed Aldrige was pretty low, i was looking for his name at least between 20-30...guys pretty explosive
                    I probably should have Aldrige higher based on his return abilities. To me his return abilities are his only attractive attribute in the NFL. He's not a guy who could be a feature back, short yardage back, or even a 3rd down back because of his lack of pass blocking ability.


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                      No Thomas Brown in your top 60 ?


                      • #12
                        Chris Johnson definatley caught my attention in that last game... i think hes gonna be a good one, Switch Rashard Mendenhall to #2, Marlon Lucky is too low it wasnt his fault that he had a terrible line but in the first few games his brillance was shown... talent-wise hes a top 5 player, production wise- top 25.

                        Oh and can anyone answer me this, its just something ive been curious about how did Jamario Thomas fall out of the spotlight why didnt he play much since his freshman year, i know sophmore year he was injured and patrick cobbs was back but he seemed to be fine the last 2 years... Also what happened to Kregg Lumpkin i mean with the year he had theres no way he should be ranked that high...


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                          Originally posted by georgiafan View Post
                          No Thomas Brown in your top 60 ?
                          He should be, i didn't realize I didn't have him in there. I'm going to slip him in there at #31.


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                            oh i actually thought u made a mistake btw him and Kregg Lumpkin but guess u still have Kregg in...


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                              Forsett is way to low.
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