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    Ok I checked the ranking for LT's
    And my man scott didn't even have him on there. This guy was an all-american at Wheaton North ( one of the best public high schools in the state) he even started both was is an incredible athlete. I think the reason he is has slipped on everyone's list is because he left school to support his family in a time of need. He would have been the next alex barron if he had stayed a sooner only better. The sooner fans blamed him for them not winning a NC. So for a whole student body to blame a lineman for not winning the title he must be a blue chip. I know a lot about this guy . I mean most of us have Rashad Mendenhall leaving school to be a first round draft pick in our mocks. I bet money that mendenhall wouldn't be on our minds if he didn't have great run blocking. And I doubt he would leave if akim was a junior cuz if mendenhall stayed he would make more money. So tell what u guys think of him
    One day i will be on the nfl sideline, maybe in a helmet or a headset. but it will take me to Canton, Ohio.

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    The guy to really watch for Illinois is their left tackle Xavier Fulton. He's a junior and still very raw after only recently moving over from the defensive line but he's going to be a real intriguing prospect for 2009.
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