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Sell me on Xavier Adibi

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  • Sell me on Xavier Adibi

    What positions can he play? Is he a versatile, all-across-the-board linebacker, or should you peg him as just a weakside, run-defending and blitzing type?

    Does he have good upside? How is his leadership abilities?

    Is there anything else in particular?

    The Jaguars already have three solid, solid young linebackers in Justin Durant, Daryl Smith and Clint Ingram, who play weakside, middle and strongside respectively. Ingram is probably the only one who can be upgraded. Does he fit?

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    Xavier Adbi can flat out play. He has 108 tackles this year and 82 last year. He is a tue play maker at the LB position. He is definitely best suited for a WLB in a 4-3 as he is slightly undersized but is also the most athletic linebacker in the draft. He's great in coverage, has great instincts and also hits very hard. For some reason Scott has him ranked at #8 in his senior OLB's rankings but I think that after his workouts he will get some serious first-round consideration. The Jags would be very lucky to get him in the 2nd round but I don't think they will use another first day pick on a LB for the third year in a row.


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      Adibi is a great college player who I think could be a great weakside backer in the 4-3. I like him best in the tampa 2 because despite being undersized he is a great tackler, great in coverage, insticntive, and fast. Many see him as a rounds 2-3 guy, I like him late round 1-early 2.


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        I would absolutely love the Vikes to grab him in the 2nd or 3rd round if he is somehow still available. He would be a ridiculous replacement for Ben Leber and give us an outstanding front 7. Perfect fit.

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          Liked stated, he is good in coverage and extremely fast. He would be best suited in the Tampa 2. I could very easily see him being a very good WLB just because of his sheer speed and athletic ability.


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            Pretty much everything that has been said. One thing I would like to say is that he tackles well for his size and has very good insticts when it comes to diagnosing plays such as screens. Reminds me of Derrick Brooks with his athleticism, tackling ability, and big play ability.
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              I Honestly believe he could be a Zach Thomas like MLB in the 3-4 or 4-3.

              Small Compact but physical and a polished tackler. He's one of the best open field tacklers i've seen this year.

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