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What OTs go in the two first rounds?

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  • What OTs go in the two first rounds?

    I imagine quite a lot of tackles will be picked in the first two rounds, but behind Jake Long, how do you rate the rest?

    Since I don't have a chance to watch college football I'd like to see what people think is the second best choice.

    The OTs who're often mentioned to go in the first two rounds include:

    Jake Long
    Sam Baker
    Ryan Clady
    Gosder Cherilus
    Chris Williams
    Michael Oher
    Jeff Otah
    Tony Hills

    Personally (I'm a Bears-fan) I'd like to see us take Tony Hills in the 2. round as he's fast, athletic and has a good attittude. So do you think he'll be there at the 48. overall pick??

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    Off the top, my take (I'm going to put in a lot of the juniors, obviously some won't declare; random order within tiers)

    1st tier - Range from early 1st to maybe the 20's

    Jake Long - Has been overanalyzed a bit and is a solid player, but workouts will be big.

    Ryan Clady - Don't be stunned if Clady pushes for the top OT slot.

    Jeff Otah - I think everyone's waiting on the workouts.

    Michael Oher - A lot of talk about him workinig his way up the boards it seems.

    2nd tier - Range from maybe 20's - 2nd

    Chris Williams - I'm a fan of his and wouldn't stun me to see him push into that first tier.

    Sam Baker - Workouts will be big.

    Gosder Cherilus - RT ability should prevent a big fall.

    Alex Boone - If he declares, should get a lot of teams intrigued with his upside.

    Phillip Loadholt - IMO, another year would really benefit him, but I could see him bolting.

    Anthony Collins -See above.

    3rd tier - Range maybe Late 2nd - mid 4th

    Branden Albert - wouldn't surprise me if NFL teams thought about trying him at OT)

    Mike McGlynn - could go higher as a guard, although not that much.

    Chad Rinehart - Small school guy could force his way up a bit.

    John Greco - Probably a bit overlooked right now and is a solid talent in his own right, although I'm not sure about him at LT.

    Oniel Cousins - I'd like to come up with something to say, but I don't have anything coming to mind right now.

    Carl Nicks - Athletic potential could slide him up a bit.

    4th tier - Range maybe 4th - early 6th?

    Kirk Barton - Solid steady guy who can produce in the right situation.

    Tony Hills - For all his athletic potential, seems more of a RT.

    Barry Richardson - The definition of an underachiever. Could go higher if some team falls in love with the potential.

    Duane Brown - Athletic potential is there, but needs work. May be better as a guard.

    Heath Benedict - A lot of folks seem to slate him as a guard already for some reason. If a team develops him, I can see him as a solid pro RT.

    I think I'm missing some guys, but I'm too lazy to go dig up any of my lists right now.


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      Why do you rank Tony Hills that low?

      Hasn't he played mostly LT with the Longhorns? He seems to have a lot of upside if he can grow a little still. I mean, yeah, he has been injured, but he'll be pretty healthy in time.


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        I still dont get why people like Clady that much.He doesnt do that well on the field.
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          for the bears i like BIG tackles...otah is my guy. hills isnt big enough for my liking


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            Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Jeff Otah, and Sam Baker for sure. If Michael Oher, Phil Loadholt, and Alex Boone declare they will all have a shot at the late first round and no later than the 2nd round. Chris Williams is in the mix too. I think Kirk Barton could go in round 2.


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              hills isnt all that strong or physical. needs to gain weight. he has the athleticism, but not the demeanor.


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                clady or otah are fine with me at 14. more than likely otah will be the one available.



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