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henderson vs rivers vs connor

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  • henderson vs rivers vs connor

    who will be the first OLB taken? how do they compare to each other? henderson has better physical measurables than the others, but everyone seems to be putting him in round 2. why?

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    henderson easily has the better measurables and the better potential to be an elite lber but he has some injury concerns and is a little more raw than the other two though he did put up over 100 tackles the last two years. hes a great leader on the field and has a nose for the ball. personally i think he is the a better prospect than conner and rivers as i see them both as being overrated, especially rivers.


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      Rivers will probably go first out of the bunch. Folks like him, they just don't know where to slot him because he's basically a weakside backer, which has value, but there's good depth at weakside backer this year potentially.

      After that, if Henderson rips off the top numbers that some expect, I wouldn't be surprised if he went ahead of Connors. I think Connors will be a solid pro, but in terms of draft value, I'm not so sure that his stock is really that high.



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