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    Coming into the season, he was a top 2 senior CB. He's rated #10 now in the rankings. Has he really performed that badly? He has good size at 6'1 200lbs, has experience at safety, is physical at the line and supports the run, and runs 4.45-4.5

    Where is his stock now?

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    As a Trojan fan, I've seen him get burned plenty of times to tell you that he's probably not a first or second rounder in my eyes. But he does have his strengths.

    He has very good size for a corner, and he's very physical. Covering Desean Jackson, I believe he's been able to keep Jackson from scoring against the Trojans these last two years by getting physical and playing bump and run on Desean.

    This might not be a huge deal, but he's pretty adept at forcing fumbles. If you were watching the Rose Bowl, late in the second half, Thomas stood one of the Illini players up and stripped the ball from him. Thomas has done that several times these last few years. Carroll teaches that to all Trojan players and I think that quality about him is something NFL coaches like to see.

    IMO, He'll excel in a Cover 2 zone scheme where he won't have to go one on one, stride for stride with faster receivers, and where he'll have safety help over the top. He doesn't have elite coverage skills or speed, but could be solid for some NFL team.

    *Edit. I forgot to mention that the biggest weakness Thomas has is looking back for the ball in coverage. It's not so much that receivers get behind him a lot, but they catch deep balls on him (and other USC DBs) because he doesn't put him self in a position to make a play on the ball.
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      I think he is a 2nd or 3rd rounder right now. He still has an outside shot at late round 1.
      And proud of it!!!


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        3rd round, good cover 2 prospect
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          Originally posted by bored of education View Post
          3rd round, good cover 2 prospect
          I agree that he is a good Cover 2 prospect which still makes round 2 a possibility.
          And proud of it!!!



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