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  • Mississippi St. TE Eric Butler

    With the success of former Mississippi St. TE Donald Lee at the Packers, it got me interested in current Mississippi St. TE Eric Butler and how he compares to Lee.

    As far as height and weight go, they're pretty much the same (Lee is about 6'4" and 255 and Butler is about 6'3" and 255) with a similar 40 time (4.8ish).

    I've watched Miss. St. but I've never focused on Butler to see what he does good/bad. With their emphasis on the power run game, I'd say Butler is a willing and able blocker. He's got a lot of experience having only missed 2 games in 4 years (played in 45 games). I've read he's one of the leaders on the team and he doesn't sound like a "punk" or a trouble maker which is a big positive.

    The thing I don't know about is what kind of receiver he is. He's had decent production...50 rec., 635 yards, 8 TDs. Not great, but for a run first team like MSU I wouldn't expect big numbers from receivers.

    Does anyone have an opinion of him either way? Could he be as good as Donald Lee if he gets in the right scheme (like the Packers)? Does anyone think he'd be a good late round prospect?


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