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  • More Joe Flacco Highlights

    Again, nothing groundbreaking here, just more looks at Flacco.

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    And just to clarify, Flacco is not Ben Roethlisberger when it comes to running with the football. Flacco doesn't have Big Ben's bulk (yet?) and even at Delaware, I kind of cringed whenever he took off. All the clips with him running are just a response to the "statue" and "Drew Bledsoe" comments and to prove that he can, in fact, lift his feet off the ground and move around a little bit.

    Flacco is a pocket passer. His mobility will not be much of an asset in the NFL, but neither will it be a problem. He does have some escapability, but it would be minimal early on in his career vs. an NFL pass rush.


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      This guy is starting to get overrated.

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        he looks like a Philip Rivers clone


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          The one thing that bothers me a bit with Flacco is his delivery, there's a bit of a 3/4 delivery in there which I don't like. I guess it doesn't matter as much when you're that tall though so maybe I'm overreacting.


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            Josh Johnson is still my lower level QB. Love Flacco's arm strength, but I like Johnson's accuracy and mobility more.
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            Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
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            These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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              Do you think Flacco will be invited to the senior bowl? I would really like to see how he compares with the other QB's.


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                This makes me mad.... I go to Pitt and we were saddled with crappy QB play this year but Joe Flacco is doing very well.

                Sweet Living

                I remember 9/24/08


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                  Originally posted by Number 10 View Post
                  Josh Johnson is still my lower level QB. Love Flacco's arm strength, but I like Johnson's accuracy and mobility more.
                  Couldn't agree more here.


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                    Flacco may be slightly overrated, but Josh Johnson is more overrated than Flacco will ever be. You talk about level of competition, he played in a mid-major I-AA conference. Take the gap between the SEC and Delaware and then double it. That's mostly non-scholarship football down there. With the exception of one or two teams, every team in Delaware's conference has at least one player in the NFL right now. San Diego has had one player drafted in its history (1983).

                    People who have Johnson rated over Flacco just aren't familiar with non-BCS football.

                    EDIT: looked it up, the CAA has 38 players currently on NFL rosters representing 11 of the 12 teams in the conference. The Pioneer has nobody.
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