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  • Jacob Hester Question

    Will Jacob Hester make it into the draft this year? If not, do you think someone will take a chance on him as an NFL HB... if not, maybe a FB?

    Any word on his scouting report?
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    If he runs well at the combine, I think you'll see him on some NFL team's roster next year. He may never be a star but he could be a very useful RB possibly even a starter.
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      If he get good numbers at combine, I believe he will be a 4th-5th round pick.

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        Hes got great work ethic so that alone should keep him around NFL rosters and maybe teams will take a look and give him a few handoffs here and there. Either way he should be a great special teams player. I cant see him go anywhere before the very late rounds in the 6th or 7th.


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          To me he's below what Rutgers Brian Leonard was last year.
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            I don't think he has Leonard's upside either, personally, but I see the comparison. Both are utility players. I don't think Hester goes above the 6th, but the Combine could change that. From what I've seen he does a lot of things well, but nothing great. He won't be considered that big in the NFL, so that bouncing around is less likely to happen. He doesn't have great NFL speed either. Still, he is a great guy to have on a team, if the right one drafts him.


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              hester got timed as low as the high 4.4s (4.49 i think) at a nike combine while he was in high school i believe so i really think he is gonna surprise people with his speed at the combine. he has also had some long plays/runs this year where he showed what appeared to be good speed and this is more impressive since almost all of his carries were up the middle since lsu has other guys to run outside more ie trindon holliday or keiland williams. the guys on the team also talk about him being damn fast as well.


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                i'm gonna go out on a limb and say, Hester>Leonard. only because Hester will be running just as hard on the 60th carry in a game if he was asked to carry the rock that many times. he doesn't tire and just gets stronger every carry it seems. he has amazing heart which suprises me because he comes from a HS that used to be atleast full of douche rockets.

                he also will suprise some with his speed.

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                  An enjoyable article on why Jacob Hester should be a tailback:

                  Some notable points:

                  -"One of the things that constantly amazes me about the perception regarding Hester is the inability of the so called “experts” to even consider his attributes as a runner. I mean, here is a guy who ran for more than 1100 yards on 4.9 yards per carry in a conference which has been all but unanimously crowned the most difficult in the country, gaining yards not out of gimmicky spread offense (and I say that with the utmost respect and understanding), but a no-BS we’re-gonna-line-it-up-and-run formation."

                  -"Another widely accepted claim about Hester is that he lacks the ‘athleticism’ to make it on the next level. Once again, never mind that the very definition of athleticism is self fulfilling- that is to say being athletic in the true sense of the word just means you’re good at athletics- but even if we are to take this view into account we’d find Hester more than “athletic” enough to play in the NFL. How do I know this? Well because the NFL, for all its credentials, is not major college football, and does not rely on the same offensive principles that we increasingly highlight in the college game. There are no read-based spread option offenses in the NFL, and despite the frequency of three and four wide sets the game is far less horizontal than it’s become in college. Translation? Running becomes more of a downhill practice, an exercise in vision, a quick first step, and explosion. In a league where the disparity between offensive and defensive “talent” is not as great as it is in major college football, there is still value placed on getting a consistent four yards a pop up the middle, and anyone who tells you otherwise has a mistaken understanding of the game."


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                    i think he could become a john riggins type player. i think he has the speed to break off long runs and he has the size and toughness to pound it up the middle. i think he could be a very productive runner in the NFL. i think his game translates well to the NFL


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                      I think Hester is the PERFECT player for the NFL...moderate speed....good size and stregnth....tough durable..has heart...hard nosed runner..gets tough yrads..doesnt fumble..catches passes..blocks...what more could you ask for???

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                        Originally posted by NMUBurner22 View Post
                        I think Hester is the PERFECT player for the NFL...moderate speed....good size and stregnth....tough durable..has heart...hard nosed runner..gets tough yrads..doesnt fumble..catches passes..blocks...what more could you ask for???
                        4.3 speed. Cuts on a dime. Great balance, great field vision. Break away speed.

                        I mean the fact that he does everything well and nothing great means nothing. Not that the fact that he's just like Kevin Faulk and he has 3 rings means nothing.


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                          I actually think he's a little underrated. He'll never be a star and will always be a HB/FB tweener but he can do everything and is the kind of guy who can find a place on any team. Alot of picks don't even make the team much less be a consistent player. I'd take him with a 4th. He's very low risk with pretty decent reward.


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                            I agree more or less with the last 4 posts. I just think Hester has proved himself to be a capable runner and that's where he should play in the NFL. There's a definitely a few guys I would take before him like Stewart and Mendenhall for example but the way Hester is being listed as a FB everywhere is just silly. That would be grossly underutilizing a talented back.


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                              [QUOTE=Rich Jr;885055]4.3 speed. Cuts on a dime. Great balance, great field vision. Break away speed.

                              Keep in mind there aren't many guys who can put all those traits together. Nobody's saying Hester's the top back in the draft, just that he should be a tailback.



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