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William Moore or Kenny Phillips?

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  • William Moore or Kenny Phillips?

    Who is the better player? I know Kenny gets more attention and is said to be the best safety in the draft but William Moore has had a tremendous season and was all over the field in every game including the bowl win vs Arkansas where he recorded 13 tackles, forced a fumble and took a pick to the house.

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    He has good size at 6'1 212 and reportedly runs in the 4.4s to low 4.5s. He played well all year long, but most importantly he absolutely stepped his game up in the later part of the year when it was most needed. When Brown went down with an achilles injury moore played lights out, i think he got an int in the 5 games brown was out??(not sure on that one but i think it's close). I remember watching him in the last couple games and he was all over the field, i think kenny phillips has been getting a lot of hype because he is from the U and was the clear cut FS this year, but i think with a great combine moore could give him a run for his money.

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      Willy Mo played possessed towards the second half of the year, but i dont think teams will give him the same look they give phillips. The draft advisory commitee gave him a 3rd round grade, but if he came out he would easily be a 2nd rounder if not higher. I hope he comes back and comes out next year as a lock in the 1st round.

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        he is going to be 1st round pick next year, unless he comes out this year which i doubt, with only half a good season. He has the speed and hard hits, he is a playmaker.


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          phillips by a good distance, though moore is going to be an interesting player. Phillips though will be a monster.



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