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The mystery that is Louis Holmes

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  • The mystery that is Louis Holmes

    I was perusing a Gators messageboard and I found a thread mentioning Louis Holmes. That struck me as odd to find an article about Lois Holes on a Gator messageboard and opened it to find that he was a 5-star JUCO recruit- the top player nationally- that every team- USC and Florida included- wanted.

    Obviously, he has disappointed at Arizona. Tougness and motivation has been issues and apparently he has a penchant for staying out and drinking until 4 A.M.

    Here's a blurb I read in the thread...

    " Arizona DE Louis Holmes possesses a unique combination of size and speed so it's not all that surprising that he turned in a dominating performance. Holmes' first step is so explosive that he frequently left tackles reeling trying to get into position. There's also a lot to like about the strength he showed at the point of attack. Holmes demonstrated the ability to collapse the pocket as a bull rusher and set the edge as a run defender."

    And here's the entire thread...

    Apaprently he dropped out of school and might put up one of the worst Wonderlic scores but in terms of physical ability, this guys up there.

    *I read the rules and didn't see linking a college messageboard there but if it's against the rules I apologize*

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    Have you seen him play GGI? I watched one of his games to see how he'd fit for our Jets as a 3-4 OLB. I came away thoroughly unimpressed. The guy had no motor, no drive. He was constantly getting pushed out of the play on runs, and looked to have no pass rushing moves. The guy didn't even look like an every down player in college, I don't think this guy will amount to much. Possibly a team will take a flier on his physical abilities late in the draft. I think there might be a more detailed thread on him a couple weeks ago.


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      Not much but I got the same impression when I watched...


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        I don't give a damn how many stars he had out of high school. He was a crappy player from start to finish in high school, plain and simple. No mystery here, he will not be a quality player in the NFL.
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