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Hula Bowl Evaluation (Long)

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  • Hula Bowl Evaluation (Long)

    Here are the people that I saw that stood out in the game.


    Paul Smith - QB - Tulsa - Only saw a couple of his plays, but he was excellent from what I saw. Threw the ball well and had a presence about him that was impressive. Was in control of the field when he was out there. Easily the most NFL ready QB in the game.

    Bernard Morris - QB - Marshall - Very ipressive arm. Threw a good ball with good accuracy. Saw a lot of him as he had 20 pass attempts and made good decisions. Has prortotypical size at 6'4" 230. He really looks the part. Has good mobility for a man his size. I think he will make an NFL roster. Needs to get through progressions better. Great when first option is open and delivers in rythym.

    Ricky Santos - QB - New Hampshire - Probably won't make an NFL roster, but could play in Canada. Has an accurate arm and has really good mobility. Simply does not have the size or arm strength to play in the NFL. Good leader, and the team moved the ball well with him at the helm.

    Alex Brink - QB - Flashed great arm strength and decent mechanics. Definitely an NFL arm and those are hard to come by. Made a throw on a post pattern that most NFL QBs could not make. Good size for the position. Definitely a sleeper to keep an eye on ala Derek Anderson.


    Jalen Parmele - RB - Toledo - I thought he was the best RB in the game. He had very few snaps, but his patience, vision and burst were fantastic. He really impressed me in limited action.

    Ysvenson Bernard - RB - Oregon St. - Looked decent. Very tough runner for his size. Could have been more patient in waiting for his blocking to develop. Did not show good burst I thought he had. He was still slippery though.

    Reggie Campbell - RB/WR/KR - Navy - Only 5'6" but he was lightning in a bottle. Looked good as a returner and was easily the quickest guy on the field. He gets lost behind blockers and then explodes through the hole. He has a chance to be a top return man in the NFL if he gets a shot. His quickness is amazing.


    Jabari Arthur - WR - Akron - Small schooler looked like a big time player in the game. Big frame and looked athletic. Made a couple of good moves after the catch and had good burst. Looked the ball into his hands well. Very impressive. His 40 time will tell a lot about if/where he is drafted.

    Robert Jordan - WR - Cal - Not the biggest or fastest guy, but simply caught everythig thrown his way. Ran great routes and consistently got open. Could make a roster in NFL. Maybe special teams.

    Bruce Hocker - WR - Duquense - Had a few nice catches including a TD on a slant. Good size, but did not look to have the speed to seperate.

    Jason Rivers - WR - Hawaii - Definitely the quickest WR on the field. Might not have the most polish in running routes but has the speed and acceleration, as well as the size to play in the NFL. Will probably be drafted the highest out of this group.

    Marcus Fitzgerald - WR - Marshall - Larry Fitzgeralds little brother had some really nice catches and probably had the best hands of any receiver at the game (close with Robert Jordan). Lacks top end speed and size.


    Darrell Scott - TE - Pitt - Probably the most impressive performance in the game overall. Was the best player on the field. He was a willing and able blocker with leverage and good technique. looked really strong. Got into the secondary effortlessly and consistenly got open. Made 5 catches and looked strong after the catch. There was no one that could match up with him. He did have one bad drop on a ball he was wide open on and took his eyes off of.


    The OL was really hard to evaluate because the picture was not that great and they kept rotating linemen and getting their #s from the camera angle was difficult.

    A couple guys stood out though -

    Shannon Tevaga - OG - UCLA - Looked strong and big. Was impressive when asked to pull. His natural pad level was the best at the game which gave him the best leverage.

    Glenn Bujnoch - OT - Cinncinnati - Stood out to me as having the best feet of any of the OT's in the game. Used his hands well and handled speed rushers easily. Looked natural and effortless in the game.

    Doug Legursky - OG - Marshall - Good technique and was one of the few players I thought effectively got to the second level and put a hat on people. Really finished some blocks.


    Michael Lafaele - DT - Hawaii - Was the only DT to really stand out to me. Low base helps him create good leverage. Really strong at the point and can penetrate. I liked what I saw and think he will make an NFL roster in a DL rotation.

    Brian Johnston - DE - Gardner Webb - He was double teamed every play except one that I saw and on that play he exploded around the TE and arrived at the QB as he finished his drop. Really explosive off the edge and was unblockable one on one.

    Marcus Howard - DE - Georgia - Made a great sack flashing pure speed and good hands in keeping seperation. Looked like a one trick pony though the rest of the day trying to straight speed rush on every play and consistently ran by the QB. Would have liked to see him set up his man a little more.

    Marcus Dixon - DE - Hampton - Impressive. He played both the run and the pass. One of the few DE's that did not pass rush all game. He had a sack after beating a double team and forced a fumble. The one negative was his pad level. He played really high at times.

    Jeff Van Orsow - DE - Oregon St. - Made a great sack from the backside in pursuit. Good pad level and closed really fast for his size.


    LB's are always tough to evaluate in these games because of the rules. No blitzing and limited packages don't let them show all their skills.

    Marcus Richardson - LB - Troy - He was the best linebacker I saw in the game. I thought he showed the best play recognition of any of the linebackers. That, combined with good closing burst and explosive tackling made him really stand out.

    Thomas Williams - LB - USC - He was around the ball a lot and looked good moving around in space. Showed a lot of speed and lateral quickness. Good pad level and willing to take on blockers and shed.

    Bryan Smith - LB - McNeese St. - Showed a lot of speed and played well in space in limited action.

    Cergile Sincere - LB - Florida Atlantic - Good burst and recognition. Sheds blocks well and gets low. Looked a little lost in space at times. Plays best down hill.


    Camera angle was such that evaluating CBs and Safeties was near impossible so we will just go with highlights.

    Haruki Nakamura - DB - Cinncinnati - Consistently made plays. Came up in run support and made plays. Had a nice punt return as well.

    Myron Newberry - DB - Hawaii - Had a pick, two passes defended. Got beat for one TD.

    The Unimpresive

    Akim Millington - OT/OG - Illinois - He could not block his own shadow. No footwork, no punch, stood straight up every play.

    Maurice Purify - WR - Nebraska - Only got mentioned because of his name and because he played for Nebraska. Was completely shut down. Poor QB play was probably equally to blame.

    TC Ostrander - QB - Stanford - Has a strong arm, but could not have thrown it in the ocean while he was deep sea fishing yesterday. Went 0-7 I think.

    People had questions on Joe Fields and Robert Felton, but I did not see enough of them to evaluate.

    If you have questions about other players I will got through my notes and try and respond.

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    I thought Yvenson Bernard looked very good, he looked pretty quick to me. Also I'd throw Texas LB Scott Derry on that list, he was around the ball seemingly every play. The announcers gave him a lot of love during the game.


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      Man, that's a bit newbie, but what's the Hula Bowl?

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      5. Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas
      6. Brian Witherspoon, CB, Stillman
      7. Pierre Garcon, WR, Mt Union


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        It's a college All-Star game played in Hawaii. It's less prestigious than the East West Shrine Game or the Senior Bowl though.


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          How did Lattimore do?

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            How did LB Scott Derry look?


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              See Josh Morgan or Carlton Powell?
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                Josh Morgan looked pretty fast out there. He made a couple plays, I thought he stood out among the WR's.


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                  How did Jordan Dizon LB, Colorado do?

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                    Keon Lattimore - He looked talented, but played lazy when he was not the focus. He whiffed on a couple of blocks in pass protection. The worst was on play action when he released on a seam route and was wide open. He quit on the route and the ball was catchable if he would have sold out. On a positive note he had a really nice 5 yard run where he made a guy tackle air in the hole and made a negative play into a positive. Caught the ball well on a screen pass. Definitely has potential. Did not take advantage of every play.

                    Scott Derry - Had one play that really stood out. On a screen pass, Derry submarined the lead blocker and made the tackle on Lattimore on what could have been a much bigger play. Other than that I was not able to isolate him on tape with all the substitutions.

                    Josh Morgan - He and Jabari Arthur were the two receivers that looked fearless over the middle. Morgan had a couple of catches but really flashed potential on a square in where he caught the ball in stride and looked fast after the catch making one man miss and a seperating.

                    Carlton Powell - He held up well at the point and occupied blockers. Made a couple of plays at the line of scrimmage. He had a good game. Did not penetrate but played the nose and was constantly battling double teams. Did look stong and pushed the pocket a couple of times. Never got pushed off the LOS.
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                      Jordan Dizon - It seemed like every play he was in on was a pass play where he would drop into coverage. He was playing the middle so he always went out of screen. On the one run play I saw him on he got reached by a guard but the play was blown up by the SLB, Thomas Williams. Not a good day to evaluate him with that camera angle. Need the coaches tape.


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                        I was told SDSU QB Kevin O'Connell looked really good for the West team even though they got blown out. he threw a TD pass to Robert Jordan late in the game.


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                          Larry Grant was on the roster did he play?

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                            I didn't watch the whole game (I'll probably take a look today if I get the chance), but Kevin O'Connell looked like the best QB in the game. Moved very well and had a pretty good arm.

                            That is correct comahan
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                              Should also mention Andre Callender - RB - Boston College - He is a one cut and go back who has a burst through the hole. Didn't look like a threat to take it to the house, but has a good feel for the hole. He sets up blocks well and runs down hill.



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