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Chris Long = Curtis Greer?

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  • Chris Long = Curtis Greer?

    Was listening to a radio show in St. Louis and the host said in his opinion the closest comparison to Chris Long is Curtis Greer the old St. Louis Cardinals player.

    Fair comparison? or way off?

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    i dont even remember curtis greer.

    Eeez Ezpecially Delicious


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      Wow, been a long time since Curtis Greer has been brought up, no fault of his own, just the passage of time. My initial inclination is, once you translate for era changes (Greer was what, 260 lbs? For that era, that was fine), it's a decent comparison. Greer had some really excellent years, mixed in with some solid fair, and was a good 2-way end from what I recall hearing (I was a bit young to have actually seen much of Greer's heyday). I do know that he ended his career fairly early, although for what, I don't recall.



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